Day 183: Inflation: Have We Been Duped?

main-qimg-ecfe3f58e9672c28276631d26427d716Almighty dollar, you are omnipresent, you have the power to move mountains, you are the Yin and Yang of life-the source of all good and the source of all evil, you have the power to build great cities, to give life and to take life away.  All flows from your source.  I am at your command.  There are great forces-market forces- forever moving-rising- inflating and I am at your mercy, powerless but to witness this unyielding force…whooooa…stop right there.

Wait a minute, what unyielding force!?  Money markets and the value assigned to money, metals, stocks, bonds themselves are not real.  It is, and has always been, only the accepted and allowed value we have given them.  Physical money is simply a tool of accounting for mankind to make trades/transactions.  Markets are not real in themselves, there is no real, physical  movement/force of any kind, for example a real movement would be the way nature moves with storms/weather or the way you move yourself as in one foot in front of the other.  So inflation, which is the rise of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time, is all made up/man made = we have been duped!

Here is your mirror, do you think these children care about market forces and inflation?  Do market forces and ideas like inflation keep you alive?  What keeps you alive:  air to breathe first and foremost, clean water, daily nutritious  food, proper shelter and clothing.  These children only have one out of five, let’s face it, they don’t stand a chance at life, they will die soon, of starvation…

Would you allow your children to starve to death?  I wouldn’t, that’s for damn sure.  So why do I think it is acceptable to allow these children to suffer and die a slow, painful death, a preventable death?  We are all connected here, what touches one touches us all.

What else inflates over a period of time?  Our egos, our waistlines, the shit in our closets, our stress, our bills, our age, salaries of movie stars in Holy-Wood, the price of food…In the city where I reside, the price of food in the last year has increased substantially, one example ; a small piece of cheese is $7.00 , whereas a year ago it was only $5.00 (which was still alot of money!)

Interestingly, the food–real physical substance– did not change, it remained the same-stable, ready to serve us, to FREELY give sustenance to whomever should consume it.  Just the mind interference-the greed inflated, the ego inflated-as in the need for corporations/governments to maintain control and power, so they infuse more money into the economy (by printing it, lol,it’s not even backed by anything, often it is creating more debt ) to ‘stimulate’ the economy but this has the consequence of rising prices causing inflation.  However, our so called educated economists/authorities cannot even agree upon this point.

Inflation is an idea, money is a tool. Let`s get back to basics, come back down to earth and deal with what is here in a common sense way.  Lets be bigger than we have been and do whatever it takes to change this planet to a truly loving place. Let`s face GREED head on, with the mirror from above of the starving children, and tell it to bugger off.


A real , living solution, based on providing all with all they need to enjoy a dignified life, guaranteeing not only basic necessities like food and clean water, but employment, a yearly vacation, a government system that truly provides for them, works with them as it is them, the people = the government in true democracy.

Thus, we can change the rules, many will argue, ‘It’s not that simple’. However, it actually is that simple.  It is a massive undertaking which will be accomplished step by step, person by person joining together refusing to comply to the starvation and torture of their fellow man –animals-oceans-plants any longer!

We have the ability to join together, move as a group, this is where our power lies, and vote within a democracy–to put an end to the economic/government systems as they exist now and replace them with systems that will serve ALL.

Problem is, the 1% do NOT want to give up their riches and ultimately the power it buys them, so they scare the living *@#  out of you -even creating wars-to get you so fearful and preoccupied you do not/cannot take the necessary time to consider the options/solutions/organize/enter politics/create new political parties.  It is politics that will eventually bring about a true and lasting change.  A change of policies, a change of what we accept and allow,  not just more protests/revolutions but a change of the entire system for real is what is required.  A change of heart?  That is required as well.

Yes, we will have to face the greed and fear of those who have money, and some who don’t, as they want no change so they do not have to give up their power and control and fortunes. They will insist on terrifying you with threats of all kinds and in many ways.  However, we are all equally responsible and pointing fingers is useless. Everyone of us is guilty, as one part of the system we have created, participated in and thus complied to.  Thus, each one needs  to stand up and move according to what will be best for all, to effect world change. We must change ourselves within and without.

There is more than enough to go around. It is a matter of the re-distribution of wealth -earth’s natural resources-so all may benefit equally. So, give as you would like to receive.  Just as mother earth naturally gifts/gives to us!

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