Day 134: My Eyes Are Getting Worse: ‘I Need Reading Glasses’

393676_321191631231868_100000231023784_1307099_1512957659_nI wear contact lenses, a relatively strong perscription. In the last few years I have needed reading glasses, which are basically a magnify glass, I just pick them up at the local pharmacy.  I have noticed over the last few months I am needing ever increasing magnify strength and often driving at night is more difficult. It’s extremely frustration when you can’t read something and don’t have a  pair of reading glasses handy ( do not want to look ‘old’ and wear them around my neck, lol) and somewhat concerning as ones eye sight is so vital!  So, here I am beginning the process of examining  this physical point, by firstly looking at the key words I associate with reading glasses within my life and how I live them and incorporate them-as myself and into myself.  I will apply self-forgiveness and a self-corrective application to each word in order to live in awareness with the words I speak, with more understanding of the pre-programming the physical body has to live with, and how I have been instructing my eyes, in each moment of my life, with information about age/time/doctors etc. and so how to act/be.   So it will be a fascinating undertaking to walk my muti-dimensional realtionship with my eyes, specifically with the point/thought of ‘I need reading glasses’ and the process of  changing this relationship so I become the living word!

In this post I am examining my relationship to the word/s:  reading glasses

Thought Dimension:  

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize when I think, ‘ I need reading glasses ‘. In that, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize I am believing everything I have seen, as in images in print/television/pictures in books/movies and heard from ‘authorities’  such as parents/doctors/author of a book that has been telling me that when a person reaches ‘middle age’  it is ‘normal’ for everything up close to appear blurry. Indeed, I have been IN-FORMED throughout my life that as moments pass/time pass, the body depletes, ages, decays and the process to deal with this is through REACTION RATHER THAN PREVENTION and/or correction, meaning you just wait and when this occurs you buy reading glasses.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to connect the words ‘reading glasses’ to the words ‘I’ and ‘need’.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to stop myself from engaging/participating in the thought, ‘I need reading glasses’ whenever I find I am thinking that it is ‘normal’ and inevitable to need reading glasses I stop, I breathe and bring myself back to the physical out of my mind, as I now see/realize/understand it is no longer acceptable to me that this be normal, as over time a depletion of the physical, brought about through participation within the mind, so a slow/eventual decaying/depleting of tissue of/in the physical eyes.

I commit to remind myself that the human body is alive and intelligent and can just as easily be programmed (the codes re-wrtiten) to correction:  to grow/to expand/to replenish/reconstitute/re-substantiate the substance of the physical eyes, why should this not been considered normal, to-as ones eyes loose the ability to focus at close range- re-build the  effected areas:  the crystalline lens, so it can get back the flexibility it requires and/or the ciliary muscle, so it can gain back the strength it requires to continue to focus the eye at close range.

Some research:    The condition of needing reading glasses is called: presbyopia. ‘For some individuals this can occur as early as their mid 30’s for others in their mid 40’s.  The reason for this is a loss of focusing ability (accommodation).   When we are children we have a much greater ability to focus our eyes at near…. perhaps as close as 1 – 2 inches.  As we reach our late 20’s that ability has reduced significantly… we may only be able to focus in to 7-9 inches.  For most of us around the age of 40… it has further reduced to what is a normal reading distance of 16 inches.’

‘What is it that causes this loss of focusing ability?  It used to be thought that the ciliary muscle (the muscle that surrounds the lens of the eye) over time becomes weaker… and therefore can not contract as much.   Normally, when the ciliary muscle contracts the crystalline lens gains power and allows us to focus when we read.  More recent research indicate that the loss of focusing ability has more to do with the loss of flexibility (as it stiffens) of the crystalline lens…’

To Continue in the next post

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