Day 184: Desteni Witness Report: Physical Self-Changes

aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRjMuYnAuYmxvZ3Nwb3QuY29tJTJGLXV3ZGpYQ05jamtFJTJGVWNiUWg3NE9xR0klMkZBQUFBQUFBQUJBZyUyRnN3RFA0bnFfcHlJJTJGczQwMCUyRjE1Nl8xNDc3MjkzMDM5MV8yNzcyX24uanBnMy name is Sandy Jones MacGillivray, I am 52 years old. I attended high school in Mississauga Ontario, a suburb of Toronto,  and graduated in 1979. I then attended Ryerson University in Toronto and received a Business Diploma, majoring in marketing in 1982.  I worked in commercial sales for several years. Today, I am married with 3 adult children. I have a home daycare business and in September, as well, I am starting a part-time position with the Toronto District School Board.

I began my investigation and joined the Desteni Research Group through the Equal Life Foundation in June, 2010.

In my first witness blogs I shared how I have been able to stop and slow down emotional reactions, specifically within 2 personal relationships, so internal self-change.  In this post I would like to share how Desteni has assisted me in making several external changes within my relationship to my environment and my physical body.

These physical self-changes are the direct result of my continued research and participation within Desteni over the last 3 years:

*I have stopped a 10 year dependency on using sleeping medication. I have not taken any sleep medication for almost 2 years (22 months). You can read about this process in my Journey To Life Blogs.  I had already stopped using alcohol  6 years prior to joining Desteni.

*I require much less sleep than I used to.  Obviously, this at first had to do with having no drugs in my system however, I have found as the months have gone on, I now require only 6 hours sleep when I used to sleep 9 hours per night!

*I wash my hair once a week versus 3 times per week, surprisingly sufficient for my hair, and I use very little shampoo, which I now understand is harmful to our lakes and oceans and the life that inhabits them.

*I do not wear make-up nearly as much as I used to, in fact only once per week, very light make-up when I go out for a social evening.

*I have made a commitment to not purchase make-up in which the company uses animal testing on it’s products and I have shared the information I have learned about animal ‘testing’ = torture prevalent in this industry.

*I get much more done in less time – with much less physical and mental effort- around my house, inside the home and the yard work, with chores of shopping/cooking/laundry/cooking/cleaning.  I do this through the process of moving with breath so I am much less lost in my mind of thoughts/emotions/pictures/memories, so moving with the physical instead of with and as energy.  Therefore I am not putting nearly as much mental/emotional or physical stress and strain on my body, perhaps that is one reason I need less sleep!


*I no longer purchase jewelery for fashion, I do wear what I have minimally, and will make some pieces from my mom’s jewelery (she died in June of this year) as in a token for myself and for each of our 3 children.

*I only purchase what I need and what is comfortable with regard to clothing and footwear. I no longer buy clothes for fashion. I no longer wear high heels, much  more comfortable, or paint my fingernails.  When I buy an article of clothing, I still choose something I will enjoy wearing with respect to pattern/color. When I do purchase something I need, as I am financially able, I buy quality merchandise that will last.

*I only buy the food we require and a dessert a few times a week. I no longer spend money on junk food (my partner still does, though less so than he used to).

*I consume at least 50% less processed, white, sugar in my diet since my investigation with Desteni began.

*Sex is much more enjoyable. I no longer use thoughts or pictures in my mind/visual stimulation when having sex with my partner.  Instead I stayed focused on my partner and use breath to remain stable/here while having sex.

*I now enjoy physical movement, as  in daily rollerblading (in-line skating) or walking versus an exercise obsession where I felt pressured (by myself lol) to work off calories so I don’t gain weight and to supposedly pro-long my life through cardio exercise. I do this because it is enjoyable and assists in a better night sleep.

*I do a daily physical meditation versus a mind meditation, in which I focus on each part of my body with breath-staying out of the mind of thoughts/images/inner chatter.  I do this to give my body time, to increase the awareness of each part and thus the unit/body as a whole.

*I allow myself to prioritize going for a monthly body massage, to support and assist my physical human body, as my partner and I pay for extra health insurance through his employment, so it is covered.

As you can see, I have made several changes within my physical interaction with my external environment and my physical body, which are resulting in the process, over time, of birthing myself as life in the physical.

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