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Day 168: Healing Your Eyes: Living A New Relationship to Words 3


541882_10151336939448076_268580622_nPlease refer to Day 166 and Day 167 for proper context to this blog.  From day 166:  In this post I am continuing my series on A HFU (A Healthy Functioning Unit), in which I am in a process of  taking back responsibility for/as each part of my body, to create physical equality and oneness as what is best for all life…I chose the eyes, as the first point of  investigation to walk, within this massive task ahead. Specifically the need/requirement to use magnifying lenses/reading glasses to focus at close ranges, once a person has reached ‘middle age’

NOTE: I will apply self-commitment/self-corrective application statements  as the specific parts of the eye themselves, so speaking as that part, so as to take full responsibility-no separation.

When and as I see myself, as the ciliary muscle, participating in the design of depletion, with a beginning and an end, seeing myself as unimportant to the whole unit -within as the eye and human body- and without as the human race – I stop and remind myself that my part is vital to the whole and there is no excuse for weakening/breaking down in any way, as I realize if I allow my part to fail I am allowing the whole unit to fail.

When and as I see myself, as the ciliary muscle,  thinking it is wrong to question the design/dna coding of my  fibers/veins/tissue/cells-when I am coded to start diminishing in my effectiveness/strength, I stop. I remind myself  we (all parts of the human body) are the directive authority in this situation and nothing else is responsible, therefore it is imperative to gain back the muscle strength to contract and relax so as to supports the crystalline lens to gain power-become accommodated- which is the ability to focus at closer ranges .

When and as I see myself, as the ciliary muscle having caused or causing difficulty for the physical body to see and function within daily tasks such as reading, viewing television/movies, using the internet, dressing, driving, etc. I stop and remind myself I am responsible for providing clear/perfect eyesight as a part of the entire eye unit to function and thus I commit to the process of a new relationship from diminishment to expansion/repair/correction, from separation to agreement within each part, as what is best for all life.

When and as I see myself, as the crystalline lens, abusing the authority that I am responsible for, through loss of flexibility and functionality so I am not able to be accommodated (thickened), I stop and remind myself to walk toward correction, whatever is required to repair the lens so it once again has the flexibility to focus at close ranges. Thus I commit to the process of repair, breath by breath, moving with the physical as one and equal life here, as it was damaged/depleted over time, through the misuse of the mind as energy, I commit to  reverse this effect and realize it will also take time. I remind myself to be patient and courageous, breathing through and forgiving self-doubt, and so to create a new relationship based on self-trust, a relationship of  harmony and no longer of harm.

When and as I see myself  beLIEving someone or something else outside of myself is going to fix this problem, as in a god/higher power, I stop as I now realize this is fantasy and existing as/in hope, just an idea, and I am not an idea but life here, thus I commit to the process of reconstiution/healing the crystalline lens, regaining the flexibility I have lost through abdicating my responsibility and authority as life.

When and as I see myself  believing I am part of a story line/a seed that unfolds and that this in inevitable and I am but a hopeless/helpless spectator, I stop this thought pattern, as I now realize I must stand up in each moment of breath, staying out of the mind of energy and taking back control, directing myself back to optimal functionality, so gaining back the energy I have lost/re-substantiating myself,  as is my purpose to provide focus for the eye at varying distances.

When and as I see myself thinking it is impossible to heal the crystalline lens as myself, I stop and bring my awareness to this here moment, as I now realize no justification of failure is valid/acceptable because this would in turn justify failure of the whole.   Thus, I commit to the process of a new relationship, gaining back the functionality I possessed at an earlier age, so the eye may once again focus at a distance of 2 inches, as what is best for all and needed by the entire unit within daily life tasks.



Day 167: HFU: Take Responsibility for the Health of Your Eyes 2


body-soulFor proper context to this blog, please refer to the previous post.


From the previous post:  In this post I am continuing my series on A HFU (A Healthy Functioning Unit), in which I am in a process of  taking back responsibility for/as each part of my body, to create physical equality and oneness as what is best for all life…I chose the eyes, as the first point of  investigation to walk, within this massive task ahead. Specifically the need/requirement to use magnifying lenses/reading glasses to focus at close ranges, once a person has reached ‘middle age’

NOTE: I will apply self-forgiveness as the specific parts of the eye themselves, so speaking as that part to take full responsibility-no separation.

I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself  AS THE CILIARY MUSCLE, to weaken over time, agreeing to the design of the human being as a seed subject to a timeline, which is pre-programmed to weaken/deplete -as coded/written in the dna- to unfold with a beginning, a middle and an end  AND TO NOT QUESTION THIS DESIGN, with respect to what is best for all, but blindly accept it, which has the consequence of the eye breaking down life after life-continually being recycled, so we are never here long enough-acting as the directive principal of /as the flesh -to fix this problem and stop the suffering as what is best for all.

I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself to abdicate my responsibility, as an integral part of the whole eye, to ensure continued optimal functioning of the human eye so one may continue to focus at close ranges.  In that, I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself to diminish in strength thereby not be able to contract and relax, according to what is required for focus ability for varying distances,  meaning I am  NO LONGER  able to SUPPORT the crystalline lens, as I once had. Because I have not provided optimal support to the part I am connected to, the consequence of failing eyesight results, as the crystalline lens is not ‘ACCOMMODATED‘   = thickened (see diagram /explanation day 166) as it has lost it’s flexibility due to loss of support from me.

Accommodated: dictionary.com:   1.to do a kindness or a favor to; oblige; to accommodate a friend. 2. to provide suitably; supply

I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself to cause endless difficulty/consequence for myself  (any person/animal/species) some of which are: being unable to read, unable to phone or read important phone numbers if one cannot find ones glasses-happens surprisingly often,  sometimes blindness, unable to use a computer/internet access, dangerous driving as one cannot read the dashboard, increased isolation as one cannot drive at all, unable to dress oneself properly with buttons/zippers/finer details, loss of living independently…  NOTE I saw/experienced much of this with my mom/other seniors I met through her.

I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself, AS THE CRYSTALLINE LENS, to abuse authority by allowing an existence without clear, directive authority, based on principals that is one and equal and best for all.  In that, I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself to lose the flexibility required to become ‘accommodated’,  as this has resulted in me no longer possessing the ability to thicken (just as you would put on reading glasses or use a magnify lens-this is naturally build in the eye!) when the eye is at a closer range to an object and become thinner when the distance increases, which was the quantum functionality I possessed at an earlier age.

In that, I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself agree to a system/design which results in my slow but sure demise, where the eye sight becomes diminished and in some cases fails completely, greatly diminishing the movement/enjoyment of the whole unit.  I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself behave and beLIEve I am nothing but a seed, unraveling as moments pass, helpless within this design instead of life here with breath, instead of the living word in each moment here, directing, creating, expanding, enhancing, contributing-giving as I would like to receive, on behalf of all life.  In that, I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself to depend upon the mercy of some outside force/god/higher power and just HOPE there is some reason for this failure in me and something better on the ‘other side’ and use FEAR of punishment/survival as an excuse to not stand up, to not question and ultimately, to do nothing but wait for the end/death.

I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within the past as memories to dictate what is occurring here in each moment, but that is not life because I have allowed the mind of energy, in the form of pictures/imaginings, all from past experience/accumulated knowledge & information, to tell me ‘it is time to deplete TURN OFF spontaneous regeneration and turn on AGING=breakdown of substance’  therefore I LOST FLEXIBILITY and accepted that is how the story goes, walking away from any responsibility.

In that, I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself to allow this form of failure within my lens and therefore-because each part is connected and integral to the other parts-I am allowing this failure in all of the other eye/body parts and I justify this by ‘this is the way it is, it is impossible to change’ instead of standing up and firmly stating, “NO, as impossible=I’m possible and I refuse to accept this change as ‘natural wear and tear’, as it is not what is best for all, in oneness and equality.  So I must stand up, as the first body part to stand up because if I allow any form of justification within, I am allowing it without-to all the other parts, therefore I stand, unwavering until this is done.”




Day 166: HFU: I Am Responsibe for my Relationship to Words: Healing Your Eyes


aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRmluZ3JpZHNjaGFlZmVyMS5maWxlcy53b3JkcHJlc3MuY29tJTJGMjAxMyUyRjA2JTJGNjgyZTEtMzgzODM2XzI3OTA4NDE2ODgwODk2NV8xNzU2OTgzMjI0ODA4ODRfOTA3MjE2XzE2MDgyOTc4MzNfbi5qcGclM0Z3JTNEMjY2JTI2aCUzRDMyMA==In this post I am continuing my series on A HFU (A Healthy Functioning Unit), in which I am in a process of  taking back responsibility for/as each part of my body, to create physical equality and oneness as what is best for all life.  Thus bringing each body part back to optimal function and functionality, operating in cooperation so ensuring the health of the entire body, each part relying upon the other.

Within the DIP course, I am in the process of becoming the living word, therefore I must take responsibility for my relationships and associations to the words I speak/how I live words.  I was quite shocked the first time I read (within the vast amounts of Desteni material) that words are indeed alive!  Whoa…what?  What does that mean?  Well, it means what we speak/think matters, the words have a life/awareness of their own!  Thus, we require  to put a guard in front of our mouths and our minds (as the words we speak internally, within the secret mind) and consider the inter-connectedness of all of things, people, animals, plants, indeed all that exist.

I chose the eyes, as the first point of  investigation to walk, within this massive task ahead. Specifically the need/requirement to use magnifying lenses/reading glasses to focus at close ranges, once a person has reached ‘middle age’.  (I have also worn regular glasses since a child but not yet looking at that point).  I am 52 years old and have needed reading glasses for about 5 years.

The following quote is taken from:   http://www.tedmontgomery.com/the_eye/

“After age 40, and most noticeably after age 45, the human eye is affected by presbyopia. This natural condition results in greater difficulty maintaining a clear focus at a near distance with an eye that sees clearly far away.  Presbyopia is caused by a lessening of flexibility of the crystalline lens, as well as to a weakening of the ciliary muscles which control lens focusing.  Both are attributable to the aging process.”

Ok, cool, but why and what does that mean?  Why does the author say presbyopia is a natural condition, it did not exist when we were born or as a child. In fact, our focusing ability at age 5 is 2.5 inches and by the time we are 50, my age, it is 15.7 inches!  Why is this depletion considered natural, why is a state of harm considered natural instead of a condition of harmony and why are we just accepting this as true/inevitable, who said so, God?!  Unfortunately, God does not seem to be doing anything to reduce the disease and suffering on earth, so we had better stand up ourselves.  Our medical and scientific communities today do not really answer questions/offer solutions for correction of disease and a return to optimal health.  When a part  is already damaged/diseased, they simply treats it as best they can.  (Note: this is not a criticism, there are many sincere/dedicated medical professionals in this world, whom I am grateful for, I am merely stating an observation).

The following explains the processes of accommodation, which is responsible for the focusing of the eye at varying distances, from the link:  http://www.thirdeyehealth.com/crystalline-lens.html

“The job of ciliary muscles is to control the shape of the crystalline lens.  The ciliary body lies just behind the iris.  When the ciliary body contracts, the zonules relax.  As a result, the crystalline lens goes thicker. This enables the eye to focus up at a closer distance. When the eye is looking far, the ciliary body relaxes. As a result, the zonules go contracted. As the zonules contract, the crystalline lens goes thinner.The eye gets focused to look far.Thus the crystalline lens changes its shape according to the distance the eye is trying to look at, and adjusts its focal length for close or distance vision.This is what is called the accommodation of the eye for distant or near vision.”


Credit: Dr. Ted M. Montgomery

So just like using the reading glasses or a magnify glass, the thicker ‘accommodated’ crystalline lens is needed when  focusing at a close distance. Very cool.

I am finding in my research, one thing leads to another within the eye and thus entire physical body, as it is all part of one unit in fact, and is therefore inter-dependent upon each part for the health/functioning of the whole.  Therefore,  I will-for now- do my self-forgiveness, as one and equal to/with those parts of the eye most directly responsible for the lack focus ability-the crystalline lens, the ciliary muscle and the zonules,  with the goal that we create new relationship, one of strength and harmony and together be/become the living word in fact.

To continue



Day 161: Solution to ‘All or Nothing’ Thinking of the Paranoid Alcoholic 2


self-forgiveness-only-option1Please refer to the 2 previous post, Day 159 and Day 160,  for context to this blog.

From the previous post:  Where did my extreme thinking come from ?  Why did it manifest? …So basically, throughout my 18 years living in my parents home, I never knew which home I was going home to.  And the two experiences were opposites to the extreme!  One home I dreaded/felt under attack, the other I welcomed and felt safe and secure.

How does this extreme thinking manifest today?

In my marriage I can see this extreme thinking, often when my partner and I have an argument or I am concerned about money.  I can go from being quite stable and content within my life to imagining/planning my great escape in my secret mind, as in getting my own apartment and then going into fear and anxiety about surviving on my own and then going into guilt about hurting my partner and our children.  All unnecessary and quite ridiculous.  These revenge fantasies are a waste of time and do not solve the issue at hand. All I require to do, I now realize after examining this issue within the act of daily blogging (applying self-forgiveness and self-corrective application), is to stop and breathe, to stay out of my mind and assess the situation calmly, then to direct myself within my day and, when the time is appropriate, to discuss the matter using common sense with my partner, and not go into my mind of the past-with associations and relationships from past memories -while remaining with breath AND IT ALWAYS WORKS. No drama required!

When I was an active alcoholic, the ‘all or nothing’  thinking would manifest much more absurdly, like;  ‘I am going to write a song today and it must be a hit song so I can make some money to keep the house for my children and show them ‘dreams come true’ as this will make me a good mom and I can buy them things to show them my love’, obviously putting insane pressure on myself, to the point I could not even enjoy the creative process as much as I should have, and living in delusion of fame and fortune not to mention living in extreme self-interest. So any small step I could take/took was never enough and this was ultimately self-defeating and self-sabotoging. I also beLIEved my ‘higher power’/god wanted me to write music ‘for the good of all’  but in common sense how could this be?  What difference would it make?  Is a song so important?  Of course not!  It was my mind, consciousness, based in self-interest and survival,  relying on my ego, needing/desiring to be special/important, which enslaved me and it worked all right!

I see this ‘all or nothing thinking’  within my participation with my online course, being very productive one day to the point of over doing it, and then the next day feeling exhausted and having to get caught up with family/work  responsibilities. So back and forth to the extreme, really going for it and then giving up, like ‘I can’t do this anymore, there is not enough time’. So as I continue to allow myself to relate to the internal conversation and the emotions, they build and build until I can’t not stand the stress anymore-overload, panic, time to bail, time to run!  This in turn leads to a lack of consistency, therefore little forward movement step by step, day by day, which is the recipe for success. The fear of failure and rejection becomes overwhelming and so to escape the negative energy experience of fear of failure, one tends to replace it with a positive  energy experience as an escape, so I reach out for a sweet treat or go rollerblading or have a nap or just plain give up and do not complete my daily tasks/commitments.  Instead, I tell myself  ‘I am free, ah, thank god that is over’ and I feel relieved and so that is ‘good’.  When all I require to do is to apply/direct myself daily within stability, having a reasonable schedule/plan and sticking to it.  That means dedication and perseverance, something the alcoholic finds difficult because it’s not exciting, it’s normal=boring to the alcoholic mind, which is quite immature.

I also see this ‘all or nothing thinking’ within my family life, worry thoughts about the safety of my adult children, my mom’s health–they will die–  or gossipy/judgmental thoughts about my siblings/friends–they are wrong or I don’t want to be with them anymore, paranoid/suspicious thoughts about my partner–I want out of this union/I don’t trust him or his intensions. Will not elaborate more here but I have written about this is other blog posts, see within my timeline, and will investigate these further in blogs to come.

Finally, extreme thinking comes out as fear of death /disease, like every little ache or pain or bump means I have cancer and I’m going to die. As I have blogged about his extensively in the past and will again, I will not go into more detail here.

In Cathy Krafft’s blog post today, she examines this point-the fear of death- brilliantly and comes to some very cool realizations! I highly recommend reading this post.  http://cathy4worldequality.wordpress.com/2013/06/05/day-236-calling-the-beast-by-its-name-breast-cancer-fear-of-death-day-21/#comment-1535   An excerpt:  I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist in shame and fear within the need to have or be with someone / in a relationship in order to confirm the definition I have of who I am.  I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold myself into and with a relationship with my mind.

The point within ‘all or nothing’ thinking I have realized is what a waste of time it is, as I always, eventually, calm down and pick up where I left off  BUT there is only so much time in a day and within a lifetime so why waste it on reactions, when you already know the outcome. It is round and round, up and down when all one requires is to examine the point of the extreme thought/s in self-honesty-so face yourself- and then learn to direct yourself so as to produce an outcome that is best for you in your life and best for all.

I /you can only do anything breath by breath-point by point- using energy in the form of so rushing/panicking -is self-sabotaging. thinking/believing there is not enough time or ‘I can’t’ is just that –thoughts. The thoughts themselves are not reality, you here is the only reality there is and when one slows down and moves with breath, much is possible and you will find -as you prioritize and commit to a daily schedule YOU CAN. There is no higher power outside of you that is going to heal you, your alcoholism or your thinking/paranoia.  The solution to ‘all or nothing’ thinking is YOU!   But as I mentioned, this is a process that takes time and requires patience and dedication.  There is much support for this within the Desteni I Process Course and FREE DIP LITE , course.

To understand paranoia, the context of how it is being defined and discussed within these blogs, and the  Mind in its relationship to THOUGHT   Read Creation’s Journey to Life Blogs – introducing/outlining the context for/as Paranoia in relation to Consciousness: DAY 395, DAY 396, DAY 397, DAY 398, DAY 399, DAY 400

DIP Lite Banner-01Join Us in the Process of ‘freeing’ oneself from Consciousness as Provided in the Desteni I Process LITE which is a FREE Course and the Desteni I Process PRO, and returning to one’s Source-Beingness and equal and one Physical Body Relationship.

Day 160: Solution to ‘All or Nothing’ Thinking of the Paranoid Alcoholic


0Please refer to the previous post for context to this blog. From the previous post:

This blog series will focus on alcoholism but it is equally written for the social and heavy drinker.  Alcohol, any alcohol is not suggested/recommended as, it may quiet the mind/relax one for a short period of time, but the ‘coming down’ /hangover part, after one sobers up, is often, and increasingly filled with paranoid thinking and extreme feelings (ie. depression)  so is simply not ‘worth’ the quick high and definitely not ‘best for all’ when considering mankind/human beings as a whole. Within these blogs, abstinence is recommended.

definition of paranoid: baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others.

This website,   http://www.rightdiagnosis.com/a/alcoholic_paranoia/intro.htm

lists some of the symptoms of Alcoholic Paranoia as:

  • Delusional jealousy
  • Delusional suspicion
  • Distrust
  • Sexual brutality
  • Impotency after alcohol consumption
  • Recurring state of panic
  • Paranoid thinking

What is the solution to the ‘all or nothing’ thinking of the paranoid alcoholic?  First one must stop drinking-total abstinence.  It assisted me to belong to a group, AA (alcoholics anonymous).  Then, equally as important, after one has been sober for minimum of 3 months to begin a self-honest investigation into your thinking processes, understanding of your thinking processes and stopping & changing your thinking processes.


You do not require thinking to be here as life, you require breath, breathing in and out, here in stability.  Sound too simple?  (favorite pass time of the paranoid alcoholic-we complicate things).  Try it!  Stop thinking right now and just focus on your breath, in and out, for 60 seconds.  Are you ok?  Now, stop breathing, for 60 seconds, not so easy is it?  In fact, breath is the very thing that gifts you life, without it you will die.

I realize this is a massive task but not an impossible task.   A few blogs ago, I redefined the word impossible:

Impossible =I’m Possible         I’m possible, in that the trinity I exist as, of mind/body/beingness, is the actual manifestation of ‘possible/possibilities’, being in the process of becoming life as the living word in the physical, and so I become the directive principal of me here, thus no longer search outside of myself but realize all is me, within and without, and I take full responsibility of what occurs in both universes and direct both in awareness, moment by moment with breath.  As ‘I’m possible’ I am pulling this life force/awareness into myself in the very movement of investigation, participation and integration to become part of  my whole self to create what is best for all.

Please investigate the Quantum Mind Interview Series for incredible support into understanding the mind in absolute detail of how each thought you ever had was made and why.  I also understand how many alcoholics love the dramatic, excitement, a challenge, especially when they are told  ‘NO, you can’t’ …well, this is an exciting  journey and challenge, unraveling the mind.

In order to stop using your mind of consciousness, you need to understand why and how a thought arises-over and over and over again or why a pattern comes up, almost relentlessly until you cave in, after being tortured , hounded, hunted into submission. I recall thinking,  ‘Hell, just forget it, I can’t stand the noise in my head, I need to shut it up and I know how’ and then going to get a bottle.

Where did my extreme thinking come from ?  Why did it manifest?  As I look back, I can see as a child being very fearful of my father, when he would be coming home, if he was coming home.  As a chiropractor he worked 2 nights a week and I would always be relieved when it was just my siblings and my mom for dinner.  As we got older, the first thing anyone asked when they arrived home was ‘is Dad home, is he drinking?’ and then I would go into combat mode if he was home and/or drinking.  My father picked on his children, sometimes when he was sober but always when he was drinking. I felt on guard, unsafe and unsure, like in a war zone.  Home should be a safe haven but it was often (not always) the opposite.  Also I often did not like what we had for dinner when my dad was home.  Later, when I was a teen, he cooked sometime and it was pretty awful.

When it was just my mom at home, as I walked through that door after school ,COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY, she was light and friendly and interested in our day, for the large part she was very respectful of us and made great food, she seemed to enjoy being our parent and preparing healthy and delicious meals!

So basically, throughout my 18 years living in my parents home, I never knew which home I was going home to! And the two experiences were opposites to the extreme. One home I dreaded/felt under attack, the other I welcomed and felt safe and secure.

To continue

self seed 4 new earth -Andrew


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Day 158: Greedy Canadian Banking CEOs Salaries: from 7 to 15 MILLION

insatiably-greedy-banks ‘The National’, a nightly newscast in Canada, reported last evening  a fact that shook me -and I hope others- 30 years ago the Canadian Banks CEO’s earned 20 times the average Canadians annual incomeTODAY the Canadian Bank’s CEO’s earn 200 times the average Canadian’s annual income!  What??  Isn’t anybody outraged.  Actually, the question is why isn’t everyone outraged? Because some are, as the story reported, others say, ‘Well, they earned it’. I disagree.
Canadian bankers were among some of the highest-paid banking executives in North America last year, with three in the Top 10, according to a new list compiled by Bloomberg Markets magazine.  In all, six Canadian bank CEOs were in the Top 20, led by the Royal Bank of Canada’s Gordon Nixon, who came in at No. 4.
I don’t get it, how do we justify this kind of economic divide?!
Well, I heard one justification last night, on the same news cast (the link to the story was not working) in which a financial analyst said Canada did not suffer as much as the U.S. within economic hardship/consequences in the last recession, 2007-2009. Supposedly, this hardship was diverted due to the suave of Canadian banking CEO’s, as in their great powers of foresight and strategy.  The leading cause of that recession was the housing bubble crash (subprime mortgage crisis) and subsequent bailouts of several financial institutions.
Ok, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, let’s say it was a bit of business common sense mixed with some luck, nonetheless, it is their JOB!  We all-most able bodied adults-work in some capacity or another in service to make the world/country function within some stability. So, whether it be serving a coffee or passing a bill in the House of Commons, it is each person’s responsibility to complete their job related tasks to the best of their ability, on a daily basis. For that, each (should) receive some financial compensation so they can operate/function within their home and provide for their families.  It is that simple, no more, no less, we as physical beings, move about completing tasks each day, mostly it is a repeating of several small, basic, tasks which, over time creates and maintains various systems so our lives are comfortable. This is the minimum each needs and deserves.  It is only the mind-the human mind- that’s starts complicating it from that point of simplicity, adding:  opinions, emotions (such as greed) ideas (such as ‘better than/superior’) self-interest, family loyalty, order of importance (hierarchy)!  But we can all see, as physical human beings , we are here equally.
Let us not kid ourselves, these bankers as well as receiving a salary of 7-1o-15  million in 2012, had a little money to start with, vast fortunes to be exact, multi-millions of dollars we’re talking, before their outrages 2012 salary.
Are they spending it/spreading it far and wide for the good of all?  No, they are saving it= hoarding it to build equity/power/increase their empires , as they know too well, money is power and control in this world, and this makes them ‘feel safe’ so they are never never part of the 99%, serving that cup of coffee for $10 an hour.
BTW,   if you received a salary of 10 million last year, that works out to $5,000.00  AN HOUR VERSUS $10.00 AN HOUR (MINIMUM WAGE MANY RECEIVE  in Canada).
This exurpt is taken from ‘The Disabled Women’s Network’ :  http://dawn.thot.net/minimum_wage_q_a.html

“2. How many people work at the minimum wage?

…In 2000, approximately 1.2 million workers in Ontario (Canada) were in jobs that paid less than a poverty-level wage. Given the lax enforcement of employment standards laws, there are undoubtedly many workers who are paid less that the minimum wage.

3. Who is most disadvantaged by a low minimum wage?

Women, immigrants and visible minorities are over-represented in Ontario’s low-wage workforce. In 1999, women represented 60% of all workers earning below poverty level wages. 31% of visible minorities and 41% of recent immigrants are forced to work in jobs that pay less than poverty level wages. However, a low minimum wage affects everyone by undercutting wages generally.”

So, how are these HUGE salaries beneficial to the world and human beings at large? They aren’t!  They only serves to increase the divide /equity gap between the rich and poor through the accepted practices of capitalism, causing political unrest -war, causing abuse of the animal kingdom and environment-through consumerism, causing mental illnesses-through financial stresses , causing homelessness-through unemployment and low incomes, crime, great tragedy in the the small and large of the lives of billions of human beings on this planet.  It is sickening.
This quote,  taken from ‘Creations journey to Life’, illustrates what I am talking about,
‘Many has Justified that “It is Okay to be part of the 1% that Controls Everything, because You Would’ve Done it As Well if You Were in Their Position” all Paranoid Justifications …because Wealth Gives you the Power to Have Control Over other Humans and Make Them Your Slave and you have Justified this form of Losing as ‘Acceptable,’ because Apparently you are Earning your Bread by ‘the Sweat of your Brow’ and you Will Justify through Your Losing Thought that you have Done it through Hard Work: No You Haven’t, you have Done it by Manipulating Other Humans into Submission and you were Just a Better Loser as Thinker – and now you have Power because You can Starve Others Through Money ‘If They Don’t Do What You Tell Them to Do’
There is a solution, a new system, with a new starting point as it’s foundation ,  a system based on principals of equality, an Equal Money System.
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Here are the instructions to the process of accessing our life-force, our beingness, our physical bodies and walking through the mind and consciousness.

The Quantum Mind

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Day 157: Taking Responsibility for Blame


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From the preveious post:   I have been doubting my decision to not socialize with someone in my life. This is a man, my partner’s good friend, who recently spit from his wife. We did many things together over the last 7 years and all enjoyed ourselves extensively. It is unfortunate that their marriage has ended but he has ‘moved on’ and is dating another woman. My partner and I were discussing the possibility of him asking us, sometime in the not too distant future, to meet/spend time with this new/or some other new woman in his life and I shared my concerns with my husband. This caused some stress between my partner and I.  I will examine this situation here in this blog.

Thought:  I don’t want to meet his new girlfriend. I think that he was wrong to leave his wife and I don’t like that he hurt her.

Walking the solution:  Commitment statements and self-corrective application statements

When and as I see myself becoming judgement within the above thought, assuming this man is wrong and I am right to blame him for ending his marriage, I stop and I breathe, bringing my awareness back to the physical as I now see/realize/understand I have no right to judge this man as I do not know all the circumstances/reasons behind his decision, blame only divides and polarizes all involved in this situation, I am actually using blame to validate myself (my anger about my own past) within self-interest so I ‘feel better’ being ‘right’ and making him the ‘bad guy’ who is ‘wrong’, blame does not change the situation but could cause the consequence of harming another.

When and as I see myself being directed by fear within this situation I immediately pull myself back down to earth and stabilize myself with breath. I remind myself I am allowing an energy, that I have given a negative charge to, to tell me how to feel and behave in this moment and it is actually not reality, it is living from the starting point of the past, as I now understand the past experiences I have had do not have to be in control of how I act today, I have common sense and can see my life is stable today, I can speak with the wife (in this situation) and share/support her with what she is going through, I do not have to be in the company of someone I am uncomfortable with and can decline an invitation from this man should it arrive, when I am in this man’s company in a group ( AA or a party situation) I can trust myself to remain ‘here’ with breath and not go into my mind of memories and associations around divorce, everyone is one and equal, man and woman, and I no longer allow myself to discriminate based on the past.

When and as I see myself participating in internal conversation/backchat around this situation, I stop and breathe, and bring myself back to the physical as I now realize I am only talking to my own memories, which is going to then bring up emotions and result in harming my physical body, the memories are not to be trusted-not reality- as I have changed them to suit my need to be ‘right’ & continue playing the character of;  the wronged one/the poor single mother/the victim, I often desire vindication (within these internal conversations) from the past and in this case was using this situation to validate my feeling of hate/mistrust of men in general/husbands and I do not allow this within and as myself any longer, I do not have to play the role of protector of  this woman as she is quite capable of dealing with the circumstances of her life and it is just nasty gossip when the starting point is ‘the man was wrong and the woman was right’, it is not truly supportive for the other person as it is really self-interest in disguise, to make me feel superior/strong when I was feeling inferior/weak so replacing one polarity with another instead of remain here as stability, as I do not require to feel anything at all because it is over/was the past and not reality in this moment.

When and as I see myself participating and engaging with pictures/imaginings in my mind around this issue, I stop and bring my awareness back down to earth, to what is here and real, before me in my day. I remind myself it is not assisting to me or anyone else to deal with a present situation from the starting point of the past, as it clouds what is really before you, finally, I cannot effectively direct myself here when I am lost in my mind of imagination.  So, I  tell myself  ‘NO MORE, I do not accept my awareness, my ‘who I am’ to be defined within such images/energies. I commit me to change!’

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