Day 35: Some Realizations:Comittment Statements

I commit myself to, through writing self-forgiveness and self-corrective application to stop myself when I see I am becoming the manifestation of WORRY as I now see/realize/understand I must remain here, in physical reality, in order to become an effective participant in this world and not lost in the illusion of thought, in order to MOVE to create -for real- what it is I am wasting time worrying about.

I commit myself to be aware of this anxiety ridden/worry character, and to eradicate it from existence, as it pops up in my mind, as the first word/picture. In that,  I commit myself to be aware of and stop all inner chatter (talking inside ones head) this character brings up as I now see/realize/understand I must  walk through the fear of actual work to be faced/steps to be walked in physical real time, which is breath by breath and worrying does nothing but make me postpone and feel physically drained/tired and achy.

In that, I commit myself to stay fully aware of each moment with/as the breath of life and so to STOP myself,  saying stop out loud (or if I am in a public place I whisper quietly)  when/as thoughts of worry/stress/anxiety arise, as I now see realize/understand I am physical and I am living in a physical reality, earth, and I am unable to effectively direct myself when I am pre-occupied in my mind with thoughts/pictures/memories/reactions/emotions/opinions. I realize I am also unable to truly hear/be there for the person I am engaging with, if I am in my own mind of illusion and not here with them. And so I commit to using breath, as in breathe through the thoughts/backchat, and not allowing myself to become possessed by them and take me away from my point that I am currently facing in my day, that is before me in the physical.

I commit myself to trusting breath, moment to moment and no longer trusting my thoughts, as if they are me here and so directing me in full awareness, as I now see /realize/understand it has never been me directing myself but various personalities-robotic responses all based on the past as experiences- I have made up/chained myself into being from one moment to the next- one thought as another link added on- at a time, throughout my life. Living from the starting point of /as fear, fear of loss, a life based on survival of the fittest, competition, greed and jealousy, wanting to be effective and making a difference in the world but chained, by my agreed participation in/with the mind, to the past, as me.

In that , I commit myself to be aware of and stop all thoughts of fear as they arise, and to say NO , NOT PARTICIPATING, when fear then insists I join in/follow along with the massive spewing of memories/emotions/pictures/imaginations-changing the endings of memories-revenge/painful physical reactions as my muscles tighten as I now see/realize/understand to refuse to participate in these emotions & physical reactions strengthens my stand in the decision of who I am and what I do by NOT allowing the mind to manipulate me with energy, and thus using the tools of writing and self-forgiveness I assist and support myself with energy layer releases each time I remain here and say no to the mind.

I commit myself to, through a daily application of principled living, to stop myself whenever I become aware of  the negative inner conversation/backchat I participate in, telling me I am less competent than others/cannot contribute to another beings process as well as others/I should run away/give up/back off/stay in the sidelines/shadows because to try will result in rejection and failure as I now see/realize/understand it is perfectly acceptable to participate and to fall and get back up over and over as I learn/grow/expand..get to know who I am as life-as I am in the process of birthing myself as life in the physical and it is indeed a process-and the only failure would be to NOT participate/contribute to my own growth and any other beings I am able to assist/support.


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