Day 196: Syria: U.S. Justifies it’s Massive War Machine

2227bf237ecaf8c59d67a1c013fea2f5The illustration to the left should also say:  GO TO WAR

And we somehow justify this in our minds and send our children-young men and women- ‘off to war’ to ‘serve their country’, to save hypocrisy …err sorry…democracy.  Because the big bad guy ‘over there’ is ‘using chemical weapons on his own people/killing his own people.  I have never understood this, so it is ok/acceptable to kill other people just across that invisible line called a ‘boarder’?  Anyway.

The situation in Syria baffles me somewhat, just when I think I have a reasonable understanding of it another aspect arises.  There are several geopolitical arguments/considerations, however, in the last week I have heard/read accusations  from both sides in Syria,  Asad’s government and the rebel forces, each stating the other is guilty of using chemical weapons on the other.

In this interview with President Assad when asked about this accusation, by the west, he replies,

‘We stand accused that our army used chemical weapons in an area that is under the control of militants. In fact, in this area there is no clear front line between the army and militants.  And how can the government use chemical weapons — or any other weapons of mass destruction — in a place where its troops are concentrated? This is contrary to basic logic.’

Regardless, how is a U.S. ‘intervention/strike’ = using drones or dropping bombs that will KILL PEOPLE,  going to improve things? Their track record of leaving a country ‘better off’  is grim.  Granted, in some of it’s ‘occupied territories’ over the last five decades, there have been reports of  improvement/stability within a region/village but after a time when the troop leave and the extremist groups creep back into the villages, the conditions inevitably return to what they were before the U.S. occupation. No change except lives lost, soldiers and civilians.


Another point I want to raise is the alarming, actually disgusting, amount of money the U.S. pours into the military, specifically for the mass production of military weapons. What exactly is spent on weapons manufacturing each year?

These numbers are taken from the following video :  Corbett Report:  Who Is Really Behind the Syrian War?

in which Sybil Edmonds displays a graph showing U.S. military spending:

1962:   340 Billion Dollars

1972:   340 Billion Dollars

1982:    340 Billion Dollars

1992:    440 Billion dollars

2002:    310  Billion Dollars

2011:     911 attacks excuse to justify the war machine

2012:     700 Billion Dollars

Link to Notes:

greedy-banks 2Yes, war is very profitable.  The blood of our children makes a few people very rich.

Who profits from this?   Some of the largest U.S. companies are:  Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman,  Boeing

With all this atrocious spending going on, do you think some in Washington may find a way to line their pockets?

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are homeless, unemployed, in a dead end situations, helpless to provide for their families, getting $8 an hour at some fast food joint . Why not put his money to good use to house, feed, educate people? It is insanity, which is defined as; doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  Insanity and war have this in common.

Why does the U.S. government spend so much to build and sustain this military monster?  The government and corporations will tell you the reason is to protect you and your family from the ‘axis of evil’ in the east.  From the communists taking over and taking away your freedom, the very freedom your relatives (and mine) died to preserve!  Yes that’s it. Wait, no, that threat no longer exists, it died with the end of the cold war.

Well, that just won’t do. How can the government justify the expenditure of billions upon billions of dollars each year if you are not afraid of anything?  IT CAN’T 

And then in 2011 came 911. Praise the lord, we have now ‘The Terrorists’.

Our governments, in collusion with the corporations, manipulate and control us through fear -the fear of losing your supposed freedom and democratic way of life because of the threat of terrorist attack /take over-and they do this to satisfy their own greed and desire for power and control.

But, we go along with it, we do not stand up and say STOP and so we are guilty by our compliance, there is blood on our hand as well.

There is a solution:  please investigate the links below and join us in bringing about a world that is best for all, by providing a Living Income Guarantee for everyone from birth to death.

Alone/individually we are stymied but together we are powerful, indeed a force (there are 7 Billion of us on planet earth) which can become a movement, a group which can form a new government based on the true principals of democracy.  It is time to stand and declare ‘Till here no further, this is unacceptable’!

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