Day 133: The Dangers of the Fashion Industry and Practical Fashion in EMC 2

74683_433818130021417_1544061821_nPlease refer to the previous post for context to this blog.  From the previous post:

PROBLEM:   Fashion today, and for the last several decades,  has become like a weapon used to exploit and manipulate people, especially our youth culture, as it puts pressure on one to keep up to the constant change as seasons and styles change, intimating you are not cool and cannot be popular is you are not ‘in style’ instead of a common sense approach for quality and comfort…

A point missed in yesterdays blog is the exploitation of children within the marketing of clothing, etc.  existent in the fashion industry today. There is a blatant sexualization of the images of children and teens for one reason only–PROFIT.  As sex sells, the people in this industry keep pushing the boundaries until someone yells ‘ not accetptable!’  But why do we allow it at all? It is not necessary to move/communicate that the product is available and as we see a rise in child porn on the internet and learn of how there are slavery rings in which children are sold and kept captive to be used as sex slaves/prostitutes, it is obvious these sexualized adds put the idea of sex with a child in the minds of some–as it is intended to do!


Within an EMC (Equal Money Capitalism) system the starting point of ‘fashion’ will change from profit to practicality, within need over want and personal expression over overt sexuality. Within this functionality will be stressed but style and colour/patterns/materials/variety still enjoyed. Need, as in real demand, based on all products being produced to last /the highest quality possible and not having more than one require at any given time so as not to put undue stress on the environment (raw materials), workers, animals. No animal fur or animal skin will be used unless an absolute requirement exists. NO animal testing will exist unless it does not harm the animal, no skinning alive of animals-a sick/barbaric society we are indeed-as the animal is in FACT one and equal to any and all humans as life. So the end of environmental and animal abuse within the fashion/garment industry as it now exists. Within EMC,  life is given value over profit.  Read Economist’s Journey to Life

Clothing, footwear, and all other accessories will be produced on what is required versus what we want based on ego-the mind needing more ‘stuff’ to ‘feel better’. Granted some accessories are needed such as belts, clips, It will all be based on common sense rather the culture of ‘more is better’.

Less waste will be produced as we learn to respect the earths resources and realize what we take must be equally replaced, this will be a requirement, not an option. Currently, we are literally consuming the planet and this must end!  Read more here:  Equal Money  Wiki

There are seasonal clothing/footwear/headgear etc. items that are necessary, of course. Where I live, one does need more than one pair of boots for various seasons. What I refer to here is the idea of  ‘what’s new this fall’ so replacing an item simply because the style has changed. No one is suggesting we all wear burlap sacks, of course fashion can be an expression of oneself for enjoyment, from the starting point of comfort, functionality, quality so it is lasting and effective.

No more just the lucky few, wealthy, will have the luxury of quality. We are all equal on this planet, all made from the same substance, we all get hot and cold according the season/weather therefore we all require various garments equally!

Advertising/marketing within EMC will be on television/online computers and in the form of infomercials to let you know about what is available and how/where to get it and all the details of how it is made/who made it/what resources were used/how they are being replaced/what was the cost/who is getting paid and how much from this product. It is my understanding all/most of this information will be on a small booklet attached to each product for the consumer to see. For details about pricing and labeling please read:



*Everyone is able to enjoy the best quality clothing and footwear

*Individuality and Expression within what we wear still exists — within respect and true love of another NO LONGER  at the expense of another’s health, dignity, quality of life

*We no longer exploit children/teens for profit by sexualizing ads/marketing

*We no longer rape the earth of her resources/raw materials unnecessarily but just as required to clothe ourselves in responsiblity-not as slaves to the mind of ego

*You can let go of the slavery of competition and keeping up to the constant changes that currently exist within the fashion industry

*You can trust the integrity of advertising you see as the profit motive is eliminated and we learn to live in harmony from the starting point of all self-expression as equally important

*A reduction, eventual elimination, in eating disorders and teen suicides as many people will not be compelled to look skinny like the models they see today as models will be of all shapes and sizes

*An elimination of the annoying run way where toothpick models parade up and down in unpractical/over the top priced/ridiculous costumes they say are supposedly the ‘new style’ how useless!

It is Time for a New World System. One Based on Prevention, instead of Reaction. One Based on Honouring the Right of Life, Equally for All.

Join the Journey to Life, and Become Part of a Solution.” ~ Bernard Poolman


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