Day 127: Looking at the ‘Why’ Behind the Causes of Homelessness


Homeless ‘mole people’, discovered in underground tunnels and shanty homes living in squalor, in Kansas City Missouri are evicted. I say this is the problem and not the people themselves because, they are human beings and not ‘an eye soar’ a ‘difficult situation’.  We have become a society/world that places the value of money above the value of life, all living beings-SO THAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM.

In the comments section below the article you find many interesting perspectives, one person states the ‘mole people’  are there because of their own poor choices in life, and that there are many ways out if they are willing to make the positive changes that are necessary. Wish this were true, but it is extremely naive and misguided  for several reasons.  Unfortunately for most, it is just too late. In an article from Buzzle the author states the main causes of  homelessness as: High Cost of Housing, Unemployment and Low Income, High Medical Costs, Drugs and Alcoholism, Lesser Government Assistance.  Yes, but let’s look at WHY-the root cause of each of these issues so we stop using a band aid approach OR CHARITY to solve them and create a new system that is based on equality as a  lasting and effective solution!  The problem of homelessness is not mysterious and can be solved quite simply (not easily or quickly, it would be a process over many years to completely eradicate),  if not for the GREED AND SELF-INTEREST  accepted within the current economic model, which prevents a permanent solution.


High Cost of Housing:  Why does this issue exist?  Because within free market capitalism, it is apparently cool to look after number 1, you and your family come first and the accepted game is to  accumulate as much profit as you are able within your lifetime, therefore, the house/rental costs are what the market can bear, which is great if you have money and if you don’t IT’S NOT MY PROBLEM.

Unemployment and Low Income: Why does this issue exist?  Because the government of the U.S. and ALL supposed first world nations do not share the wealth! As living costs rise, the vulnerable and middle class are not considered in the equation, therefore, income does not rise to meet what is required to afford housing.  This creates a burden on the majority of the population to pay basic expenses, which places stresses and pressures to keep up in an environment of competition versus cooperation. The snowball effect results in increased sickness, addiction, divorce, child abuse to name a few.  As well, employment for all is not considered a priority over profit resulting in the accepted practices of laying off workers when machines- or hiring even cheaper labor- can do the job. So the divide between the rich and poor gets ever greater and continues in a downward spiral with no practical solution in sight.

aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy5tb3h2b3hkZXNpZ24uY29tJTJGd3AtY29udGVudCUyRnVwbG9hZHMlMkYyMDExJTJGMTIlMkZmZWFyLW9mLWZhaWx1cmUtMzEweDIzMi5qcGc=High Medical Costs:  Why does this issue exist?  Because the government protects the powerful pharmaceutical corporations, keeping their prices to doctors/hospitals/consumers high,  and in turn these drug companies continue to support the relevant party with donations and help them remain in office. Those that have the power have the money, they are in ‘bed together’ and do not want to share.  As well, the government does not adequately support the hospitals with enough financial assistance  so medical staff is underpaid and overworked, there are equipment shortages and basically not enough funds to run the hospital and this translates into higher fees for the patient. The government once again can ‘keep their costs down’ by getting away with health care spending cuts.

Drugs and Alcoholism:  Why does this issue exist?  Because parents are not adequately educated how to raise a child who understands how to care for themselves, how the mind operates, how to live as the words they speak within integrity-because the parents themselves were taught,  ‘get what you can, it’s a dog eat dog world’ a life lesson with fear as it’s foundation.  So it is the starting point of the parent teaching the child to do whatever they can to survive, which does not consider the rest of society/humanity to be as important/one with them. This fear creates all sorts of demons within a person and the focus is not on self care-as you are one with your world and environment-but you are in opposition to /with it.  Therefore a person reaches for a drug to give temporary relief to the mind which is existing in/as fear.

Lesser Government Assistance:  Why does this issue exist?  Because the government wants to reduce cost/expenses to reduce it’s deficit, so replacing one problem for another and allowing a downward spiral by cutting funds to programs for the ‘vulnerable’ ones who need assistance.   Do the  government look in common sense and say, ‘Ok our salaries are on average $50K and these people have $0 or let us impose an immediate tax on those that have an income or assets over 2 million dollars, so let us distribute some MONEY/equalize this equation so they can purchase a home?’  NOPE. And we are allowing this by our complianceHow about ‘let us build houses and give them to the homeless and use  money from the military budget to accomplish this?’  No again, why are these questions considered  silly/unrealistic/naive? Shouldn’t decent, safe and enjoyable shelter be a basic human right? Isn’t that what a government should be for , to serve and protect ALL of it’s citizens?  

A few more points, one, it is mentioned in the article that the ‘mole people’ will be assisted with shelter needs, but they obviously do not want much to do with the shelters (perhaps some do) as they had seen that offer and found it so inadequate they went to the extreme of digging underground tunnels  for themselves and their families!  And two, superficiality has replaced compassion and decency, within our societies to such an extreme that we prefer to not look at something that is ‘ugly’ ‘dirty’. Understanding the reporter needs to present his article in a sensational way so to attract the reader, the reporter uses words and phrases like, ‘dirty diapers found’ and ‘candles and old filthy mattresses’ to stir up images of ignorance and a haphazard attitude. However, one needs to eat and sleep therefore garbage is created, sometimes you put it in bags and animals rip open the bags, it is difficult to transfer to a garbage dump if you do not have a vehicle to do so, the earth is soil/dirt so obviously items will get ‘dirty’, this doesn’t mean you love your family less-they don’t have the money to simply pop something into the wash and dryer in common sense, if one has no flashlight as it was too expensive and one has a candle then you are going to ‘make due’ for that night and use what is available, sure its dangerous and irresponsible but you do what you have to that night to survive.

To continue with SOLUTIONS in the next post


“A Few Points about Equal Money Capitalism, just to Wet your Appetite:

– It will Bring an End to All Debt in the World

– Property Ownership will be a Basic Human Right

– Healthcare will be a Basic Human Right

– Happiness will be a Basic Human Right

– Employment will be a Basic Human Right

– Education will be a Basic Human Right

Freedom of Choice will be a Basic Human Right

This is But a Few of the Results of the Law of “Giving as you would like to Receive”, Embodied in Capitalism that is Based On Equal Rights for Every Human Being on Earth.

Every Human Being Claim ‘the Right to Life’, yet there is no Protection of this Right – unless you, in the Current Capitalism, have the Benefit of Money; this Equal Money Capitalism (EMC), will Prevent. What will also be Prevented, is War. As War is Profit-Driven.

It is Time for a New World System. One Based on Prevention, instead of Reaction. One Based on Honouring the Right of Life, Equally for All.

Join the Journey to Life, and Become Part of a Solution.” ~ Bernard Poolman

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