Day 38: I Work Hard for My Money SO YOU CANT TAKE IT Commitment Statements

ARTWORK by Leon Perry

Please read Day 37 of this blog for context.

There is much fear around the idea, even mention of, an equal money system in this world, for myself and others. Today I will commit to stopping the fears of the mind, around living in an equal money world.

I commit myself to stopping myself whenever the thought arises that I do not want to give up all my possessions/money and walk with the rest of humanity in equality, as I now see/realize/understand I have been existing in/as fear, in separation from myself and everyone else, and I am in fact not separate from the rest of humanity,but one and equal as substance/the earth/the physical, as the air we all breathe in and out in each moment here.

I commit myself to, through writing, self-forgiveness and a daily self-corrective application, stop myself from being directed by/influenced by fear of loss around living within an equal money system, by being aware of the  first thought as in ; poverty, alone, picture of someone living on the street, as I now see realize understand I cannot effectively direct myself when I am lost in my mind of fear as energy.

I commit myself to stopping all such inner chatter/inner conversation in my mind-participating/following it /becoming possessed by it-around living within an equal money system, as I now see/realize/understand if I allow this, I am allowing the mind as thoughts to boss me around /control me and not me living as the directive principal/force in my life, and I am reduced to but an organic robot of little use to myself or anyone else in my world and cannot contribute in a meaningful/lasting/practical way  –doing things/fixing things/cleaning things/bettering things to build a world that is best for all. Lets get going, lets clean up earth!

I commit myself to, through writing, self-forgiveness and a daily self-corrective application, be aware of and stop all such imaginings/images within my mind of homelessness and poverty and to connect this to the implementation of an equal money system as I now see/realize/understand equal money is the opposite of this, as it will relieve all of the  horrible existence  of poverty and I am separating myself form all of humanity/nature/animal kingdom when I am using my mind in self-interest and really saying/proclaiming, ‘Well, I have all I need, I absolutely do not want to suffer but it is ok if others do.’  This is no longer acceptable to me.

I commit myself to stop myself being directed by fear, which results in the energy experiences of anxiety/anger/self-pity and harms my human physical body as I now see/realize/understand to do so is useless, a waste of time, delusional and stems from a starting point of greed as I am just here, with breath, with all I need as life and I commit to bring myself out of my mind and back down to earth, to reality and focus on the task at hand, as whatever is before me in the physical.

I commit myself to stopping all thoughts that it will be too late for me, as I am too old and it will take too long to arrive, for me to enjoy an equal money world, as I now see/realize/understand these thoughts are in self-interest and whether that is true or not does not change the fact that equal money is the solution, for the start, of creating heaven on earth for all and there is nothing else I see as worthwhile to contribute to while I am alive on this planet.

I commit myself to, through breath awareness, stopping all behavioral changes in my physical body, brought about through my own created fear, of tightening of my jaw, shallow breathing, tightening of my chest muscles into my back, and neck, pressure in my head and stiffness/immobility/statue-like behavior when thinking about equal money, as I now see/realize/understand to refuse to participate  strengthens my stand in the decision of who I am and what I do by NOT allowing the mind to manipulate me with energy. In that, I commit to face the FEAR of giving up my secret want/need/desires of self-interest and to stand up/take responsibility to act as the directive force of me/my life and thus as/for what it best for all life.

I commit myself, as another, to stop ignoring the suffering of others through endless justifications of; I worked hard for my money,  as this is ridiculous as many poor people work their asses off each day, for many more than 8 hours, for pennies, or justifications of education, accusing others of laziness, blaming another for their decisions as if they had the same opportunities/starting point in life, blaming another for their decisions that led to addiction, prostitution, a life of crime, begging on the street, AND/OR suggesting one just needs to look after their own family only, excuses of equal money being communism, you can’t change human nature, needing luxuries because I worked hard for them/need them to define-express myself/I deserve them, poverty is just a fact of life that cannot be changed, its my business and I’m not harming anyone and many more, as I now see/realize/understand we are in fact one family here, one organism that is required to co-operate/co-exist if we are to survive as a species and it is all of humanities responsibility to care equally for all life on earth and not just some in specialness/selectively but in absoluteness as life together and no longer in/as separation through engaging in the mind.

In that , I commit myself to continue my DIP (Desteni I Process Course) so I may be in a position to support and assist others, to free themselves from the mind of self-interest and work toward establishing heaven on earth through, firstly establishing an equal platform and dignified life for all, though EQUAL MONEY.


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