Day 169: B.I.G. means Big Business for Canada

equal-life-foundation3_thumb[3] PROBLEM

Income inequality is on the rise in Canada.

‘The economic pie has more than doubled yet the share of Canadians with inflation-
adjusted earnings between $30,000 and $60,000 — what could be termed the
middle class” — continues to decline. It needs to be noted that this class is above
the middle. That is because, by 2010, over 50% of Canadians earned less than
$30,000, a slightly larger share of the working population than in the mid 1970s,  in inflation-adjusted terms.’
Which mean more of the gains from growth are ending up in the pockets of higher-income
individuals and households than in the past. Based on individual tax data, the top
1% in Canada accounted for 32% of all income growth in the decade 1997–2007.
Think that is normal? It is four times the gain during a period of similar growth in
the 1960s, and almost double the gains accruing to the top 1% during the Roaring
Twenties. Simply put, we have never seen this kind of inequality of income, we are in uncharted territory economically.


The Basic Income Grant
Providing each Canadian with a guaranteed basic income, meaning the monthly  income required to live a dignified life with all your basic necessities provided for. This would include, but is not limited to, being  able to afford:  a  decent home, all utilities including cell phone and internet connection, food, clothing, medical and dental expenses, a yearly vacation, transportation-car or public.
Canada actually has a guaranteed income now, at age 65 each citizen receives an old age security pension monthly of about $550 (if I have interpreted the chart correctly), not alot but some support nonetheless.
Of course, to provide for ones needs and that of their family, the BIG will be substantially more.  In this blog I will not discuss amounts but enough to be able to stand up each day with health and strength so contribute to society/country/environment and the world.
This will MOVE THINGS.  What do people do when they have money?  Become consumers!  This is what capitalism requires to thrive again. As it is, the majority are in debt as never before with mortgages and credit card bills.
With the implementation of a basic  monthly guaranteed income, the lower income population will be for the first time in their lives, able to purchase a home.  This, in itself, will stimulate economy greatly within the housing market, it will  reduce unemployment, as it will create jobs as more homes will be needed to be built, which will in turn create entire new neighborhoods all requiring pharmacies, gas stations, grocery stores, retail stores/clothing, schools etc, etc.  So, there is a massive trickle down effect created with empowering the public with basic life support.
This is deserved by the fact that you are here as life, as a human being, and all human beings are equal as the physical flesh they are made of.  The earth and it’s resources are owned by no one really, that is all ‘man made’ concepts/ideas which we have to live with, until which time we can handle living truly equally = no ego.  That time has not yet come.
A government is supposedly put in place to serve and protect the people/population, let’s allow ourselves to get back to that.
People will finally have choices and will choose to work in an area they enjoy, where they are not a slave but contributing their skills and enjoying giving/working, that in itself will create improved mental health, result in less addiction, less sick days/time taken off work, and in less crime.  This equates to massive savings in a countries economy, again the trickle down effect of individual well being leading to the countries overall stability/well being.
The necessary money to fund such monthly grants will be generated by the nationalization of certain privately owned corporations, those which provide basic needs of the countries citizens.  To be clear, nothing-no money/property/etc-will be taken from any individual. So no one loses and everyone wins in this situation.  There is much written about this proposal by the Equal Life Foundation panel.  Please investigate the  facebook group: Also refer to the links below, which address many specific points.
Interestingly, I tried to find a list of the largest/wealthiest privately held corporations in Canada, but I could not!  Many of the link went to ‘page not found’. I was able to find the largest companies but it was not clear which were private and were publicly owned.
This is the first in a series of blogs to follow on BIG in Canada. I will also be investigating government and corporate corruption cases, in which huge/untold sums of money are stolen from the the country’s population, just gone-puff like magic-where if resolved/uncovered and no longer allowed/accepted by us the people, could be funding for a project such as BIG.

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