Day 61: How To let things go and Live in Peace

For Context Please Read the Previous Days Blog:  Day 60: Fear of Not Thinking: From Thinking to Direct Seeing

How is it possible to let thoughts go? To let go of the fear of not using your mind?

I commit myself, to assist and support myself, to stop myself whenever I am directed by/controlled by fear in thinking ‘But I have to think! It’s  how I get things done & it’s what distinguishes the human from all other life forms!’ So I commit to remind myself to ‘STOP’ and  breathe and bring myself out of my mind and pinch my leg or arm to remind myself I am PHYSICAL and plant my feet firmly on the earth and move with a here presence/awareness as I now see/realize/understand to live otherwise is to not be life at all but existing a program  forever stuck in a loop, running but destined to re-live the past over and over again, as /from the starting point of memories!

I commit myself, through writing, self-forgiveness and a daily self-corrective application, to stop myself from deliberately not be as diligent in being aware of my breath moment to moment as the tool I have to stay out of my mind because I am (for one reason) being directed by the emotion of fear that the symptoms of my throat constricting & extreme anxiety will return as I now see/realize/understand to remain as I am, in self-interest and survival mode, is no longer acceptable or desirable to me

I commit myself, to assist and support myself, to stop all such participation with/as internal conversation/backchat about not thinking/using my mind, by bringing myself out of  my mind and back down to earth with /as breath, as I now see/realize/understand having thoughts going round and round in my mind /or ‘new’ inspirational thoughts coming up is not effective at all and has never really supported me throughout my life but just bombarded and overwhelmed and confused me, I won’t neglect people or things that need to be done as I will organize and direct my ‘to do’ list more effectively at a set time to sit down and do that task of organization, I am judging animals/nature in separation of myself when I was assuming they were ‘vacant’ when all along they (having no consciousness systems) have direct seeing in this world which is what I am working towards through DIP, I will not go broke but will actually be able to direct my finances much more efficiently when my mind is slowed down and I let myself deal only with the physical reality of facts and figures, instead of my mind based on  fear and/or excitement, when I compare and judge myself with others I do so from the starting point of separation and interpretation of the mind and it is an excuse to not stand up for equality/back out/not blog, finally, I will be able to take care of myself /my health much more effectively choosing food that is healthy for the body  instead of being influenced by my mind of wants/needs/desires choosing  too many sweets/overeating for the positive energy experience.

In that, I commit myself, to assist and support myself, to stop all such participation as internal conversation/backchat that direct seeing would be too difficult for me because I am incompetent or that it will somehow make me special or live longer or I’ll be able to ‘read’ people as I now see/realize/understand it is a process which will take several years and begins simply with the realizations that come from doing self-forgiveness on a daily basis and I do not need to use my imagination to frighten myself, putting myself forward in some fantasy of the future but need to stay here and get on with my process and task at hand, I also realize to see directly versus using ones mind is not magical nor special but natural once we as the human race stop using consciousness as the mind and can begin to live respectfully, equally toward all life on this planet. As well I understand, as I am born into the physical, I will be able to assist others in their process and this has already began online through blogging and vlogging and it is not ‘reading’ anyone but sharing what I have learned through my process with Desteni. Finally, I do not need to suppose/guess/wonder/interpret anything through my mind if I would live longer/have any physical benefits from process as it makes sense when one is more physical and out of the mind that one will know/understand/see what is occurring in the physical body and direct ones self accordingly toward life here to enjoy a healthy existence!

I commit myself to stop myself when I find I am engaging/participating in emotions of fear &/or excitement when I have followed the thought, ‘But I have to think! It’s  how I get things done & it’s what distinguishes the human from all other life forms!’ I stop and I breathe and remind myself to engage in these emotion and feelings only serves to harm my physicality by transferring these physical energies into mind energies, which strengthen the mind and in the process uses my very physicality to eat away the flesh of my body .Instead, I say no to the emotions and feelings and bring myself back to the physical–strengthening me HERE and my resolve to investigate/solve issues in the physical and not following thoughts that lead to emotions that serve no purpose but to  keep me occupied in the mind or entertain me, as I now see/realize/understand I am not a story but LIFE HERE and I cannot give myself the gift of life if I let fear tell me who I am /what to do and I cannot effectively direct myself to support and assist others if I am chained by fear of the unknown, of ‘who will I be?’ without my mind.

I commit myself to, assist and support myself through self-trust-to ‘… align myself with this process from thinking to direct seeing and living in breath in the physical body… although I don’t know who I will be exactly, I DO KNOW I can stop participation in thought and I am OK, I’m still here, I did not die or become a zombie or ‘like an animal’ (my addition) What do I know? I am here with me in every moment of breath, as I walk each breath, I am here, as I stop participation with thoughts, I am here, therefore I walk with me in every moment of breath, that is what I know. My relationship with me, as the trust of me being here-establish TRUST.’ Anu.


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