Day 181: HFU: Walking the Change “Courageous”

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Self-Corrective Application Statements:

When and as I see myself going into fear/allowing fear to direct me instead of standing as this word courageous, when doing a task I beLIEve I will fail at, I bring my awareness back to the physical and move with breath, as I now realize if I do not become the living word I am acting in self-interest only and not considering what is best for all in my application and this is the definition of a psychopath and I am responsible as I have created was is here on earth as one part of the whole.  Thus I commit to change me.

When and as I see myself thinking I do not have to do anything in this life or complete any task/learn any task to a point of perfection /excellence because it does not fit my definition of myself as ‘average’ / ‘I’m not good enough’ I stop and breathe.  I realize I must become/live this word from the starting point of here and out of the mind of the past and use breath to do/learn tasks point by point in practicality and stability in order to perform them with excellence/perfection. I realize this is a process and I commit to be patient with myself but to do it not allowing any form of excuse/justification to interfere.

When and as I see myself using the excuse that I do not have to be courageous because ‘someone else will do it’, meaning someone else will solve the problems of this world, or someone else will ‘boldly go forth’ to discover/learn/invent/create, I stop, I breathe.  I realize that ‘someone else’ is me and I cannot abdicate my responsibility any longer, as I am here on this earth and have the time/ability/opportunity that another may not have.  Thus, I commit to continue my investigation, within the eye point, for myself as all and to support and assist others to do the same.

When and as I see myself participating within the polarity definitions of courageous and cowardice, and comparing myself to others, assuming I am a failure/coward and others are winners/courageous I stop, I breathe.  I realize I have been lost in my mind for many years, living in the past and this is no longer acceptable. I also realize comparisons and polarities are traps that keep me stuck in the past and cause fear/immobility/shame and are useless to participate in, as they do not change what is here in reality. I commit to the process of changing me.

When and as I see myself engaging in memories from my childhood, and thus continuing to hide, conveniently blaming others while  suppressing myself/limiting myself,  not allowing myself the opportunity to  grow/expand/become more versus diminish/give up, I stop, I breathe.  I now realize I do not require the past to tell me who I am today/what I am capable of /what I can accomplish or learn, as I am simply  here moving myself in each moment of breath. I also realize I have the support of Desteni, as in the interviews on Eqafe, DIP with buddy support, live chats and much more. I understand I have seen myself change and will continue this process until it is done, for myself and all as myself.

When and as I see myself thinking/believing it is safer to hide, whether using alcohol or sober, than ‘expose’ myself/put myself ‘out there’ I stop, I bring myself back to the physical with breath.  I now see the effect of alcohol was only a temporary ‘fix’, it was not a real expression of courage, as it did not last.  I also see it is self-interest and living in separation from the whole,  how is it ok to do nothing/hide when millions of human beings/animals/plant life suffer?  It is no longer acceptable to me to hide, because I am part of the whole unit/life on earth, therefore I am responsible.

When and as I see myself participating within memories of not wanting to sing when I was a child and then later singing and judgeing myself I stop, I breathe. I now realize music in itself/singing/performing is not important but can be an enjoyable thing to share with others, fame is not important, success in the music industry is based on the polarities of good/bad, success /failure, and there are many , many artists who never get an opportunity to share their music because of the accepted way the system has imposed upon all.  Nothing in the music industry has ever done anything to bring about a world that is best for all/made any lasting or prominent changes for mankind/life on earth. I realize I never learned to be a proficient musican, as I did not give myself the opportunity to learn an instrument point by point. I commit to learn an instrument, moving with breath to excellence so I may enjoy and share music.

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