Day 159: ‘All or Nothing’ Thinking of the Paranoid Alcoholic

viaweheartitcom31950636PROBLEM:    The ‘All or Nothing’ Thinking of the Paranoid Alcoholic

This blog series will focus on alcoholism but it is equally written for the social and heavy drinker.  Alcohol, any alcohol is not suggested/recommended as, it may quiet the mind/relax one for a short period of time, but the ‘coming down’ /hangover part, after one sobers up, is often, and increasingly filled with paranoid thinking and extreme feelings (ie. depression)  so is simply not ‘worth’ the quick high and definitely not ‘best for all’ when considering mankind/human beings as a whole. Within these blogs, abstinence is recommended.

To qualify, I drank alcoholically for approximately 10 years and have been sober now for 9 years. I still face paranoid thoughts/thought patterns each day but now I know what they are and what to do about it!

What comes first the paranoid or the alcoholic?  Well, alcohol is but a symptom. You, as in ones thinking, existed here first and you reach out to alcohol to stop the constant inner chatter and thus medicate/alleviate  how your feeling. Therefore, the paranoia came first and the alcohol simply brings it to the forefront even more.

One of the problems with ‘all or nothing’/extreme thinking is that it is always an end point like, ‘Screw him, I’m going to find my own apartment and move out, I’m not going to speak to her anymore, I just won’t have family dinners anymore, I give up, I can’t do this, why should I bother trying, I’m not smart enough so why am I torturing myself?’…etc.

There are consequences to such thinking, including;  tension within your relationships, , lack of communication leading to relationship breakdown or possible estrangement of those you love/care about. As well, physical body changes caused by the emotions that are brought on by the extreme thinking, as in anxiety and stress, which can cause all sorts of aches and pains and eventually compromise your physicality to the point of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. So this is no joke, such thinking needs to be stopped, examined and corrected!  This is a process of course and requires patience and perserverance.  There is much support for this within the Desteni I Process Course and FREE DIP LITE , course.

Another problem with extreme thinking is that it feeds upon itself/ has a life of it’s own, and is not based in reality!  What do I mean by that? Firstly, as one follows the first thought as, say a sentence or a picture that comes up, you access all sorts of memories from your past as experiences, like there is a data base of memories/thoughts/feelings to choose from that connect/relate to that first thought and there you go, you are in full robot mode, an automatic organic robot, one thought after another. THIS IS ACTUALLY A MIND POSSESSION, YOU ARE NO LONGER IN REALITY-AS HERE AS A PHYSICAL BEING BUT YOU ARE LOST IN YOUR MIND OF THE PAST-you are being fed thought and after thought and just reacting to them. You are no longer the directive force/directive principal of you, acting from the present moment in reality.  In this reactive mode you can make all sorts of decisions that can harm you and others.  For example, with an ‘all or nothing’ reaction of blame, a thought arises, then you feel your heart start to race and a feeling of  indignation arise within your solar plexes, which may bring on an energy of excitement , like , ‘Yes! there you go I am right, they are wrong’ and you get ‘all worked up’ in self-righteousness.  This is but one example, of course.

aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRnRpbnRhdGlvbi5jb20lMkZ3cC1jb250ZW50JTJGdXBsb2FkcyUyRmFtYXppbmctaW1hZ2VzLWdyYXBoaWNzJTJGaHVtYW5vaWQtcm9ib3QuanBnAnd it is at this point the active alcoholic justifies running to the liquor store. The thinking could go something like this, ‘I dislike X, she hurt me, I’m right to blame, I know I am right and feel a little better about it but this really hurt so I’ll allow myself to have a few drinks, I feel so much better about all of this situation already and I know I should/can trust my feelings, no one will know.’

But you cannot trust your paranoid thoughts and subsequent feelings in this case, as you were not in reality, you were delusional, in an extreme reaction of ‘all or nothing’ thinking

Reaching out for a bottle is but a temporary and quick fix, the lack of the alcoholic to ‘postpone gratification’, to act like a child and want a sweet treat as a reward for going through something they perceive was painful/difficult.

The IMPORTANT questions are:

NOT why can you not delay gratification BUT  why do you need gratification/a reward ?  

NOT why can you not ‘deal with your past and your emotions/feelings in a healthy way’  BUT why do you need to access emotions and memories ?

IS THIS WHO WE ARE? A COLLECTION OF MEMORIES? Or are we here as life, responsible as life?

The answer as the SOLUTION to follow

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