Day 174: Witness Blog: I have researched Desteni and it is Not a Scam

aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRjQuYnAuYmxvZ3Nwb3QuY29tJTJGLUhOSTNzSXVWLWtBJTJGVVZKRDRFZG5HUEklMkZBQUFBQUFBQUEybyUyRnFQNFdreXZxME9zJTJGczMyMCUyRndyaXRlRnJlZWRvbS5qcGc=My name is Sandy Jones MacGillivray, I am 52 years old. I attended high school in Mississauga Ontario, a suburb of Toronto,  and graduated in 1979. I then attended Ryerson University in Toronto and received a Business Diploma, majoring in marketing in 1982.  I worked in commercial sales for several years. Today, I am married with 3 adult children. I have a home daycare business and in September, as well, I am starting a part-time position with the Toronto District School Board.

I began my investigation and joined the Desteni Research Group through the Equal Life Foundation in June, 2010.

This blog post will focus on one aspect of my research; how I have used the Desteni suggested tools and how this has resulted in changing my relationship with myself and thus others.

I came across a Desteni portal interview just over 3 years ago, when I was searching the net for yet another guru, seeking some form of truth that would make sense to me.

What I discovered astounded me to the core.

At first, I listened to the Jesus interviews and then Audrey Hepburn and thought they were cool.  They intrigued me enough to click on some interviews about the mind. I was stunned and hopeful, these portal interviews were explaining the human mind, in absolute detail and specificity, in a way I had never seen/heard before!  The videos were explaining to me, finally, where my thoughts come from, why they come up, how they come up and that I did not need to fear my mind but I required an equal and one relationship to it.

Some Personal Background:

I had experienced much confusion with my mind, hearing voices within-like the thoughts were not my own- and this led to several years of alcohol abuse and an addiction to sleep medication. I have not drank alcohol for 9 years now (joined alcoholics anonymous) and have stopped using any sleep medication for almost 2 years now, as a direct result of my participation with Desteni, by using tools of breath, writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application.

Doctors/psychiatrist/psychologists do not understand the mind. They are/can be a great source for assistance/support when one requires medication/someone to talk things through but they cannot cure the mind because they don’t know how!  They do not have a step by step practical approach for complete correction/repair or prevention, but only for survival/maintenance/treatment of a disease already manifest.

Although I was able to stop/control the mind confusion and the alcoholism, I replaced it with god/spirituality as an ‘answer’ to my many questions as to how/what/why this had happened to me. Eventually, it -the god approach-did not seem enough and I still feared my mind, as in ‘what if it happens again, what if I lose control of my mind/my thoughts again?’   note: This is all documented in detail in my Journey To Life blogs-see timeline.

So, I was left with no lasting peace, in fact I was starting to feel quite bitter/angry about life. Because of my troubles I had little money and I was a single parent, so life was a physical and emotional struggle. I did not understand my experience in this life or what the purpose of life was. But mostly, if I was suffering–what about the other billions of  people on earth who were experiencing starvation/war/rape/political tyranny/etc.?  Nothing made sense to me. What’s the point of life if you die, what kind of god would put people through such cruel ‘lessons’ and what is the point if you don’t remember your life? (All of these questions have been answered and much much more).

I had searched but found no lasting peace.  Only my research with Desteni did that, only better than I had ever imagined because this peace comes with integrity, as it should.  It is an actual kick in the pants to get off my ass each day and do something to create a world that is best for all, unwavering until all have peace on earth-not just some.  No truth could ever be less than this, or it simply would not be the truth.

At Desteni, I also found a group of people who are dedicating their lives to correcting themselves from within, on an individual level, and creating a world that will be best for all, real equality on earth, from without.  The recurring theme being responsibility, firstly to oneself and then to all life on earth, as you are part of that all.  I agreed completely! Finally, something and someone who made sense. There is no other way, no shortcut to create a life worth living for all on our planet.

At that time, in 2010, it was suggested to research and investigate the many writings and videos, for several months, before beginning any extensive self-investigation, so that is what I did for a year.  There is a vast amount of fascinating material on the Desteni website to explore. I highly suggest you do so!

So, I would like to share with you how my investigation and involvement with Desteni has changed me in a life altering way, a way no doctor could. During various periods of my life, I have spoken to doctors/psychologists/marriage councilors and although they were somewhat supportive, it just was sooooo slow and not effective in a lasting way, a mere band aid approach at best.

I am not suggesting this process is quick and easy by any means, it is a daily dedication to writing and effort that has led to these self-changes.

To Continue in the next post

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