Day 177: How Companies Justify Poverty Wages: The Solution 2

533031_439384692739106_484804499_nPlease read the previous post, Day 176, for proper context to this blog.

From the last post:

PROBLEM:  The restaurant chain McDonald’s, pays it’s employees a pathetically low wage of $7.40 per hour when it could clearly well afford to honor and respect it’s employees by offering a living wage…PAYING PEOPLE JUST ENOUGH TO SURVIVE, TO KEEP THEM OCCUPIED = NO TIME TO REALLY INVESTIGATE A SOLUTION that will CHANGE THE SYSTEM TO ONE THAT SERVES ALL HUMAN BEINGS AND NOT JUST A FEW LUCKY families.

SOLUTION:  A Living Income Guarantee

Within this, everyone will receive a basic monthly grant from birth to death, except those who are already wealthy = have more than enough money, as that would be a waste-it probably would be ‘saved’/stashed away regardless-and the money can be used better elsewhere, in common sense.

The immediate goal of the living income would be to provide enough money so every man, woman and child has a home which they can pay for without stress, ample food, healthcare, afford a yearly vacation, everything one needs for a worthwhile and dignified life.  This will create a world of true caring and compassion, when we provide all basic necessities to all peoples everywhere, and will allow each one the opportunity to experience a life worth living, to expand-have the time to try and learn new things, to explore their talents and ambitions, to receive an education, to provide for their family,  no longer just a daily struggle, working their asses off for peanuts so a few others can greedily enjoy all the spoils earth has to offer.  A life once filled with desperation will be replaced by a life of abundance and comfort, where harm can be restored to harmony.

How awesome will that make you feel, to offer this to your fellow man!

The Living Income Guarantee will do away with low wage jobs and greedy corporations insisting, because they have the power, they can justify others living in poverty. Do they want a life of poverty for themselves or their children?  No of course not. Would they trade places with their employees?  Not on your life!

Please investigate here:    Many questions are addressed here:

Who will do all the work, the jobs no one wants? And what is the motivation to work?  It is suggested that wages for employment are at least double the Living Income Guarantee. So that it is a motivation for people who want to purchase more extravagant things, spend more on travel, entertainment, whatever,  to actually do the work.   Whatever the job, who ever works and does not depend upon the living income guarantee, receives a minimum wage that is double the Living Income Guarantee.  Therefore, the motivation exists for people to do the labor and for those that would like to spend more on luxuries, while the Living Income Guarantee ensures that everyone has got enough to make a decent living.

‘Pricing will be based on Ensuring that there are Minimum Wages and that people Earn very Good Incomes – this obviously will Increase Again the amount of Money that can be Spent and so the Economy will Grow and the House Market will Grow and the Motor Car Markets, All the Markets that are now in Extreme Trouble and where the Trouble is Increasing: they will all Grow and Life on Earth will be Sustainable.’

The Living Income Guarantee will have the effect of providing a life worth living, resulting in a new kind of Pandora’s Box, one of less addiction, improved overall physical health as all has enough money- from birth- to afford quality food and receives adequate healthcare, there will be no desperate acts of murder-often of family members- or theft due to years of stress building trying in vain to make ends meet know they never will, less mental illness, no stress of being in debt, improved sleep and time to rest/relax -play, explore that hobby/sport you’ve always wanted to AND NO HAVING TO TAKE ON A SECOND JOB!

All of this societal improvement has the snowball effect of freeing up even more money that was spent looking after sick people, no longer will we be filling up the hospitals, the jails, the mental institutions, let alone going to war (because of fighting over natural resources!) and then filling up the mental institutions again as the soldiers, dear souls, are so traumatized they cannot return to normal life.  The healthcare professionals do not have to be concerned as they will receive the same income or wage as another and- as there are less patients- there will be room/opportunity for human minds to use their ingenuity to research the human body in ways we have not been able to before, people will be living much longer so new skills and products will be produced creating new jobs.

It goes on and on, imagine all the millions or billions of people who have never had the chance/or will have the chance to explore their talents/gifts and share it with the world (perhaps because they died under 5 years of age due to starvation). How many Einsteins-Mandela’s-King’s-Ghandi’s have we missed?  What could have been discovered, written, composed, invented?  Duh people, it’s just greed and ignorance.  How do we know what would have occurred if ALL were given equal opportunity for real?  We don’t know!  Time to wake up and do something to change this. Free human kind and as a result free mother earth.

Allow true joy to be birthed on earth,  for the first time, with the introduction of A Living Income Guarantee. Join us!

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