Day 218: Do We Have True Democracy in Canada?

canadian politicsPROBLEM 1

Here in Canada we basically have 3 parties to choose from, to vote on, to govern our country: The conservative/liberal and NDP parties. However, what kind of a democracy is it if you don’t agree with any of them? I say this because they all offer the same Canada, except for minor differences. Whether it be a little to the left or a little to the right, none of them ever implement significant life changing policies/programs/circumstances to the millions of middle income/lower income families who struggle to make ends meet, day in and day out!

What is your motivation to get to the polling station? It’s usually dark/cold/rainy, perhaps you have to leave work early, find a parking space, or you’re dragging hungry kids along because you are squeezing it into the end of your day, so if you don’t surmise it’s going to make a wit of difference in your life or the life of your family, why vote? Perhaps a feeling of obligation or casting your ballot so the guy you really don’t like, doesn’t get in, or a belief it’s better than nothing/if I don’t vote who am I to complain, kind of thing.

What if there was a party who would offer real practical support = financial support? What if this support would not only come in your lifetime but soon? Well, that’d get me moving and I’m guessing many others as well.

Barbara Yaffe: A guaranteed income for Canadians would eliminate poverty
Please read :

This article explains how we could eliminate much poverty in Canada by providing a basic income monthly payment to families that fall behind the poverty line. Although, this is a good start it just doesn’t go far enough. Again, here we have an example of just giving families/individuals barely enough to survive. We have the resources to provide a good life/a life worth living for all, now we need to add another ingredient, COMMON SENSE.

So, within a common sense approach the individuals/families who already have enough/more than enough don’t need more money to just save/stash away, therefore an alternative, to the Basic Income approach ( which suggests to give an unconditional basic income to all it’s countries citizens) or as in the above article (to supplement families who are under the poverty line -so raise them up to just above the poverty line) give a living income to all who require it but not to those that do not require it. This will be addressed in more detail in the blog to follow.

I cannot understand the current obsession with the show ‘Dragons Den’ where we allow these millionaire/billionarie business people to say yea or nay to someone’s idea-like they are god‘s deciding on someone’s fate. Oh sure, I get the point, they have experience/perspective that could be valuable, as to whether the idea is worth pursuing and that part is cool. But if the ‘dragons’ think it’s a good idea they take a piece of the pie. WTF, they already have millions upon millions of dollars, so how do they ‘in the name of capitalism’ (perhaps we should call it ‘greedism’ in this case) justify taking profit from these entrepreneurs? And why do we let them get away with it?

‘Oh well, they have to get a return on their investment, they are taking a risk’, some will say. Nonsense, they are shrewd, ultra successful, business people! Do you realize much interest they make each day? Imagine, you don’t do bupkis and you get money for it, this is one way the rich get richer = power and the rest stay poor.

Even at record low interest rates, as we are experiencing in Canada now at 1.3% a year, and you can be sure these players are making much more because they can afford to loose therefore they invest at a higher return. So, let us say conservatively they receive 5% on an investment of 5 million. That is $250,000 a year, which is $20,500 per month or $683.00 A DAY just in interest. Sorry, but they are making much more interest than this per day because they have more than this example showed, plus don’t forget about ‘off shore investments’ and various other methods used to avoid taxes. Also don’t forget their wealth pot-capital-grows larger each year = accumulates = compounding interest, fortunes are made this way. It’s magic yes? No, it’s a man made game that has turned into a nightmare for most, with hunger, poverty, a shrinking middle class, a growing lower class.


Continued in the next post

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