Day 146: Is Philanthropy Evil? Equal Health Care Should Be A Basic Human Right 2



The solution is a new system of governance, with the starting point of equality, an Equal Money System, which will include within it’s bill of rights-Human Rights Bill- equal health care for ALL human beings on earth.

Is philanthropy evil if there is a solution?  I would have to conclude yes it is, but we are all responsible. No one can point the finger, we must all stand up and create a new system/human rights that are best for all, and not just some.  We know inequality is evil and yet we ignore it. We allow the devil and the angel within us to tug and pull, we know there is a war going on both within us and without-just watch your nightly news.  Yet we continue to allow the polarities of rich/poor to exist, as we justify our societies by pointing out the ‘good work’ and ‘good nature’ of the few well meaning billionaires, “See, we aren’t so bad, he’s helping them , those poor poor people over there, I would too if I had that kind of money, but I’ll just let him do the ‘helping'” And we turn our backs on unspeakable suffering and death.

The problem of preventable death from disease in ‘third world’ nations must be tackled at its root-Inequality.  Therefore, the foundation of the system needs to change to one of EQUALITY. Within an Equal Money system IT WILL BE  A HUMAN RIGHT TO PROVIDE  THE SAME AVAILABLE  HEALTH CARE TO ALL, WHICH WOULD INCLUDE VACCINES, EQUIPMENT, CLEAN WATER so that human life/health is not dependent upon the ‘good nature’ of one philanthropic ka-billionaire!

I mean, is it not a little egotistical to be looking like a savior to these people and the world at large, ‘look at what I can do’…instead of ‘how can I use this money to improve the lives all human beings? How can this foundation be the beginning of changing the system-create a world wide health care system -for all to always have access to the best available information/technology/research/education/treatment. How can we ensure/guarantee this?’

There is only one way I know of, through the power of democracy, one man one vote.  So, the question to ask, if I was this multi-billionaire foundation, is ‘how can we use our money AS A FORCE of change for the betterment of human kind?’  Sure, continue with the preventative vaccine development and treatment, BUT at the same time dig out and remove forever the Root Causes of these problems.

Simply providing a vaccine, without considering the quality of life one is leaving behind is irresponsible.  I understand one organization cannot do everything and that the intentions are benevolent, I also understand that they are providing support and assistance to villages/communities in areas that would otherwise not receive it so it is ‘better than nothing’ at this point/time.  What is perplexing, however, is if this philanthropic organization is so brilliant (the head is considered a genius in his field)  then why do they not see short coming in this approach.  Sure, continue on the path of getting these vaccines out to the people who need them and the research to develop new vaccines for other diseases BUT at the same time why not put your money-ALOT of money-you have at your disposal into assuring  this never happens again, that ALL people, always, are assured the best possible healthcare/vaccines as a Basic Human Right.

With all the available resources that money provides, why does this foundation and it’s members not  consider an new economic approach as a foundation to change the world?

Thus , we propose a new Bill of Rights, under a new Economic system, EMC, Equal Money Capitalism.

From :   The Equal Life Foundation  Bill of Rights :

1. An Equal Economic Right that insures that all financial needs are accessible and available to ensure that the fundamental requirements of a healthy and fulfilling life can be realized and manifested.
2. An Equal Health Right that provides all essentials to building strong physical embodiments, insuring vitality and well-being along with clarity of intellect, emotional balance and physical stability….
5. An Equal Education Right that supports every individual in his or her pursuit of excellence and fulfillment of potential, supporting intellectual development and practical applications thereof to contribute their lives as relevant to a sustainable Earth that enhances Life for all participants.

Review the Full Document Here:

Healthcare will become that which supports life

Healthcare will become something that will actually support life and not merely the economic system or individual corporations, not the ego/pleasures of (a select few) men. Healthcare will support the physical body and the human-being as the measurable support that is required to be able to practically and effectively function within this physical-reality we all share. Isn’t that what healthcare is all about in the first place, to support the physical to so support the Human-Being within and as effective living in this world? Obviously, disease on earth will start to diminish and eventually start to disappear, because the attention given to the physical – both through ourselves in ‘who we are’ within as well as through external, actual real support and assistance as Health¬care – will be effective. Equal Healthcare, for All as One – with Equal Money and equal consideration of each individual and life as a whole.


*Researchers and scientists, as beings who are interested in investigating illnesses and finding cures, will be given all the time, space and opportunity to experiment and ‘look outside the box’
*Health Care will be available for all equally. No person will get more Health care than another
*Research will no longer be dependent on a set outcome based on profit
*the existence of diseases such as cancer, that occurs quite often in people, will be looked at from every angle as time and money will no longer be an issue
*Money will not be the motivation or set back of Health Care in an Equal Money System and therefore there will be no limitations to the possibilities for research and development.
*All research Equipment will be available as required
*all research will be done by the highest qualified people

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