Day 140: Why is Mental Health Within the Education System Not a Human Right? 2

main-qimg-3394ef4740aa31074c0ce652c4be0b40Please read the previous post for context to this blog.

 From the previous post:  ‘Without this right, there is untold tragedy that occurs in every corner of the globe on a daily basis.  Mental illness is without boarders, it does not care where you live, what your religion is, how much money you have, what you look like or how old you are.  It drives many to suicide, addiction, abuse and causes anguish beyond belief for the sufferer and certainly, if there are children involved, it can and does devastate their lives.’

SOLUTION:     Education – Equal Money Wiki

An approach based upon prevention rather than treatment, which is managing a disease/disorder once it has already manifested, and thus treating the symptoms with drugs and various therapies. Certainly, if a disorder is already manifest, whatever will assist a being  to heal will be applied but this approach is but a temporary/band-aid solution to a complex and serious a problem facing our children and all human beings. It must be faced head on -no matter how ‘painful’ /perceived difficult or at what financial cost. Do we put a cost on human life, any life?  Well, sadly we do, but this does not mean we cannot change our supposed ‘nature’  from  greed, apathy and self-interest to one of true equality, from charity to equality, for all so no charity ever need exist again.


The Right to Mental Health Education starting in public school – mandatory courses starting in public school-to inform and educate all human beings about the intricate detail & specificity of the workings of/within the human mind, to understand the importance and proper use of words, as in how this shapes your mind and your life.

This starts with Parents so the same education to and for expecting parents  will be vital.

The following excerpt is from:

  • “The implementation of this new Educational Foundation will be done through the Equal Money System / Equal Money Capitalism in its initial phase wherein we will align the Education System in its entirety to become the fundamental process of support/ education and assistance for an individual to learn how to coexist with every other individual in Equality, this means:
  • In an Equal Money System, education is firstly designed around the principle that effective skills in mathematics, reading, communication, and, from as early an age as possible, understanding of the interdependent nature of the Human’s relationships with each other, Nature, and Animals, is a basic necessity that must be fulfilled for everyone.
  • Everyone will receive free and effective training in language, reading, and mathematics – the basic foundational skills that make it possible to effectively interact with one’s world. Prospective parents will receive training to ensure that they are fully capable of supporting their child’s development into a functionally effective Human.
  • In an Equal Money System, since one no longer has to learn skills associated with jobs designed around the profit interests of corporations in a consumer society, further skill development throughout the course of one’s adolescent years will instead be focused around developing a full understanding of how the world works, what skills one is best suited to and enjoys the most, as well as exploring social life.”

Here is part of the  Equal Life Foundation’s Bill of Rights  dedicated to Education

5. An Equal Education Right that supports every individual in his or her pursuit of excellence and fulfillment of potential, supporting intellectual development and practical applications thereof to contribute their lives as relevant to a sustainable Earth that enhances Life for all participants.

Equal Life Foundation


The Sixth Fundamental Human Right is Education which is the Way with which the current Division is Created on Earth and How the Justification of the Abuse of Human Rights are in Fact Done. Education is What Creates the Human as it is Now, that Creates what is Now called ‘Human Nature’. But, in fact, the Nature of the Human is that: the Human can be Educated and this Education, Fundamentally, must be Based on What is Best for All – considering the Human Rights Equally for all; thus Producing an Understanding, From Birth, on How to Coexist on a Planet with Limited Resources, yet We are All Here.

Thus, it is a Violation to Allow Education to take place in a way that Justify Abuse in any way whatsoever, because it is a Known Fact that the Human will Become the Result of their Education. This is in fact Used and Abused Extensively by Those that Benefit from Being in Charge of the Education of the Human through Media, Education (Schools and Universities), Religions, Entertainment, Consumerism; as All the Systems that Now Educate and Manipulate the Human – simply Do So in Violating the Most Basic Human Rights, Justifying Why these Human Rights are Apparently ‘Not Valid’ and that the Only Valid Human Right, currently, is Profit, Ownership and Master-Slavery Relationships – all kinds of things that is in No way Actual Practical Human Rights or Fit in with the Very Nature of the Human being as a Physical Being.

DAY 362: Human Rights and the Equal Life Foundation

Course suggestions:

Love and Obsession: If you can’t stop thinking about this person, does it mean you love them?  What thoughts/imaginings are coming up within you? Why are these thoughts coming up?  How can you stop thinking about this person?

Love after the energy high wears off:  What is love really?

Sex and Obsession

Porn on the Internet

When should you have sex

Marriage and sex

Marriage and money


*The gradual/eventual end of suicides and murders due to ‘hearing voices’ in ones mind in which the being believes they are doing the ‘right thing’/’what god/the voice said I should do’

*Better decision making for our children as they understand how/why certain feelings/thoughts come up within the mind so they can detach and examine all possibilities in a calm manner

*Less stress for our children during the vulnerable years of growth/schooling as they have the tools to understand how/why certain thoughts/overwhelming feeling arise ie. exam time, a sexual/love interest, feelings of competition, feelings of inadequacy, fear of rejection, fear about sexual orientation

*Less and eventually no drug and alcohol abuse within schools, as it is often the lack of understanding of  ‘how we feel’ that one turns to an outside substance to suppress what is too difficult to deal with, so they will have the tools to deal with/face what comes up in the mind.




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