Day 101: Obedience or Rebellion? What is the Solution for a Dying World?


The following is an excerpt from the previous post, Day 100, please read for proper context to this blog.

I watched the Documentary OBEY yesterday and I have to say it confused me. Although it was a strong presentation, visually hypnotizing actually, and brings forth many important points, it fell short as it offered no practical solutions.  There was no viable  solution to the point of the entire video, which it hammered home very effectively throughout, being the ever increasing Totalitarianism we are experiencing world wide, as more and more of the world’s governments are controlled by the corporations, putting value on profit and not valuing life.

PROBLEM:  Rebellion doesn’t offer a lasting solution….



The solution to the problem of a world that is increasingly more controlled by the self-interested elite, with less and less equality/balance between the haves and have nots, with more and more government/corporate control is, not to obey OR rebel (2 polarities with the same outcome of no change that is best for all life on earth) but to create a world system based on the principal of equality, as EMC (Equal Money Capitalism) for all human beings, and equally the many dimensions within our earth of the animal kingdom, the oceans, the plants, the atmosphere, etc., knowing ALL that is here, that is physical, is a vital part of the one planet as life.

Heal Yourself
Heal Yourself

If change is not approached on a macro level, integrating mankind with all that is here, it is doomed to fail, as it always has. Why?  Because of a little thing and ONE MASSIVE EXCUSE that we call ‘human nature’. It is human nature to compete, as in survival of the fittest and it is human nature to be greedy, may as well not mince words. So, in actuality we must change first at a micro level-human nature- and then at the macro level. BUT for this to occur, we must start at an individual/micro level, with each person being responsible for changing themselves, who they are within themselves.

Another part of the solution is for populations to unite, stop the separation of humankind by the ego through geography/nations/religions/class/color etc.   Dividing into groups, ‘Divide and Conquer’, only has the effect of weakening any movement/rebellion. If we want ‘power to the people‘ then we-the people-must stand together, as in agreement on how a economic/world system can operate that serves all, not just some BUT ALL.  It is in the joining, the one + one where the power resides. As we change individually, this undertaking/task will seem less massive.

This is how a lasting change will occur OTHERWISE we just wash and repeat, egos destroy collectives, ego separating man from man, ego separating group from group. Yes, I am suggesting we change human nature, what better way to spend our time here on earth?  Generation to generation,  it will take time but eventually, we will act/live responsibly, not only for each other/toward one another but for/toward the animal kingdom,  the plant kingdom, the oceans. Shame on us, we have been so self-interested, we left life itself behind to suffer, to perish.

So, it is not to separate further into groups-each warring the other-more division, creating more hate, as the elite wash their hands of the mess ‘let them kill each other then, more for us!’ but to realize we are one earth/planet, all here together-no choice of that-that is a fact SO how to live this fact, in self-responsibility as one and equal in equality.  This is the only real solution.  This solution is in fact incorporated into EMC, Equal Money Capitalism, see several links below.

Where does the power truly lie?  In politics.  Politics is the legal way for the world’s populations to regain power.   The real power of the people–where no ‘hope’ need reside–where no violent uprising need take place–it is in our numbers, in democracy, one man one vote, we are 7 billion, this is where the power to change lies !

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One thought on “Day 101: Obedience or Rebellion? What is the Solution for a Dying World?

  1. Estoy de acuerdo contigo! mientras vivamos cada uno de nosotros en guerra en nuestra mente, en fricción constante, luchando con nuestros pensamientos, en lugar de escribirlos y perdonarlos corrigiendo todo lo que nos molesta de nosotros mismos y de nuestros semejantes, nosotros y nuestro mundo, este planeta permanecerá como hasta ahora o llegaremos a la destrucción total. Parece que esto ha pasado ya muchas veces en este planeta pero no tenemos recuerdo de ello. gracias.

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