Day 104: Chris Hedges ‘WE HAVE A DYING SYSTEM’ Save it or Replace it?

Please watch this video. A truly amazing speech by Chris Hedges in which he does a brilliant job to explain in detail the problem of what is occurring in the world right now, which is ever increasing inverted totalitarianism, or simply put, how the corporations in America have more and more power/control over the government  and thus the lower class is being annihilated with joblessness and  homelessness while the middle class is slowly disappearing, as all the wealth is being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands of the population, being the elite-those who run the corporations.
At about 51 minutes into this video Hedges tells of “Alexander Harrison, speaking a century ago, to a group of anarchists, about how to over-throw the Tzar, reminded his listeners that it was not their job to save a dying system but replace it. ‘We think we are the doctors’, Harrison said, ‘we are the disease’….All resistance must recognize that the body politic and global capitalism are dying. We have undergone, in this country, a coup d’ etat  and we have lost and they have won.  We must not waste our energy trying to reform or appeal to it. This does not mean the end of resistance but it does mean very different forms of resistance.  It means turning our energies toward sustainable local communities…” and he continues from there.
He tends not to give a solid solution in this video except to ‘not give up‘ kind of thing .  A point he makes, which I agree with, is that part of the solution is the power of the group, ‘we are many’ which is the name of the website shown periodically throughout the video. It is in our numbers , as 1 + 1, one joining another, that the impossible will be achieved, a new system based on equality and not on profit, based on valuing life over money/possessions, will be implemented!  Go here for Chris’s website:


The Birth of a New Global Economic System

The solution is not to ‘fight’ to save the dying system, not to reform it or ‘waste time’ on it, as it no longer serves the vast majority of the population, but to replace it.  EMC, Equal Money Capitalism, will use what is here to build a new foundation that will replace what  has fallen, which was no longer capitalism but Totalitarianism, even slowly becoming Facism;  a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry,commerce, etc.  In this case, the dictator being the corporations.

With the emergence of a new global economy, nothing will be physically torn down (unless it is decrepit/useless) , no one will be left destitute but rather we will use existing physical structures/materials, manpower etc. in a responsible way to re-build and organize governing bodies, from the starting point of common sense to re-distribute resources, including money,  so all have their basic needs met and are then able to have the opportunity to live a life of dignity and freedom.

For further reference, read  the Equal Money  Wiki       Participate-Vote on Goals Here:   Equal Money System   Ask Questions on the Forum Here:   Equal Money Forum   

We all need equal access to living resources. Most of the suffering that is experienced on earth is caused by human beings denying other human beings this right to access of resources. The fact that this has been going on for centuries is irrelevant and cannot be used as an excuse for apathy or saying the problem is too ‘big’/entrenched in ‘human nature’.  As the current systems in which we live/govern ourselves are becoming ever more ruthless,   we have to ask ourselves: will we stop and start honoring each other as equals or will we close the cycle and put an end to the human journey? Personally, I have no interest in being part of a species that uses it’s nature, as in ‘human nature’, to explain away/ignore massive inequality and has such absolute disregard for other life forms-the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, mother earth as a whole being, the oceans, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable JUST TO SURVIVE within competition and self-interest!

With the establishment of  an equal money-system,  every human being on earth will have a right to an equal unconditional income – from birth to death.

“The equal money-system would be aimed at removing fear and survival from the equation called ‘life’. This will establish a level of equality in which we can start to learn what it means to live together and how to trust each other.” from Equal Money Wiki: FAQ Why An Equal Money System?

Although money is the tool the system is using to control the lives of human beings, money in itself is not the problem and Can Be used for good. We only need to understand how it works and ‘keep what is good’/change the rules of the game.  Then we can come to a new agreement about how we want to live, where everyone is equally taken into consideration.


Vast and Far Reaching

* Housing for all

*Education for all

*Access to Enough Food/Nutrition for all

*Employment Opportunity for all

*Mental Health/Physical Health Improvement as Basic Needs are Provided For

*Reduction/Elimination of violent offenders within the home and world at large

*Improved communication skills between human beings as a result of reduction of fear of survival and the building of trust, within the home and the world at large


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