Day 168: Healing Your Eyes: Living A New Relationship to Words 3

541882_10151336939448076_268580622_nPlease refer to Day 166 and Day 167 for proper context to this blog.  From day 166:  In this post I am continuing my series on A HFU (A Healthy Functioning Unit), in which I am in a process of  taking back responsibility for/as each part of my body, to create physical equality and oneness as what is best for all life…I chose the eyes, as the first point of  investigation to walk, within this massive task ahead. Specifically the need/requirement to use magnifying lenses/reading glasses to focus at close ranges, once a person has reached ‘middle age’

NOTE: I will apply self-commitment/self-corrective application statements  as the specific parts of the eye themselves, so speaking as that part, so as to take full responsibility-no separation.

When and as I see myself, as the ciliary muscle, participating in the design of depletion, with a beginning and an end, seeing myself as unimportant to the whole unit -within as the eye and human body- and without as the human race – I stop and remind myself that my part is vital to the whole and there is no excuse for weakening/breaking down in any way, as I realize if I allow my part to fail I am allowing the whole unit to fail.

When and as I see myself, as the ciliary muscle,  thinking it is wrong to question the design/dna coding of my  fibers/veins/tissue/cells-when I am coded to start diminishing in my effectiveness/strength, I stop. I remind myself  we (all parts of the human body) are the directive authority in this situation and nothing else is responsible, therefore it is imperative to gain back the muscle strength to contract and relax so as to supports the crystalline lens to gain power-become accommodated- which is the ability to focus at closer ranges .

When and as I see myself, as the ciliary muscle having caused or causing difficulty for the physical body to see and function within daily tasks such as reading, viewing television/movies, using the internet, dressing, driving, etc. I stop and remind myself I am responsible for providing clear/perfect eyesight as a part of the entire eye unit to function and thus I commit to the process of a new relationship from diminishment to expansion/repair/correction, from separation to agreement within each part, as what is best for all life.

When and as I see myself, as the crystalline lens, abusing the authority that I am responsible for, through loss of flexibility and functionality so I am not able to be accommodated (thickened), I stop and remind myself to walk toward correction, whatever is required to repair the lens so it once again has the flexibility to focus at close ranges. Thus I commit to the process of repair, breath by breath, moving with the physical as one and equal life here, as it was damaged/depleted over time, through the misuse of the mind as energy, I commit to  reverse this effect and realize it will also take time. I remind myself to be patient and courageous, breathing through and forgiving self-doubt, and so to create a new relationship based on self-trust, a relationship of  harmony and no longer of harm.

When and as I see myself  beLIEving someone or something else outside of myself is going to fix this problem, as in a god/higher power, I stop as I now realize this is fantasy and existing as/in hope, just an idea, and I am not an idea but life here, thus I commit to the process of reconstiution/healing the crystalline lens, regaining the flexibility I have lost through abdicating my responsibility and authority as life.

When and as I see myself  believing I am part of a story line/a seed that unfolds and that this in inevitable and I am but a hopeless/helpless spectator, I stop this thought pattern, as I now realize I must stand up in each moment of breath, staying out of the mind of energy and taking back control, directing myself back to optimal functionality, so gaining back the energy I have lost/re-substantiating myself,  as is my purpose to provide focus for the eye at varying distances.

When and as I see myself thinking it is impossible to heal the crystalline lens as myself, I stop and bring my awareness to this here moment, as I now realize no justification of failure is valid/acceptable because this would in turn justify failure of the whole.   Thus, I commit to the process of a new relationship, gaining back the functionality I possessed at an earlier age, so the eye may once again focus at a distance of 2 inches, as what is best for all and needed by the entire unit within daily life tasks.




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