Day 214: How to Stop The Mind From Racing: Part 9

backchatselfsabotagemarPlease see Part 6 of this blog series, for proper context to this post, in which I discuss the thinking patterns I have identified in the evening hours.

From the Part 6:   I can see my main thinking patterns are: ABOUT MY BODY-HEALTH/dinner/tv-reviewing scenes in mind/money-connection to partner/what I did not accomplish and I plan the next day in my mind:  Interestingly, I can see that my focus is not so much on my body ( being in it, being as it, within each physical breath) BUT about my body! Lots of inner chatter and backchat, so thoughts about my weight, diet, disease, death, obsessive repetitive thinking patterns each evening.

Commitment To Change:When and as I see myself participating within the first thought of one of the thought patterns in the evening, I stop, breathe and bring myself back to the physical as I now see/realize/understand engaging in the first thought leads me into the pattern of further mind participation. Within that I am no longer on the cutting edge of time (in the here moment) as life but existing in and as the starting point of the past.I remind myself to not obsess/think about the body but to be in the body, I remind myself to give my body the respect and time it deserves and not just give my mind all my time/focus/attention.  Thus, I commit myself  to stop living up in the head and bring my awareness back into the physical body with breath, being aware and here with physical reality, just the way it is, without all my imaginations/opinions/memories/pictures/judgements continually racing.When and as I see myself going into my imagination within these thinking patterns I stop and breathe, bringing myself back down to earth. I remind myself everything is not about me-MY life-my HIS-STORY-but that we are inter-woven here on earth and all we do in thought/word/deed has a trickle down effect towards all other life.  Thus, I say NO to the temptation to replay old memories, to review worries/situations and move in the physical to get things done.When and as I see myself engaging in inner-chatter/backchat, allowing my mind to cycle/race, I stop and breathe, as I now see/realize/understand it is quite useless/a waste of time, as it does nothing to change the facts of my life.  I commit myself to giving up my story, as in my past, continually lost in my mind with memories  so I can spend my evenings doing things that matter or, if all responsibilities are done, I can enjoy entertainment/friendship/exercise etc.

When and as I see myself reacting, within emotional and feeling energies, around these evening thinking patterns I stop, I use my breathe to stabilize myself here, as I now see/realize/understand these reactions only lead me further down the rabbit hole of these thought patterns. I commit myself to stay with breath and to sloooow down until I am calm (the energies have stabilized) and then carry on with the task at hand or enjoying my evening.

When and as I see myself having gone so far with these thought patterns that I am causing behavioral changes within my body, I stop and bring my awareness back to the physical, as I now see/realize/understand how by engaging in my mind, I am harming my body, by resourcing substance (from the physical body) to feed the mind. I commit to re-substantiating/strengthening the physical instead of fueling/substantiating the mind!

When and as I see myself having gone so far with these thought patterns that I am creating consequence within my daily life/living and the lives of others and the planet as a whole, I stop and consider my every thought/word/deed and commit to slow down so I can see the first thought, so as to stop any further participation, thus preventing further consequence from manifesting.


Image`Human Rights and the violations of human rights is directly related to Money. Currently, money is the blood of the system. And the soul of money is the blood of the people. We currently have a system that costs the blood of innocents by placing profit / self-interest before life.’ Bella Bargilly

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