Day 141: ‘Impossible’ Taking Responsibility for my Relationship to Words

542768_450013785068518_1404026824_nThe next word I will examine and deconstruct, in relation to my eyesight is ‘impossible’. Interesting word on many fronts, it is actually an end point, a final bowing out, an admission stating, ‘I am powerless to change this’ , like a death.  Only thing is, when I hang on to the belief that x is impossible within my ‘story of Sandy’, meaning my mind of thought/feelings/emotions, I am thrust into relating to the word from ‘her perspective’ and this is my relationship to the word-thus it is wrought with helplessness, hopelessness, disempowerment. It is basically a giving up,  like a permission to give up because x is impossible after all, no point trying you will fail.  Who says?  The past says so, memories  say so, information and knowledge from school and books says so,  the intellectual says so , the elite and corporation and government says so.

Apparently,  it is quite acceptable, in today’s world, to wash your hands of any and all responsibility to any breakdown of the human body, including ones eyes as I am facing here, as it is god/the way it is /the circle of life/the universe/whatever and not in fact ourselves–as part of that ‘force’ one gives all power to. Well, if that force/god encompasses all,  ARE WE NOT PART OF THAT ‘ALL’?   Yup, so why do we abdicate our responsibility?  That is all I am doing here, removing blame and self-pity and beginning a process of investigation.

Oh, it is ok to hope…yes that ‘s catchy and allows me be a compliant and complacent slave, to exist within the current construct of this world and its systems BUT do not take your hope to a loud stage (unless you are running for office, lol)  just do not let your hope manifest into any action/deed that will threaten the way we exist in/as a profit driven society today. So ‘hope’ quietly please.

So, within the finality of the word ‘impossible’ I must face it as an end, a death, so the end of ‘the story of Sandy’. This requires giving up the mind absolutely, as I have been using /participating as and within it (consciousness) throughout my entire life. Quite an extensive process, to say the least, from consciousness to awareness and is what I and several others are busy with, within the  JTL blogging and the Desteni I Process course.

It is spring and all around I see small green sprouts, buds coming slowly but surely on the large oaks, new blades of grass pushing through the surface of the soft earth. REBIRTH IS ALL AROUND but I will approach this rebirth from a new starting point, one of  expansion, a re-substantiating what is already here, a re-building/reconstituting  AS ALL IS SUBSTANCE ONE AND EQUAL, GOING ROUND AND ROUND  so why not see if we can change the existing relationship and learn to work together with substance-each particle/cell/molecule as that is all/what you are, a universe of cells within, a universe of planets without, moving in/as an agreed upon sequence/pattern BUT without awareness of each other as life-yes individual but together making up the whole.

Within this exercise/experiment I realize, there is no failure, the failure would be to not stand up, to not walk through a process of self-exploration-point by point as everything is built this way/follows a pattern this way,  for myself and all as myself, to begin the journey of working with my eyes to restore their function and functionality to that of optimal operating ability, so the eyes are able to remain in focus throughout ones life.

To continue, deconstucting the word ‘impossible’ within the thought:  ‘This is useless, I am being a fool again, I cannot heal my eyes, it’s impossible!’




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