Day 130: Stop Being So Negative! 2

art-sd_fearPlease refer to the previous post for context to this blog.

PROBLEM:  I Exist In Negativity

from the previous post:  I jump to the positive to combat the negative, like I am at war with myself, to kind of cancel it out thus make myself feel better/ok.  Although, this seems to work for the moment or few hours, I’m back to the negative thinking once again, mostly unaware so jumping to the positive is not an effective or lasting solution.   It is simply an attempt to deal with the consequences of how shit I feel about my life and the world around me by cramming in a bunch of ‘light’ thoughts but what it does in fact is delay and build up more consequence from the within,  by suppressing/denying the thoughts and subsequent emotions it actually causes harm to ones physical body and from the without, by turning a blind eye to the very real and vast array of problems the world is facing.

Thought:  I’m so negative!  Oh, I have it better than most, stop complaining and be grateful, carry on, you can’t change the world, think I’ll pick up a chocolate bar.

SOLUTION:  To examine this thought, within it’s muti-dimensions, and reconstruct it applying commitment statements that I am able to live/walk as living words responsibly, which are best for all life.

Thought Dimension:  I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize when I go into negative thinking/energy about my life and my world and then I go into the polarity of the positive thinking, ‘Oh, I have it better than most, stop complaining and be grateful, carry on, you can’t change the world, think I’ll pick up a chocolate bar’ thus stopping myself from moving here in the physical, as a responsible being, to take the steps to bring about change.

When and as I see myself participating in this thought/thought pattern of going form the negative to the positive-using energy-I stop myself and bring my awareness back to my breath and remind myself I am a physical being as I now see/realize/understand I am only suppressing and delaying  consequence within the physical body and the world by distracting myself and not moving myself as the directive principal/force of life as is my responsibility to enact practical and lasting change and so it is quite useless and I will have to face myself again and again until I stop my participation and remain here, using neither positive nor negative energy but stability with breath.

Fear Dimension:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize that the energy of fear is what I am participating in, letting it direct and control me/my decision making/ movement within my day as the foundational reason for not facing head on this negativity, as if it is too big to handle/to take on and so I submit to the fear and REPLACE IT WITH HOPE/light and happy thoughts no matter how small they are-even a chocolate bar- to abdicate my responsibility to myself and all life forms.

When and as I see myself being directed by fear within negative thinking/thinking patterns and participating with/as this energy, I immediately stop myself and bring my awareness back to the physical body with breath as I now see/realize/understand existing as the energy of fear is useless and does not change reality but keeps me imprisoned in my mind with no change/growth/progress, I do not require energy, negative or jumping to the positive, to move/direct myself, if the energy of fear or of love and light as the positive WORKED-MOVED US TOWARD SOLUTIONS WITHIN THIS WORLD IT WOULD HAVE WORKED ALREADY but it has not as we see in the escalation of war and unimaginable suffering on earth, this is no longer acceptable to me to act insane-doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result-or to close my eyes to reality so I commit to exist within neither the positive or the negative but here alive with the physical.

In that, I realize that fear, in itself, has no power but is simply energy brought about from the programming I have created over my lifetime and I indeed have the power, as my directive principal in each moment, to change myself within and thus change the world without. Finally, no issue is too big, for example world hunger/housing, when taken point by point, there are 7 billion of us, it is only the mind of thoughts/consciousness that CONS us to beLIEving this is so. I have to change the world.

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