Day 192: The Cure for Anxiety 4

aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRjQuYnAuYmxvZ3Nwb3QuY29tJTJGLWlWc0ZMS2JmOTZzJTJGVVV0TG5UTC1meUklMkZBQUFBQUFBQUF1SSUyRjFFWTJxMTkyVUJ3JTJGczMyMCUyRmludGVncml0eSUyQnF1b3JhJTJCd3JpdGluZyUyQm1pbmQlMkJkZXN0b25pYW5zJTJCYmVybmFyZHBvb2xtYW4uanBnPlease read the Day 189-191 for context to this blog.

From the last post:  … I have been experiencing extreme tightening of my throat/neck area, like I am choking!   To assist myself I looked up the throat in Veno’s Stuctural Resonance document.  Just scroll down, you will see the throat point at number 5…The following quote is from this document:   `..All the words you continuously speak, the specific sound frequency of each word, the emotional and feeling connotations to each word, the accepted picture or definition connected to each word, the specific symbol allocated to each word, the mathematical equation of which each word consist of: All this that each and every single word consist of and is designed as is manifested within each and every single human beings’ Voice Box within the THROAT point and is connected to and one with your entire mind consciousness system within you..`

Continuing with Living the Solution: 

Self-Corrective Statements and Application

The Thought:  I can’t get rid of this anxiety, it`s making me sick, its choking me!

When and as I see myself participating in backchat about ‘not enough time’ or blaming another that I have too much to do or exaggerated thinking based in fear I stop, I breathe.  I realize I require to face myself in self-honesty and STOP HIDING the truth from myself-as in I can only do things one breath at a time & rushing will not change that but rushing in fact brings up emotional reactions and then physical body changes which end up harming me!   I thus remind myself to slow down and commit to change me.

Please see Kim Amourette’s cool vlog:    The Cure to Fear and Anxiety

When and as I see myself participating in emotional reactions within and around this thought/thinking I stop, I breathe.  I now see I require to remind myself where these emotions-mostly fear- stem from, being 1.  having to face consequences of postponement/making a mistake and 2. beLIEving that there is ‘not enough time’ for me to complete my daily responsibilities.  I can see in common sense, both of these issues are resolved when/as I stop participating in RUSHING !  In fact, rushing causes me to accomplish less in a day, as I get physically and emotionally depleted and tier easily.  I thus remind myself slow down and consider everythingwords spoken/written, each movement within a task- carefully therefore I will make less mistakes and if I  do make a mistake I will know I did my best at that time, so not go into further emotions of guilt/self-blame/self-diminishment.

When and as I see myself going into my imagination with moving images and pictures of the past I stop, I breathe.  I understand using my mind in this way is slavery-me not standing as the directive principal in that moment-and only brings up further energies which take me away from my reality and task at hand, I thus remind myself and commit myself to focus on my breath and what is before to completion.

When and as I see myself  having gone so far with this thought (and the subsequent thought patterns), that I have manifested physical -behavioral changes in my body I stop, I breathe.  I realize how this anxiety makes me physically ill to the point I cannot effectively direct myself within my day and thus I waste time having to rest in order to heal and this is no longer acceptable to not complete daily responsibilities!

When and as I see myself having gone so far with this thought that I have manifested consequence, like having to use medication (for few days),changes in sleep patterns-not getting enough sleep or sleeping too much, training/conditioning the body (ie. Pavlov’s dog) to go into reaction-anxiety quicker, I stop, I breathe. I remind myself I am a physical being, here on earth in this moment and nothing else is real, I commit to the process of using breath to stay out of my mind and walk in-as the physical and move on with my day.

aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRjMuYnAuYmxvZ3Nwb3QuY29tJTJGLURwRXBWWmdqU3ZRJTJGVVY1eUh5MlVQeUklMkZBQUFBQUFBQUJpSSUyRlEzYUZxVkV0dExFJTJGczMyMCUyRmJpcnRoaW5nJTJCdG8lMkJsaWZlLmpwZw==The Journey to LifersEqual Life FoundationBasic Income Guaranteed Take Responsibility for what is HERE as this world, within AND without:
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