Day 145: Is Philanthropy Evil? Equal Health Care Should Be A Basic Human Right

23344_10151355160758076_587894574_nPROBLEM:  Is Philanthropy Evil?

Philanthropy, according to one definition is : the  altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes.

I was watching 60 minutes Sunday evening, a U.S. television show offering investigative reports, which did a story on a well known American billionaire. He has amassed such an over-the-top fortune during his life, estimated 67 billion dollars, that he decided some years ago to dedicate his life to acts of charity/philanthropy.

The show focused on his quest to eliminate various diseases in third world countries, through the development of vaccines, within the next 10-20 years as well as the invention of a thermos that will keep a vaccine “alive” so it can be delivered and administered to a population, in remote areas/where  typically it is difficult to reach a large number of people, who are in need.

So, the problem with this is twofold:

* 1.   It is not questioned that this need of philanthropy should exist in the first place. There was no guarantee that this ‘good and generous’ person would appear on the horizon, or that another one will when he is gone, so what then? Would this thermos have been invented had this man not made his personal fortune?  Isn’t that like playing God?  Would there be an agenda in place, as there is now, to conquer these diseases with new vaccines by 2020, without this man’s money?  Why don’t we all have the same dedication and quest?  Do we not care or is it lack of money, therefore resources, to reach the solutions that this man is able to?  Why do we leave it to luck, a spin of the wheel, that ‘the bottom 2 billion’ (as this person describes the population that most requires these vaccines) should suffer unnecessarily from disease and die?

The answer is both, it is our preoccupation with self-interest (for ourselves our families)  and survival AND our lack of money, that we do not address this issue but leave it up to this larger than life, super- sized, character/person and his charitable/non-profit organization.  Money moves things, gets that job done and he’s got it.

* 2.  All his efforts and money will not eradicate the problem because the root of the problem is not addressed within the philanthropic acts.

At the core of these issues is INEQUALITY. I do not know why this person and his foundation do not address the root/cause of these vast problems-millions dying each year of preventable diseases. I do know, in order to stop/solve this massive scale murder, I say murder because we are accepting and allowing it to occur and most of the deaths through disease in’ third world’ nations (we are all one nation, earth) are preventable.  Thus they are treating the symptom, even though one could consider a vaccine a prevention, a new strain or disease could emerge at any time in the future, once he has passed on,will his foundation continue with the same zest/conviction he has demonstrated or be as effective or exist at all ?  No guarantee, just another gamble. So he is not actually focusing on a prevention that will last, be effective whether he is here or not, it is but a temporary fix, another band-aid solution. This foundation is not empowering the population, in an absolute way, to guarantee a  solution. There is no equality in the solution.  The area is still wrought will problems of poverty, lack of clean water, remoteness to major centers and lack of transport, lack of education for the children and university opportunities for the youth, it goes on and on.

Is it evil to help a baby live but then leave it in poverty?

This foundation/philanthropist currently exists in a very small bubble, as he has the money to gather ‘the best’ scientists to work on his projects and invent what is required to deliver and administer effective vaccines. However, on his team are but a few of the talented individuals in the world, who have had the good fortune-again luck-to be born into a family who could afford to give them a university education, provide a healthy upbringing/home environment, etc. and so a number of things fell into place for  these few people to one day become a member of this philanthropic force.

IMAGINE how many of this ‘bottom 2 billion’ ,whom they are saying they are doing this philanthropic work on behalf , given the opportunity, are also capable-have the natural ability /talent to become scientists, invent the next great idea, contribute to the betterment of humanity, ‘discover’ a new cure/vaccine. Undoubtedly, many!  But they will never have the opportunity to find out.

Is it evil to present yourself, and your small army of saviors, to these villages with a magic thermos and vaccines but not provide them/all the village with the same opportunity for their children to ‘shine’ in a occupation area/to excel and invent/create/expand as a human being?

Presenting EMC  (Equal Money Capitalism) as the Solution in the next post. And answering the question, ‘Is Philanthropy Evil?’

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