Day 143: ‘Impossible’ Taking Responsibility for my Relationship to Words 3

487786_4640651691Please read the previous 2 posts for context to this blog .   From Day 141:  The next word I will examine and deconstruct, in relation to my eyesight is ‘impossible’. Interesting word on many fronts, it is actually an end point, a final bowing out, an admission stating, ‘I am powerless to change this’ , like a death.  Only thing is, when I hang on to the belief that x is impossible within my ‘story of Sandy’, meaning my mind of thought/feelings/emotions, I am thrust into relating to the word from ‘her perspective’ ,so this then becomes  my relationship to the word-thus it is wrought with helplessness, hopelessness, dis-empowerment. It is basically a giving up,  like a permission to give up because x is impossible after all, no point trying you will fail.  Who says?  The past says so, memories  say so, information and knowledge from school and books says so,  the intellectual says so , the elite and corporation and government says so…

Self-Commitment Statements and Self-Corrective Application Statements

Thought Dimension: 

 The Thought  ‘This is useless, I am being a fool again, I cannot heal my eyes, it is impossible!’

When and as I see myself going into/participating within this thought pattern around the word ‘impossible’ I immediately stop myself and bring my awareness back to the physical, to breath, as I now understand within the forgiving I am gifting myself in a spontaneous act to be possible, as in for-before and giving-giving to myself, and so state, ‘no more do I allow my awareness, my who I am, to be defined within/as such a word, as I am in a process of changing impossible to possible within changing the governing principals of the eye, which controls  the flexibility of the crystalline lens, from diminishment to expansion/correction, in every here moment.

Fear Dimension:

When and as I see myself reacting within/as fear around the word ‘impossible’, fearing the total/partial loss of my eyesight, I stop myself and state, ‘No, I will not go into a reaction of fear’ and I breathe and focus what is real, here within the physical as I now realize the fear in itself  is quite useless (in this case) as it does not change reality, I do not know if my eyes/physical will respond ‘in kind’ to this process-whether I will ‘succeed’ – but either way I am learning/expanding my understanding of myself as a physical unit made up of billions of  parts (organs/cells/tissue/blood/etc.) and we are ‘in this together’ and so an increased awareness will/is occurring, which can only be beneficial.

Imagination Dimension:

When and as I see myself going into my mind of imagination around  the word ‘impossible’, with all it’s relationships and associations of failure/catastrophe/giving up/loss of eyesight/aging, I pull myself out of my mind of moving pictures and back down to earth, get grounded, I  feel my feet on the ground and take a deep breath reminding myself I am a physical being, as I now understand nothing changes when I am lost in my mind of imagination/moving pictures, I am putting myself forward in time or back in time and not here where my life is, I cannot effectively direct myself within my day/move/get things done  when I ‘m lost in thought/imagination.  In that , I also realize  when I imagine something as impossible, I am instructing  all of the cells within my physical body and of my eyes the same-impossible- as we are all parts of the same unit, lastly, I now understand I have created a relationship of finality around this word/an end point and I commit to say ‘no’ to this association and to move myself within my day and my world, to create a world of equality and cooperation within, as my mind/body/beingness, and without as in the world systems, to create a new world system that is best for all, through Equal Money Capitalism.




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