Day 158: Greedy Canadian Banking CEOs Salaries: from 7 to 15 MILLION

insatiably-greedy-banks ‘The National’, a nightly newscast in Canada, reported last evening  a fact that shook me -and I hope others- 30 years ago the Canadian Banks CEO’s earned 20 times the average Canadians annual incomeTODAY the Canadian Bank’s CEO’s earn 200 times the average Canadian’s annual income!  What??  Isn’t anybody outraged.  Actually, the question is why isn’t everyone outraged? Because some are, as the story reported, others say, ‘Well, they earned it’. I disagree.
Canadian bankers were among some of the highest-paid banking executives in North America last year, with three in the Top 10, according to a new list compiled by Bloomberg Markets magazine.  In all, six Canadian bank CEOs were in the Top 20, led by the Royal Bank of Canada’s Gordon Nixon, who came in at No. 4.
I don’t get it, how do we justify this kind of economic divide?!
Well, I heard one justification last night, on the same news cast (the link to the story was not working) in which a financial analyst said Canada did not suffer as much as the U.S. within economic hardship/consequences in the last recession, 2007-2009. Supposedly, this hardship was diverted due to the suave of Canadian banking CEO’s, as in their great powers of foresight and strategy.  The leading cause of that recession was the housing bubble crash (subprime mortgage crisis) and subsequent bailouts of several financial institutions.
Ok, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, let’s say it was a bit of business common sense mixed with some luck, nonetheless, it is their JOB!  We all-most able bodied adults-work in some capacity or another in service to make the world/country function within some stability. So, whether it be serving a coffee or passing a bill in the House of Commons, it is each person’s responsibility to complete their job related tasks to the best of their ability, on a daily basis. For that, each (should) receive some financial compensation so they can operate/function within their home and provide for their families.  It is that simple, no more, no less, we as physical beings, move about completing tasks each day, mostly it is a repeating of several small, basic, tasks which, over time creates and maintains various systems so our lives are comfortable. This is the minimum each needs and deserves.  It is only the mind-the human mind- that’s starts complicating it from that point of simplicity, adding:  opinions, emotions (such as greed) ideas (such as ‘better than/superior’) self-interest, family loyalty, order of importance (hierarchy)!  But we can all see, as physical human beings , we are here equally.
Let us not kid ourselves, these bankers as well as receiving a salary of 7-1o-15  million in 2012, had a little money to start with, vast fortunes to be exact, multi-millions of dollars we’re talking, before their outrages 2012 salary.
Are they spending it/spreading it far and wide for the good of all?  No, they are saving it= hoarding it to build equity/power/increase their empires , as they know too well, money is power and control in this world, and this makes them ‘feel safe’ so they are never never part of the 99%, serving that cup of coffee for $10 an hour.
BTW,   if you received a salary of 10 million last year, that works out to $5,000.00  AN HOUR VERSUS $10.00 AN HOUR (MINIMUM WAGE MANY RECEIVE  in Canada).
This exurpt is taken from ‘The Disabled Women’s Network’ :

“2. How many people work at the minimum wage?

…In 2000, approximately 1.2 million workers in Ontario (Canada) were in jobs that paid less than a poverty-level wage. Given the lax enforcement of employment standards laws, there are undoubtedly many workers who are paid less that the minimum wage.

3. Who is most disadvantaged by a low minimum wage?

Women, immigrants and visible minorities are over-represented in Ontario’s low-wage workforce. In 1999, women represented 60% of all workers earning below poverty level wages. 31% of visible minorities and 41% of recent immigrants are forced to work in jobs that pay less than poverty level wages. However, a low minimum wage affects everyone by undercutting wages generally.”

So, how are these HUGE salaries beneficial to the world and human beings at large? They aren’t!  They only serves to increase the divide /equity gap between the rich and poor through the accepted practices of capitalism, causing political unrest -war, causing abuse of the animal kingdom and environment-through consumerism, causing mental illnesses-through financial stresses , causing homelessness-through unemployment and low incomes, crime, great tragedy in the the small and large of the lives of billions of human beings on this planet.  It is sickening.
This quote,  taken from ‘Creations journey to Life’, illustrates what I am talking about,
‘Many has Justified that “It is Okay to be part of the 1% that Controls Everything, because You Would’ve Done it As Well if You Were in Their Position” all Paranoid Justifications …because Wealth Gives you the Power to Have Control Over other Humans and Make Them Your Slave and you have Justified this form of Losing as ‘Acceptable,’ because Apparently you are Earning your Bread by ‘the Sweat of your Brow’ and you Will Justify through Your Losing Thought that you have Done it through Hard Work: No You Haven’t, you have Done it by Manipulating Other Humans into Submission and you were Just a Better Loser as Thinker – and now you have Power because You can Starve Others Through Money ‘If They Don’t Do What You Tell Them to Do’
There is a solution, a new system, with a new starting point as it’s foundation ,  a system based on principals of equality, an Equal Money System.
Please investigate:  Equal Money Wiki here:
And the Equal Life Foundation : Bill of Rights here:

Take Responsibility for what is HERE as this world, within AND without:  


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