Day 18: My Commitments to Stopping the Mind Possession of Spirituality

I commit to stop myself and take a deep breath, each time I seek answers outside of myself, as in a superior being/force or more intelligent person/authority figure/guru’s spiritual books, as I now see/realize/understand anything/being outside of myself is in fact one and equal to me (alone=all one) and yet we can all assist/support each other in each others processes (7 Journey To Life) so asking questions for support, from another being, is cool.

In that I commit to remind myself that I have become addicted to the idea of a god figure/adult/smarter or wiser force, who know better than I, who can solve my problems/rescue me so I can be dependent upon them and not self-responsible and so, I now stand and commit to self-responsibility in each moment, here, knowing I direct and create my life as all, as equal, as life.

I commit myself, through Writing Self-Forgiveness, and Self-Honest Self-Corrective Application, Breath by Breath, to stop myself each time I think an experience is too difficult/painful to endure, and so I need to escape or control the situation/people involved, as I now see/realize/understand all I require is breath, here, in the moment and to walk through, using common sense, and toward a solution that will be best for all, here in the physical and out of my mind of projecting thoughts to some perceived future and breathe through any emotions/feelings/backchat/past experiences/opinions/pictures in my mind that arise, in the moment, and apply self-honest self-forgiveness.

I commit myself to remind myself I have not/did not access a ‘higher realm’ of infinite wisdom but in fact heard my own mind of/as thoughts and dreams during the night (including hearing music/lyrics) and that this does not mean I am special in any way and to disregard any such communication, and instead to apply self-forgiveness each morning this occurs as I use the mind, from memory of a dream for example, as a tool to uncover areas in my life that need to be aligned to equality and oneness.

I commit myself to remind myself that believing thoughts/dreams that I am special in anyway (compared to another being), are in fact not true and only from my mind as the ego, which is only interested in the positive energy experience to feed upon/consume my physical human body to survive as the ego, based in self-interest and not best for all, and I stop participation in all such thoughts, as I see/realize and understand the reality of the world as it exists today in war/starvation/rape/poverty/cruelty to animals/disregard for the earth and it’s resources and  living to attain some dream/status/fame/fortune using consciousness (spirituality) as my excuse, as in’ I deserve these things’, is no longer acceptable to me.

I commit myself through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application, to walk the 7 year DIP, to birth myself as life in the physical and to sharing how it has supported and changed me, to all those that are interested. In that, I commit to stopping all mind chatter/contemplation throughout the day which brings up worry/fear/anxiety/stress and use breath to bring myself back down to earth, to reality, and to walk the solution in common sense, as I now see/realize and understand that hoping and praying to a god/higher power is useless and disempowers me/others and only keeps me dependent on an outside source, which results in no solution.

I commit myself to stop all participation in emotions of embarrassment about my experience of mind possession of spirituality, thoughts I am ‘broken’/less than because of this experience, thoughts of suicide. In that I commit myself to stop and remind myself to not frightened myself and as such harm myself/my physicality or devalue myself to such an extent that I  consider destroying my very human physical body/life just because of following thoughts, as I now see/realize and understand there is such a simple and direct solution, Desteni I Process Course!

I commit myself to remind myself that Desteni and all involved with assisting and supporting within the Desteni Group, are not a spiritual force greater than I and cannot save me. In that I commit myself to take self-honest self-responsibility for me in my process of birthing myself as life in the physical and not participate in personalities as characters of  ‘I want to be liked/accepted’ as I now see/realize/understand that this is indeed not effective but creates timeloops within and as me, as that character runs in circles of fear, inferiority, anxiety. Instead, I commit myseslf to stop and breathe, when I go into reaction within my participation with Desteni, and stop pointing the finger of blame/judgement toward others and face, in self-honesty, my own judgemental nature/character.

I commit myself to stopping all reactions, as thoughts of blame toward the creators of existence, which become anger/resentment, with regards to the design of the mind, as I now see/realize/understand that it is I who have created my mind, throughout my life, through my participation of carrying memories as experiences within and as my physical body and continually/constantly adding to them, creating layers upon layers of memory/characters of me that I can call upon/bring up in my current awareness/consciousness, in each situation I encounter throughout my day, whatever will serve my self-interested nature so I survive as the ego, justifying my actions/behaviors I know myself to be, so I am validated as who I have created myself as, and do not have to concern myself with changing myself as what is best for all life. Instead, I commit to stop, breathe, letting go of any blame/internal conversation and stand here, in awareness, out of the mind of ego and continue on with my day and the task at hand, moving in/as the physical.

I commit myself to stop myself whenever I am directed by guilt and shame created by the memories I carry within and as me, as the experience of being dependent upon alcohol and sleeping aids as I now see/realize and understand this is useless as it does not change the past and only harms my physical human body by consuming the energy that the emotions create within and continues to allow me to wallow in self-pity, as the character I have created, as the poor single mom/victim who went crazy. Instead, I stand and walk, breath by breath, in awareness, out of my mind and back down to earth, in the physical and get on with my day, focusing on each task I face, as this is what is real.

I commit myself, through Writing Self-Forgiveness, Self-Honest Self-Corrective Application ,Breath by Breath, to stop all participation in thoughts, emotions of regret/shame/hate, backchat, character of ‘pretty songwriter needing a partner’, and blame with regards to the abusive relationship I had with a musician, in which I thought my ‘higher power’ desired for me to be with him. In that, I commit to stop all participation of memories of this musician, to exist within and as me, and will apply self-forgiveness and walk the self-corrective application, until it is done. Whenever a thought or memory comes up within my mind of this person, I stop and breathe, I see/realize and understand it only harms me to participate in memories of the past or create conversations in my mind (fantasy) of how it could have played out differently, revenge fantasies, where I don’t come out/look like such a loser, but bring myself out of my mind and back to the physical and focus on the task at hand in reality. I remind myself to be grateful for my awareness of what is here, what is real, and the process I walk with Desteni, Destonians and the opportunity to share this process with others.

I commit myself to expose the truth of supposed spirituality, power, miracles, magic, as I experienced several unexplainable events but now see/realize/understand they are useless, if they were valuable why havn’t they changed the world already, to a place that is best for all? Because we do not know how, as the living word , to use this power/authority in a responsible way. In that I commit to a process of life in which I and anyone who will self-honestly commit to the Desteni I Process, with the guidance of others, realize ourselves as the living word and transform the world, through the implementation of an Equal Money System, into heaven on earth.

I commit myself, through Writing Self-Forgiveness, Self-Honest Self-Corrective Application, Breath by Breath, to stopping all wants/needs/desires to exist within and as me, controlling me as the mind, thinking I ‘deserve’ this thing, opinion, belief, memory, idea, money, relationship as I exist as the ego of the mind, a personality ‘meat suit’ driven by self-interest because my spiritual guide/higher power/god said I deserve it, as long as I throw in a little money for charity, to cover any emotion of guilt, as I now see/realize and understand it is no longer acceptable to me that this world exist in the polarities of wealth and poverty but that equality is the only sane/compassionate solution for humanity.


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