Day 111: EMC: Employee Loyalty: Why? To The Corporation, You Are Disposable


It always amazed me when, in the past and recent past, I have worked for basically minimum wage for a retailer, or earned a pretty decent/medium income as a sales representative for a corporation or computer support  in a real estate office, what degree of b.s. you  have to put up with, with all the talk of company loyalty. The seriousness of the work seems to be taken to the point of ridiculousness and I could never (except for a few years in my early 20’s) grasp what all the fuss was about.  Well, the fuss was about profit and greed, on the part of the owners.

I always came to the conclusion, ‘this is just not that important to me!’  Of course, we all need to pay the bills and put food on the table so we are forced to ‘put up with it’  nonsense or downright abuse unfortunately, or pretend we really care.  I justified my lack of corporate loyalty  as ‘I have a problem with authority figures’, which may be partially true lol,  but mostly I could see they wanted your ‘heart and soul’/you as a virtual slave to do their bidding for what ? Just enough to get by, pay the bills but certainly not enough to ‘get ahead’ enjoy vacations, own a car with no payments, a decent amount of vacation time, have some savings for retirement or emergency fund.

In the game of profit, psychological manipulation is used in the form of employee incentives, strategies, lots of meetings to ‘excite’ pump up the workers to sell, sell, sell. All for a tiny piece of the pie. Basically slaving away so the owners can live a spoiled and lavish life. This in the name of capitalism and the attitude, ‘well, you have the same opportunity, just cause I was able to pull it off doesn’t mean I don’t deserve all the riches’, kind of attitude on the part of the owners. Really? The truth is success within capitalism is based on who you are, where you came from (family you grew up in), your level of education-what degrees you had to buy as in pay for university, your dna as in your intellectual ability to learn/memorize certain volumes of fact/information, dna as in your appearance/looks, and dna as in you health/physical ability.

4055952984-1I have known several individuals who gave their ‘heart and soul’ to the company. Worked  100’s of unpaid overtime for years, missed much of their children growing up staying late and on weekends, travelling-as in business trips so they were away from their families, took it all very seriously, and believed they were ‘taken care of ‘ by the man/the corporation as in pension and/or guaranteed job security only to have their legs chopped off from under them at the time of cutbacks-and were replaced by younger and therefore MUCH cheaper -as in much less salary- replacements. Yup… bye bye and thanks. These middle aged, middle class executive or upper retail manages were devastated and in shock!  Many become depressed and struggled for years to get back on their feet. Of course, they are better off than many who loose their jobs, as they leave with a pay-out/partial saving with the company, I realize.


A new economic system that has true integrity as a starting point, based on all being provided for equally:  EMC, Equal Money Capitalism.  Within this system, all own the company, all the employees are owners of the company, and are paid the profits it makes as their salary.

Equal Money System Wiki

Currently profit is the money a company makes after they have covered their costs, including paying out wages. In an EMC – profit comprises of all the added value that is placed on resources – which is your labour. Therefore – within the price, the percentage share must be included of each one that was part of the creation of the product in such a way that each one ends up with an equal share of the company’s profits, so – there will be no need for wages – as the profit becomes your wage.

If a company at any time makes more money than they need to provide each one with their equal share of the profit as well as covering their costs – those monies will go into a fund that is responsible for assisting companies that are not making sufficient to cover their costs and provide each one with their fair share. That way a balancing effect takes place so that all companies are not only cooperatives in how they cooperate internally – but all cooperate with each other as well.


* There will exist the opportunity for true integrity within the EMC system business model, as the it is not based on profits to be taken by the few owners/managers/share holders but profits to be paid out in salaries to the laborers/workers who are the ones who made the product/provided the service.

* No more abuse of laborers/workers, as in overtime hours that the employee feels pressured to agree upon for job security
* The end of the practice of disposing of long term employees, who have dedicated their lives to a company, but are replaced because the company can hire someone at a lower wage/salary and thus secure more profit!
*  Better working conditions, as in physical environment and emotional support, as managers will not be all stressed out trying to meet budget/achieve a monthly quota that is purely profit driven

For further reference, read  the Equal Money  Wiki


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