Day 215: Reacting to Interviews from EQAFE


I definitely react to many of the interviews from EQAFE, with fear, anxiety, excitement, to name the most prevalent. Listening to the Reptilian Interview: Suppression/Resistance Self Belief – Reptilians – Part 236 it is suggested, as a practical exercise, to review an Eqafe interview in which a strong emotional reaction came up, specifically where a self-belief came up.  A self-belief would be an ‘I AM’ statement like, I am too old, I am weak, I’m afraid of getting lost permanently in my mind etc. These statements are how we define ourselves, our self-definitions that we allow to limit our actions and experience in this world.I will consider Together we are Strong – Life Review – Part 3 because there was a reaction that arose that was very clear to me and almost an old ‘friend’ because I have carried it around for so long. In this interview the being, who had been a world leader, says several times, how important it is to move within a group, that while one may be tempted to leave the group or step back, that it is vital to participate to your utmost, to remember your RESPONSIBILITY to the group/as a group member and be consistent within how the group is moving/what it is doing.  Furthermore, that is vital to your own process and the process of human beings as a whole, that you remain vigilant within your participation.  Yikes, even typing that last sentence makes me want to run and hide!I can see I have always been somewhat of a loner- like as much of a loner that I could get away with being, lol. Like if I isolated more, people in my life would start bugging me/calling me out on my behavior. I suppose it came from childhood, where I found if I stood back and kept quiet, I was safe from verbal abuse from my dad, who I found very frightening. When I was very young, people would say I was shy, but I was just afraid and did not trust adults, so was quiet/stood back on purpose to protect myself.

I actually just left a group, well, left in the way that I do not belong to a ‘homegroup’ anymore within AA (alcoholics anonymous). I still attend meetings 2 /3 times per week and socialize with friends in the program regularly. That was a slow, thoughtful decision and not a ‘running away’ kind of situation. I gotta say, though, it is a relief, as I find it very difficult to deal with egos/personalities. So much so that I never went back to an office environment after my daughter was born, I always managed to find some other way to earn income, while staying home.

Part of this is ok/understandable, however, there is much to do/change in the world and I want to contribute as much as possible. Thus, I need to tone down and eventually direct these energy reactions–instead of allowing them to direct me- so that I am capable/competent to join in/contribute in group situations, be it a business/hospital/school/government etc. environment.

So I will re-listen to this particular interview (audio) and be aware of the specific reaction/s that comes up, the emotion-energy I experience, the thought that comes up, step back and ask ‘what is speaking inside my mind?’ Why? Looking for those ‘I AM’ statements that I use to define me and thus to control and limit me, within who I am and what I do in this lifetime. Then, using self-forgiveness and commitment statements, DIRECT and CHANGE ME!

affirmations_thumb`Human Rights and the violations of human rights is directly related to Money. Currently, money is the blood of the system. And the soul of money is the blood of the people. We currently have a system that costs the blood of innocents by placing profit / self-interest before life.’ Bella Bargilly

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