Day 50: How Do you Overcome The Allure of Sleeping Pills? Commitment Statements

Note: Refer to the previous post for context

So after applying self-forgiveness, one must walk the talk, so to speak, and put into practical daily living/practice what you have forgiven so as to not fall back into patterns of repeating the past.  This we do by, first writing and speaking aloud, corrective statements and self-corrective application statements, so ones knows exactly what to do should/when the mind is active in /within this certain character/personality of ‘the addict’ and in this case, specifically the sleeping pill addict.

I commit to never again taking sleeping pills unless it is a prescribed medication necessary for some medical reason. In that I commit to never separating myself from myself because I fear myself, as in my subconscious and unconscious mind communicating to me at night through dreams/nightmares/voices/images as I now see/realize/understand there is nothing to fear as when I do not participate by reacting in fear/anxiety the communication simply stops so it was in my acceptance and allowance that it occurred in the first place.

I commit to trusting myself to investigate thoroughly whenever I am having  mental/physical trouble/occurrence with doctors and/or Desteni and myself as I now see/realize/understand by hiding/ignoring through fear only reinforces/feeds the fear so my decisions are  based from the starting point of fear = my mind and not a stable one and equal hereness of me, & choosing to use a drug, with no outside assistance and support, was not in my best interest/could have been dangerous, as I became addicted/dependent  and could have harmed myself further if I had not found the Desteni Message!

I commit myself, through writing, self-forgiveness and walking a daily practical self-corrective application, to spreading the Desteni message that there is indeed a specific/detailed/precise explanation for hearing voices in the head , that one does not need a ‘mental illness’ label and to be on anti-psychotic medication for life (or whatever medication) and told there is no cure for mental illness as I now see/realize/understand this is not true!! (I did not take any medication but self-medicated with alcohol and sleeping pills-do not do this-read the Desteni material instead).

I commit myself to stop myself when I am directed by the emotion of guilt/shame/regret/fear from the memory of taking sleeping pills for 10 years as I now see/realize/understand  I am not able to effectively direct myself here when I am lost in my mind of emotions from the past, it does not change anything and so is a waste of time and I was doing the best I could at the time, as in I thought it was best to ‘protect’ myself and my children, to not  disclose the trouble I was having with my mind during this period of my life and, right or wrong, it did serve the purpose to help me sleep and function.

I commit myself to, through writing, self-forgiveness and walking a daily practical self-corrective application, Stop and Breathe, whenever I have a memory arise within and as me, of my withdrawal process from using sleep aids and the subsequent emotions/feelings of pride, guilt and fear as I now see/realize/understand to follow these thoughts/pictures in my mind only leads me into the energetic reaction of emotion and then the physical bodily changes that follow, and I commit to not using energy in this way-as memory of past experience-to define who I am here, but to stand with breath awareness out of my mind of illusion and continue with my day/the task at hand, as life and not feed/give these memories the power to add another layer of separation in/within me.

I commit myself to stop myself whenever I have a memory come up of how this addiction made it difficult to enter the work force/matrix again, producing the emotions of guilt, shame, regret and fear of loss.  In that also,  for thinking I was ‘damaged’/no longer a whole being, bringing on the reactions/emotions of self-pity, sadness, hopelessness, remorse and  inferiority as I now see/realize/understand I am here and no longer living to acquire shit I don’t want or need by being in the matrix/world of employment as I earn income at home (daycare in my home and tenants).   I realize I have all I need and am grateful to let go of the past and live in a way that is best for all and not just in blind self-interest, as well I now understand I am not damaged but in a process of birthing myself as life in the physical, I remind myself to be grateful for this opportunity to be of true service to myself and all in existence and I get on with my day.

I commit myself to stop and breathe each time I think/have a memory existent within and as me of  ‘oh well, I’ll just get through this day, it doesn’t matter if I nap, it’s almost over’,  and/or participating in a feeling/connecting a feeling of warmth, comfort at the thought of a nap, sleepiness, picture in my mind of my bed, using this as an excuse to sleep/escape instead of face myself/my life/responsibilites in the moment, here, as I now see/realize/understand that, that behavior is not life but a program and it is no longer acceptable to me, existing as an organic robot-beLIEving the lie, as in the first pixel/picture/word that pops up in my head of ‘nap’ for example and then following this first thought down the rabbit hole into the subsequent feelings,  instead of seizing the opportunity of each moment to live/give/and receive in my life, as life!

I commit myself to stopping myself whenever I have thoughts/pictures in my mind/imaginings about what others will think of me/say about me/opinion they will hold of me in relation to my sleeping pill addiction as this stems from my ego and from a starting point of separation from others instead of the starting point of one and equal,  as I now see/realize/understand to continue/follow these memories/imaginings will only lead me into the ego of the emotions of guilt/blame/regret which is a waste of time/does not change the past and ,as such, is useless. Furthermore, these emotions only create energy for the purpose to transform substance/physicality into further mind energy which only serves to harm the physical body as it gets slowly eaten away.


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