Day 211: SOLUTION to Canada’s Minimum Wage Disgrace

clip_image002_thumb1A Living Income Guaranteed Is the Solution To Canada’s Minimum Wage Problem

Within the proposed Living Income Guaranteed, only those who are unable to work or lacking access to basic human necessities, will receive it. The reason for this is to ensure, for those who are able/capable to work, there is incentive to do so.
The minimum wage will be double the income guarantee. So for simplicity sake, let’s say the Living Income Guarantee is based on the numbers found by the group (used as an example in the previous blog) done in Vancouver, B.C., $19.14 per hour or $34,835 annually.
This would be provided for all who are not working, specifically;  quote taken  from What is the Living Income Guaranteed?   ‘LIG is a economic and political mechanism to ensure the establishment of Fundamental Human Birth Rights of the public through allocating an allowance on a monthly basis to every eligible individual that is currently in a position of being unable to sustain themselves – and/or people in their custody – financially to a level that Human Dignity deserves and that currently lack such support due to reasons beyond their immediate control including – but not limited to – unemployment, lacking access to food, lacking access to housing, lacking access to healthcare, lacking access to education, physical disability, being retired or not old enough to have a job….with guaranteed access to their fundamental human birth rights: Food, Water, Housing, Healthcare, Education, Clothing, Transportation, Public Services, etc.’
To Review:
SCENARIO 1:  2 full time Minimum wage earners @ $10.25/hr, with one child
The expenses added up to: $53,364 *note: with 2 children the expenses add up to $62,000
The wages added up to: $42,640
To keep in mind here, I did this estimate very conservatively, using a bare bones approach, it did not include any savings for retirement, a large purchase like a car or a home, loan payments, lost wages due to the unexpected, family pet to name some, but not all, possible life expenses.
SCENARIO 2:  2 full time LIVING wage earners @$19.14/hr, with two children
The expenses added up to: $5,288/month $63,456
The wages added up to: $6,125/month $73,500
Again, this estimate was prepared using a bare bones approach, the number used are very conservative and realistic but do not include any savings/budgeting: for vacation (mine did, lol, everyone deserves an annual break/enjoyment), retirement, a large purchases like a car or a home and ongoing costs associated , loan payments, lost wages due to the unexpected, family pet to name some, but not all, possible life expenses.
As you can clearly see, within the living income approach a family/individual has a budget that works, a budget that allows for covering some of the life expenses that are not covered in the two models.
SCENARIO 3:  A Living Income Guaranteed:
Here, any persons who cannot work or do not have access to basic human necessities, would receive the minimum living allowance of approximately $3,200/month or $38,400/yr (which is based, for simplicity sake in this blog, on $20/hr full time 40 hr/week) per person in the household. Looking at the second scenario of a family of 4, assuming none were employed, they would receive $153,600/yr.
*Remember here, there was MUCH not included/left out with respect to living expenses, in the 2 scenarios above, so this is enough for a decent life for 4 people, not an extravagant life.
There are people in the current system who have MUCH MORE than this who did nothing (as inherited/born into wealthy family) to earn/’deserve’ this life. If you are wondering about those who have an abundance of wealth now, no they would not receive the LIG as, in common sense, they simply do not need it.
And those that do work,  ‘we propose that the Minimum Wage is Doubled (twice the Living Income Allowance)’
Therefore, based on a living wage of $20/hr, 2 adults working full time they would be paid @ $40/hr totaling $6,400/mo each $76,800/yr. x 2 = $153, 600/yr. The difference in this scenario is adding on the monthly allowance for the 2 children brings the yearly income to $230,400!
At this point, please ‘Keep in Mind’:
1. The numbers I am using in these blogs are but an example, not necessarily the accurate/actual numbers that will be used/proposed by The Equal Life Foundation, which is the group advocating for A Living Income Guaranteed.
2. The Living Income Guaranteed model/approach was not created from the starting point of keeping people in a life situation where they have just enough to survive but that they, as equal to all other human beings on this planet, deserve a life which empowers them to be the best person they can be, so they are free to grow/learn/express/explore/expand as life.
Finally, an income opportunity and life for ALL to enjoy an annual vacation, explore the beautiful world, create a living space that is awesome, purchase materials/goods to sew or build, play with music and afford musical instruments, learn to build your own home and grow your own food, purchase land and design an awesome house, learn about culture/food/animals in other parts of the world, etc. You get the picture, finally you are not limited because of money and stress, you can breathe and begin to consider who you are, who you can become now that you’re not flat broke all the fucking time. YES!
3. This will have the effect of benefiting all of humanity as they discover and share their individual gifts, no longer allowing just the lucky few/families to benefit from man’s labor, as is the current system on earth.
How many Einsteins have we missed? How many potential authors/poets/musicians/inventors/scientists have died in childhood due to starvation/the lack of proper distribution of earth’s resources?
4.  Many will refute these figures and say it is impossible. It is not. To justify doing nothing, with the excuse ‘it is impossible’ is the LIE and an EVIL ( backwards is LIVE) mother f***n one at that.
The money to fund the Living Income Guaranteed will come from the nationalization of  resources, ‘banks and basic services which means that if, for example, your oil, gas, water, electricity, telecommunications ,transportation is defined as patrimony of the people, the profit that comes from the consumption/purchase of such goods and services should be sufficient to fund the Living Income Guaranteed for eligible individuals.’
Funding will also come from what was spent (trillions) on the military machine, to name one industry that will slowly dissipate, as over time people will see it is no longer required. War is all about money, greed, power and control. To use ‘God’ to justify killing/warring with others is just a convenient cover-up to continue with an antiquated approach to life, one that considers only ones own survival/interest/pleasures. Time to take responsibility for what we have all created equally here, a giant mess, and bring it back to what is real, as the physical. We are all here as billions of individuals but on one planet, earth and there is nothing we can do about that. But we can change the currents systems so all may enjoy a life worth living. There is enough here for all to live abundantly, it will just take time. We need to move ourselves in this direction.
5. Having said that, and having focused so far on the outer, what also requires to be changed is the inner. Meaning, we need to change the money system and/at the same time we also need to change ourselves within, change human nature. This means, each one must focus one oneself, in a process of self-discovery/awareness. A tall order, yes, impossible, no.  It is simply a decision  and a process.
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