Day 166: HFU: I Am Responsibe for my Relationship to Words: Healing Your Eyes

aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRmluZ3JpZHNjaGFlZmVyMS5maWxlcy53b3JkcHJlc3MuY29tJTJGMjAxMyUyRjA2JTJGNjgyZTEtMzgzODM2XzI3OTA4NDE2ODgwODk2NV8xNzU2OTgzMjI0ODA4ODRfOTA3MjE2XzE2MDgyOTc4MzNfbi5qcGclM0Z3JTNEMjY2JTI2aCUzRDMyMA==In this post I am continuing my series on A HFU (A Healthy Functioning Unit), in which I am in a process of  taking back responsibility for/as each part of my body, to create physical equality and oneness as what is best for all life.  Thus bringing each body part back to optimal function and functionality, operating in cooperation so ensuring the health of the entire body, each part relying upon the other.

Within the DIP course, I am in the process of becoming the living word, therefore I must take responsibility for my relationships and associations to the words I speak/how I live words.  I was quite shocked the first time I read (within the vast amounts of Desteni material) that words are indeed alive!  Whoa…what?  What does that mean?  Well, it means what we speak/think matters, the words have a life/awareness of their own!  Thus, we require  to put a guard in front of our mouths and our minds (as the words we speak internally, within the secret mind) and consider the inter-connectedness of all of things, people, animals, plants, indeed all that exist.

I chose the eyes, as the first point of  investigation to walk, within this massive task ahead. Specifically the need/requirement to use magnifying lenses/reading glasses to focus at close ranges, once a person has reached ‘middle age’.  (I have also worn regular glasses since a child but not yet looking at that point).  I am 52 years old and have needed reading glasses for about 5 years.

The following quote is taken from:

“After age 40, and most noticeably after age 45, the human eye is affected by presbyopia. This natural condition results in greater difficulty maintaining a clear focus at a near distance with an eye that sees clearly far away.  Presbyopia is caused by a lessening of flexibility of the crystalline lens, as well as to a weakening of the ciliary muscles which control lens focusing.  Both are attributable to the aging process.”

Ok, cool, but why and what does that mean?  Why does the author say presbyopia is a natural condition, it did not exist when we were born or as a child. In fact, our focusing ability at age 5 is 2.5 inches and by the time we are 50, my age, it is 15.7 inches!  Why is this depletion considered natural, why is a state of harm considered natural instead of a condition of harmony and why are we just accepting this as true/inevitable, who said so, God?!  Unfortunately, God does not seem to be doing anything to reduce the disease and suffering on earth, so we had better stand up ourselves.  Our medical and scientific communities today do not really answer questions/offer solutions for correction of disease and a return to optimal health.  When a part  is already damaged/diseased, they simply treats it as best they can.  (Note: this is not a criticism, there are many sincere/dedicated medical professionals in this world, whom I am grateful for, I am merely stating an observation).

The following explains the processes of accommodation, which is responsible for the focusing of the eye at varying distances, from the link:

“The job of ciliary muscles is to control the shape of the crystalline lens.  The ciliary body lies just behind the iris.  When the ciliary body contracts, the zonules relax.  As a result, the crystalline lens goes thicker. This enables the eye to focus up at a closer distance. When the eye is looking far, the ciliary body relaxes. As a result, the zonules go contracted. As the zonules contract, the crystalline lens goes thinner.The eye gets focused to look far.Thus the crystalline lens changes its shape according to the distance the eye is trying to look at, and adjusts its focal length for close or distance vision.This is what is called the accommodation of the eye for distant or near vision.”


Credit: Dr. Ted M. Montgomery

So just like using the reading glasses or a magnify glass, the thicker ‘accommodated’ crystalline lens is needed when  focusing at a close distance. Very cool.

I am finding in my research, one thing leads to another within the eye and thus entire physical body, as it is all part of one unit in fact, and is therefore inter-dependent upon each part for the health/functioning of the whole.  Therefore,  I will-for now- do my self-forgiveness, as one and equal to/with those parts of the eye most directly responsible for the lack focus ability-the crystalline lens, the ciliary muscle and the zonules,  with the goal that we create new relationship, one of strength and harmony and together be/become the living word in fact.

To continue




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