Day 139: Why is Mental Health Within the Education System Not a Human Right?

  • main-qimg-3394ef4740aa31074c0ce652c4be0b40Why is Mental Health Within the Education System Not a Human Right?  In fact, why is mental health not a guaranteed human right on it’s own? Because it cannot be guaranteed because no one in the medical field, government or any of the world systems knows/understands what is going on with the mind.   I am not talking about the quick swipe through of definitions, basically all that existed as part of  ‘health class’ , which was a section of physical education, when I went to high school in the 70’s.  It seemed so distant and remote, this is what bi-polar is , this is what paranoid is, this is what schizophrenia is…
  • Actually, in university I took a few psychology classes (not extensive) and that is pretty much what I experienced again!


Understanding the workings of one’s mind -thoughts/emotions/feelings- should be a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.  What are thoughts, where they come from, how are they made, what role does memory play, how does my mind effect my body, what could go wrong, what will it look like/feel like/sound like  if something should be ‘wrong’ with my mind, how will I experience myself  if something should go wrong with my mind?

Without this right, there is untold tragedy that occurs in every corner of the globe on a daily basis.  Mental illness is without boarders, it does not care where you live, what your religion is, how much money you have, what you look like or how old you are.  It drives many to suicide, addiction, abuse and causes anguish beyond belief for the sufferer and certainly, if there are children involved, it can and does devastate their lives as well.

  • There is a total lack of  understanding and thus explanation of the  human mind in primary school, middle school and high school, THEREFORE our children are ill prepared should they face any problem with their mind as a teenager/young adult. When this happens often a person will resort to drugs and/or alcohol to self-medicate, religion and/or spirituality for comfort and hope but this does not  support  them properly to heal themselves.  Doctors seem to want to only medicate and not provide a lasting solution within explaining to the patient what happened to them and how to solve/heal it 100 per cent. I realize there is support for a cognitive therapeutic approach, that many psychiatrist and psychologists offer to patients, with milder forms of mental illness, that does/can  help a person ‘manage’ their mind and thus life.  However, too often I still hear people say, ‘there is no cure for mental illness’ and this is simply a falsehood. What the medical field is really admitting to is they don’t understand the human mind! The very thing they are supposed experts in!
  • The closest form of decent education and open discussion I have witnessed is in recent times, with all the horrendous cyber bullying and teen suicides, is the increased awareness I have seen on the news and a discussions opening up within school support groups, of how youth are so vulnerable to verbal abuse on the internet.  I do see that the subject of mental health is less taboo than it was when I was young and when my parents were young, so that is a step in the right direction.

Canadian Mental Health Association:

Above is a link to a website with lots of cool links/information/ group support/help lines/testimonials and the sharing of stories of high school youth who have experienced mental illness in many forms, which is awesome BUT it doesn’t go far enough.


I had the unfortunate experience of living through a mental illness and I can tell you it was terrifying! I can also tell you it is not true that there is no cure. I have documented this in some detail within my blogs and vlogs: here is one vlog I did in 2011, I had just begun the Desteni I Process Course:

Basically, my experience was the result of, firstly, low self-esteem/not knowing how to honor myself as life worthwhile and so I put FEELINGS first and foremost as important  over my own well being & secondly, of not understanding how the mind operates. Can you imagine, our own minds, that are with us in every breath we take here on earth and we do not know how/why/what/when/where they operate. What I am referring to, as needed within our education system, is extensive detail and specificity as to the workings of the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind, obviously appropriately for the ages being taught. With this knowledge one is given the tools necessary to be the directive principal/force of the mind instead of the mind controlling us.

What occurred with me is all too common for many youth and adults-being pushed around by the ‘heart’/feelings of intense ‘love’/desire for another or entitlement-like ownership of another, whether it be a new person we meet or within a marriage (perhaps a stressful situation involving children and lack of money).

So, how it manifested for me was I obsessed a man (really I just transferred my obsession with my husband to another man after my marriage ended)  because I believed I was in love with him and it was ‘meant to be’ that we had met and we should be together for this lifetime. Much of this was due to me closely following my mind, which I believed was my ‘higher power’/god giving me messages and signs through dreams, writing music-like writing lyrics spontaneously, books I would come across and read, believing it was all a grand design for me to grab hold of, for us to be together, lol. Eventually, I could not distinguish my sub-conscious from my conscious/it all melded together and became constant, I could not stop thinking, the thoughts would just keep coming, I could not sleep, I could barely function. I was astounded, WTF is this?  But there was no one to ask, I did not feel safe to tell anyone for fear to lose my children. It was like my mind was talking back to me-saying ever more insane things, it was like there was someone or something else ‘in there’. So I heard voices inside my own mind, I’m sure if I had gone to a doctor they would have labelled me schizophrenic but I wanted none of that.  Eventually ‘the voices’ (which was my own mind) told me it would be best if I killed myself, I agreed as I could not sleep and saw no way out.  But then I found using meditation, to help stop the constant mind interference, and alcohol I was able to sleep. This combination did the trick, so over a few years I was actually quite stable/normal but this ‘life saver’ led to alcoholism and the continued reliance on a ‘higher power’/force greater than me outside of myself-as I had no other explanation.

During this period I often wondered Why did no one tell me this could happen, has it happened to others, no one knows this or talks about it, there is a whole bunch of information coming to me I should not know-like I have not ‘learned’ through school/reading but it is coming up, HOW is this possible, what kind of a horrible design is this-that is can so easily break/malfunction, what kind of supposed benevolent ‘god’ would design this, no wonder people think you’re crazy they don’t know what you’re experiencing!

You can read about how I have transcended this sick relationship with a ‘higher power’ here:

Day 16:  Spirituality As Mind Possession

Many people who hear voices do kill themselves, what a waste!  This did not have to happen to me and it does not have to happen to others! I am fortunate, I found Desteni but so many are alone, confused and in turmoil.  Today, I have ever more increasing stability and purpose in my life today, I do not drink (for 9 years now) or use any drugs.  Although AA (alcoholics anonymous) assisted me to stop drinking, it still encouraged the reliance on a ‘higher power’. Since my introduction to Desteni, which has provided me with a  detailed explanation of the working of my own mind, I do not use/have a belief in a higher power today, which is incredibly empowering as I stand on my own two feet and take responsibility for my every thought, word and deed.  This is how it should be and  is the direct result of all I have learned and continue to learn (an extensive process) within Desteni. I have more peace now that I have more understanding and I have no longer have fear of my mind and what I experienced.

To continue with solutions for this ongoing crisis  in the next blog


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