Day 150: Changing my Relationship to the Word Creator 4

tim-jones-3_thumbPlease read the previous three posts, day 147/148/149, for context to this blog.

So, how do I practically walk the change/the solution, being a new relationship, one of total responsibility , within the word ‘creator’?

Self-Corrective Statements and Self-Corrective Application:

When and as I see myself existing from the starting point of separation to/with the word ‘creator’ , as in something outside of myself did this/is responsible for this/did this to me/manifest this/caused this, I stop, I breathe and bring my awareness back to the physical as I now see/realize/understand there is an inter-connectedness to all things and an inter-dependancy within all things so I am no more and no less a /the creator than any other being/thing is the creator, in oneness and equality.

When and as I see myself connecting words and polarities in association to the word ‘creator’ I stop myself and pull myself back to the physical with breath as I now see/realize/understand I do not require to be all in awe of something as nature is simply expressing itself and I can in common sense enjoy that expression, I do not need to mystify and justify what exists within the cycles of life and death or within the world systems, physical reality as it currently exists is what it is, for the moment until we can together and individually change/alter  things so they exist within what is best for all.

When and as I see myself going into self-blame/punishment/judgement, based on the past, in relation to animal abuse in the make-up industry, my lack of understanding of the human mind and how this affected my children and my lack of awareness of the inequality that has existed around me, I stop and breathe, I remind myself, ‘No, I refuse to participate in such thoughts, it is useless to hold self-blame within me as I did the best I could with the information I had at the time, and am now walking  a process of self-correction to take responsibility’.

When and as I see myself thinking I can’t let go of my ‘comfort’ as in ‘this is too hard to face each day’ (becoming the creator of my inner and outer world- in the process of daily writing /DIP)  I stop and breathe and state clearly, ‘Stop, I no longer find it acceptable to engage in such self-talk and such thoughts. I no longer allow these kind of self-sabotaging thoughts to control me/make decisions for me, I stand firm in knowing who I am, and in what I am facing in this moment and I direct myself to continue/follow through this task to completion.’

When and as I see myself fearing ‘The Creator’ as a god or my father (he created me biologically in a sense) or some other male authority figure, I stop and breathe and remind myself I am the authority in/of my life, as the author, as the directive force-that is in fact moving me in each moment-that is what is real /in reality here and the rest is memories, imagination, information from books and movies-so ALL mind participation! I no longer accept such mind memories to control who and what I am and tell me what to do and what to think, directing me to go into fear and thus become frozen-not moving and therefore not growing/expanding/becoming, and I direct myself to participate/give as I would like to receive/share with all in my world.

When and as I see myself fearing the ‘creator’, as in an outside source, is going to take my life away/reject me/find me unacceptable, therefore, I will DIE, I stop and take a deep breath and bring myself back down to earth and out of the mind, as I now see/realize/understand the only person /most important person I need approval and acceptance from is ME!  The most important relationship I need to focus on-the one I have not focused on- is the relationship with myself, what do I find acceptable? This is what I require to check/reference in a moment that requires decision making/direction. I have common sense and can trust myself to assess a situation clearly/accurately and /or ask for assistance when I need it, therefore I do not require the ‘approval’ from a supposed ‘male authority figure’.

I also realize, I cannot continue the blame game, as in giving my power away to ‘ fear of death’  or a man-who I label an ‘authority figure’ in my mind- and beLIEving an outside source can ‘do this to me‘.  When the truth is, it is me not wanting the responsibility of life and death for myself, and all as me, so I can back away, stay silent, blame and remain victimized,  doing nothing to assist and support the many millions who are suffering extensive abuse in this world. I will have to face death one day, as all others will, and wasting my time fearing it is useless and I cannot be here enjoying/participating in LIFE if I am busy fearing/thinking about death all the time.

To continue

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The Natural Learning ability of the Physical Dissected
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The Natural Learning ability of the Physical Dissected
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The Natural Learning ability of the Physical Dissected
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