Day 212: Thinking Is Habitual: How to Stop these Patterns: Part 7: Evening Thoughts

main-qimg-5c811b2f85a0a3bdf7e413e7c03f64abPlease see Part 6 of this blog series, for proper context to this post, in which I discuss the thinking patterns I have identified in the evening hours.

From the last post I can see my main thinking patterns are: ABOUT MY BODY-HEALTH/dinner/tv-reviewing scenes in mind/money-connection to partner/what I did not accomplish and I plan the next day in my mind:Interestingly, I can see that my focus is not so much on my body ( being in it, being as it, within each physical breath) BUT about my body! Lots of inner chatter and backchat, so thoughts about my weight, diet, disease, death, obsessive repetitive thinking patterns each evening (not suggesting they last long, but they are there nonetheless). These thoughts lead me into energy reactions, within the emotions of anger, powerlessness, fear, stress…which can lead to illness, the very thing I was thinking about! Hmmm…
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to engage within thought patterns-UNAWARE-when it is occurring, meaning I am not directing me within my mind but simply following one thoughtsafter another-like a robot-this design/story I beLIEve to be myself, but it is not my TRUE PHYSICAL self, but a program I have written over time–my HIS STORY–and I can choose to participate-as a slave to memories, emotions, imaginings- or not.Some of these patterns start with the first thought as :I’m getting fat/ man I look so much older,that’s scarey/ to think I will get cancer or some disease and suffer and then die/ to think what if I feel a lump/ I should take less estrogen so I do not get cancer and die/I should keep taking it or I cannot sleep/ my husband will leave me if I do not make money/I shouldn’t have to make money/my husband will leave me if I am fat/ I am gaining weight and it is my husband’s fault/ I eat too much/I don’t like having to cook for others/they are adults and why don’t they cook for themselves/thinking about what I just watched on tv/thinking about what tasks I did not accomplish during that day.I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself, to not see, realize and understand how fear is the starting point of many of these thoughts, and then I fall into habitual patterns of thoughts and imaginings after the first thought. In that, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to let the emotion of fear control me /direct me within my mind instead of living as the awareness as breath, simply moving in and as the physical.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see/realize/understand how I automatically enter my imaginary world, by following one of these first thoughts, within each evening of my life, but is it ‘my life’ when all I am doing is following ‘what comes up’, especially seeing it is basically the same shit each night, seeing pictures of family members, moving images of memories, allowing myself to be worried and frightened by something that is not even real but a projection of the future from the ‘projector’ in my own head-a movie-I am watching about me being ill, or abandoned, or alone at dinner, replaying scenes from movies or tv. Furthermore, it is in total self-interest, self-absorbed and consumed within  fantasies of ‘what if’ as different scenarios play out upstairs, while not at all being considerate that ‘MY LIFE’ is actually connected to all other lives here on earth! Thus, my concern and actions should reflect that, my attention and focus requires to be on ‘my life’ as one and equal to all lives/life on this planet, otherwise I am just a seed unraveling without clear and directive authority, so not life at all, just a seed with a beginning and and end, biding my time here, consuming the planet and consuming my flesh until it is no more.

forgive yourself2I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see/realize/understand when I participate in inner conversation/backchat-which is the outplay of these evening thought patterns, like (referring to the first thought examples above):

I eat too much, I’m gaining weight, I look like X now, I have a ‘middle aged’ body now, I wonder if my husband will have an affair, he seems very happy with me, still you never know, I should be careful about my money, I could be broke again like after my first marriage, oh God I can never let that happen again…

Breast, breast cancer, lump under arm, you should check, that could happen, I hate having to check for lumps, why do I always think about that when I am having my nightly bath, I’m obsessed with it, it’s all the over-the-top pink ribbon stuff,  mamograms, millions upon millions raised for research, has any of this decreased the rate of breast cancer? No, so just breathe…

L./R. I hope he/she doesn’t get in a car accident, they shouldn’t drive tonight, I hope he/she doesn’t drink and then drive. Note: I have actually transcended much of how I used to worry about my children. but still comes up somewhat.

Can I go for a blade, do I have time? I should exercise, I could walk to a meeting (alcoholics anonymous), I should walk uphill ’cause it burns off calories, I ate too much at dinner, maybe it will help me not get fat if I exercise, I sure look different now, I don’t look good in this cause I’ve gained weight…

Oh god, I didn’t get that done, shit, I’ll do it tomorrow first thing, I have too many ‘first things’ to do, ok I’ll do x and y and z first thing right after I get my coffee, I won’t even clean the kitchen, I’ll just sit down and do it, that’s what I always say and then I get distracted, ok so in the afternoon I’ll do a and b and c, ya that’ll work out, oh no, I forgot about that appointment and driving L. to school tomorrow, ok I’ll do y and z and then ….

To continue

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