Day 26: The Worrier: Health: Commitment Statements

I commit myself to, moment by moment, self awareness and to stop and breathe each time I realize I have left that awareness and have become instead the very manifestation of worry, as I now see , realize /understand it is a waste of my time, does not change the facts/physical reality but just creates anxiety/stress, which harms my very physicality.

I commit myself to stop and inhale deeply and on the out breath, take the energies and move them through my body into my toes and return them to the earth/origin/source stating,  ‘Energies, no more! I return you to the earth, to origin, to source!  I decide in this moment to be stable with me as breath‘  then I focus on the task at hand and carry on with my day, my head out the clouds/mind of illusion and back down to earth/reality. I remind myself to be gentle with myself as this -breath awareness -is new to me and I remind myself to be patient and carry on.

I commit myself to, through writing, self-forgiveness and a process of walking a daily self-corrective application, 

stop all participation in thoughts/following thoughts about supposed lack of sleep, smoking, weight gain, age, obsessing about breast cancer when I bathe, getting up in the morning, obsessing about little bumps on my body, & my mom and dad’s health problems, as I now see/realize/understand that following these thoughts brings up negative emotions ( fear/anxiety/stress) causing friction/conflict within my body to /towards substance to consume substance and tranform it into energy and unless I release these anxieties/fears (as in face them/examine them/and then forgive them) they will be stored in my very muscle tissue, as energy, and build up until the body can contain them no longer and manifest into an illness (such as cancer). In that, I now realize I am responsible for my health and not helpless. I stop and breathe and bring myself back to what is real and requires my attention, before me, my day, my tasks, I focus and carry on, using breath awareness in each moment.

I commit myself to stopping all participation with thoughts, in the form of ‘backchat’/inner chatter, and thus, reactions in the form of  negative emotions, when I notice/see a change in my physicality in the form of aging (lines, sagging skin, grey hair, etc.) or redness or a bump on my skin. In that, I commit myself to further self-examination, so to become aware of that initial FIRST thought–the one pixel in the ‘film’ of my life, that starts the whole character ‘I worried about my health’ character-running. Instead, I assist and support myself with breath to remain here, as I now see/realize/understand that following the line of thinking/reacting to it, will only compromise me and in this make it impossible for me to effectively direct myself . Thus, I breathe and take responsibility to remain here, as the solution, and carry on with the task at hand, out of my mind of illusion and back down to earth, reality. I remind myself to be patient and grateful for I have all I need. I use common sense to assess whether I need to see a doctor for the situation.

I commit myself to, through writing, self-forgiveness and a process of walking a daily self-corrective application,

re-define disease/illness/aging/hereditary as ‘the opportunity to bring myself back to my awareness, here, in the physical, as who I am as substance, one and equal to all in existence’, and no more through limitation/helplessness/victim approach to life but as opportunity to transcend the mind/process of allowing energy to consume the flesh , I declare, ‘no more, I am the directive principal of me in this moment’. I commit to re-define health as ‘my natural state of being here with breath awareness’ .  I remind myself to be grateful for what we have and continue working /moving in a way that is best for all life and share this with others, so all may have all they need, in equality, through the implementation of an Equal money System here on earth.


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