Day 100: Obey Or Rebel? Neither Because Neither is a Solution

Drop The Chains Of The Past
Drop The Chains Of The Past

I watched the Documentary OBEY yesterday and I have to say it confused me. Although it was a strong presentation, visually hypnotizing actually, and brings forth many important points, it fell short as it offered no practical solutions.  There was no viable  solution to the point of the entire video, which it hammered home very effectively throughout, being the ever increasing Totalitarianism we are experiencing world wide, as more and more of the world’s governments are controlled by the corporations, putting value on profit and not valuing life.

PROBLEM:  Rebellion doesn’t offer a lasting solution.

SO, the documentary ended with the suggestion that we do not ‘obey’ (which I agree with) but that we ‘rebel’.

Huge problem here, as we look at history, we can clearly see, that although revolutions can bring down the castle, btw in the past and recent history it has been through violence that this has occurred, another evil empire eventually emerges.  Sometimes quickly, sometimes over several decades but it always has happened this way. If this were not a truth, we would be living in a truly benevolent world today and WE ARE NOT.

Because the creator/s of ‘Obey’ did an amazing job of showing us how the world systems, as they currently exist, are screwing us individually and globally, and there is not much we can do about it, you are left to wonder, what is the  point of ‘rising up’ when clearly all the ‘power’ is in the hands of the governments/corporations=all the money ??  So they mention ‘hope’ of all things. Almost like, ‘well, we’re basically powerless, it’s all going to hell but…we can hope’.

From  hope: ‘ the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best’

Wow, a feeling!  That’s a pretty flimsy thing to hang your decision on when one–and any change will come from one as in YOU in the equality equation of 1 + 1  –is considering whether to rebel/face the monster/face the impossible task of world change… or not!  A feeling comes and goes, a feeling is energy, it has no stability, in fact it has no substance, don’t you think it would have made a difference by now if it held any real power ? Do you realize how many millions/billions of human beings ‘hope‘ in the form of prayer/thinking each and every day, each and every minute?  Nope, real power, it does not have. Not suggesting the maker of the documentary meant to lie but that is a lie. I realize he/they did qualify it somewhat and say ‘not just hope but Real hope’ as if there is a difference. Hope is hope, I ‘wish’ it wasn’t so.

I do agree, however that we must be ‘armed’ with the facts, understand how we got to this point; the systems of government, business, military etc. in order to change it. Now, the film maker explains this clearly so I will not repeat it.

391789_10150423519021275_578586274_8957014_217698180_nWhat is concerning/THE PROBLEM is the solution offered as rebellion, as in ‘do not go gently into that goodnight’, as it is presented as quite an impossible journey “but one we must make, we must try” kind of thing.

Firstly, rebellion/revolution is often violent, there is massive suffering, loss of life, can attract a criminal element from society and COSTS MUCH MONEY. I understand he does not only mean a physical rebellion but all too often this is where it leads, as history shows us.

More importantly, the act of rebelling has the opposite effect /desired outcome the uprising groups want , just as it did after the OWS movement (Occupy Wall Street) as it allowed the corporations to put in more control,  there was an increase in police/security presence in several American cities.  As rebellions rise, the corporations can cry to the local and federal authorities to engage more laws , more police, more security. Therefore,  the rebellion itself can be considered to be an influence/force to increased systems of Totalitarianism –more and more government intervention/presence/control and more and more corporate control–to misdirect people away from politics suggesting their efforts will never work, it is too difficult, as in ‘we will make it too difficult!’


To continue with solutions



4 thoughts on “Day 100: Obey Or Rebel? Neither Because Neither is a Solution

  1. No es una solución responder con violencia porque la violencia engendra mas violencia. Desde que el mundo existe y a lo que hemos llamado dios, ha sido el ser mas violento que nos hayamos imaginado; con solo leer la biblia nos damos cuenta de ello y a mi entender todos los gobiernos del mundo siguen exactamente este ejemplo. gracias por compartir.,

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