Day 129: How Do You Stop Negativity From Running Your Life?

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 So How Do You Stop Negativity From Running Your Life?

I have been existing within and as negativity for most of my life. Jumping from the negative to the positive polarities  within my mind and thoughts. I realize now I jump to the positive to combat the negative, like I am at war with myself, to kind of cancel it out thus make myself feel better/ok.   Although, this seems to work for the moment or few hours, I’m back to the negative thinking once again, mostly unaware so jumping to the positive is not an effective or lasting solution.   It is simply an attempt to deal with the consequences of how shit I feel about my life and the world around me by cramming in a bunch of ‘light’ thoughts but what it does in fact is delay and build up more consequence from the within,  by suppressing/denying the thoughts and subsequent emotions it actually causes harm to ones physical body and from the without, by turning a blind eye to the very real and vast array of problems the world is facing.

As well, I have read several positivity books over the years and you would think this would sink in and become part of the fabric of my being so to speak by now, but it did not.  I did not change from all the books, lectures, participation with/as the positive thinking, I did not gain more stability, compassion, nor peace/serenity.  I felt quite helpless and often victimized by ‘happy thinking’ because when I looked at the state of my life and the world, there wasn’t much to be happy about really. So I would (thinking I was doing something wrong with my negative thinking) switch to the positive and appreciate being alive/ nature/my family and be grateful.  Ok  that’s cool BUT it does not change the state of the world, it is simply ignoring the negative within my own mind–as who I am–and without as in ignoring the suffering of millions who exist in poverty and war.

Another thing I would do is focus on ‘happy’ memories or a ‘happy’ occasion coming up and think, ‘oh, I have it better than most, stop complaining and be grateful, carry on, you can’t change the world, think I’ll pick up a chocolate bar.’ And so justifying a state of being/worldview of negativity by focusing on the little positive I experience, telling myself that makes my life  ‘worthwhile‘.  Meanwhile, my attitude is really only condoning an acceptance of ignoring reality, as abuse within our world systems  continues. I am fortunate I am in a financial situation in which I can ‘look forward’ to events, as in I have enough money for a comfortable (not luxurious) life,  so I am not suffering and I can simply ‘shrug off’ bad/uncomfortable thoughts and emotions of war/rape/tortdure/the starvation of millions  come up, voila, like magic I can focus on LOA the law of attraction and do some yoga and conjure up images of a vacation I will take, that car I would like or cottage I will buy as I use my energies from the universe to bring me $$$.

I was told by the LOA gurus it is ok to want and attract abundance. Oh cool, and I can simply turn off/not think about ‘those poor people’ , remember these one : war/rape/torture/the starvation of millions.  But the only reason I am able to get away with this is  BECAUSE I DO NOT EXPERIENCE THEIR PAIN AND SUFFERING. This is no longer acceptable to me as I see the uselessness in just watching/being a spectator while earth and it’s inhabitants are in a downward spiral. What is the point of simply existing in self-interest?  What is in fact my responsibility as a part of the whole organism that is the planet earth?

The only stability and serenity I have found is within the process  of changing/transforming  my state of being/worldview of negativity by stopping participation in the mind of thoughts and the subsequent emotions/feelings they produce by existing within NEITHER THE POSITIVE NOR THE NEGATIVE BUT  HERE ALIVE.

To Continue With Solutions and Rewards in the next post.

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