Day 219: Do We Have a True Democracy in Canada? Part 2

standupone1From the previous post: PROBLEM 1 Here in Canada we basically have 3 parties to choose from..what kind of a democracy is it if you don’t agree with any of them? I say this because they all offer the same Canada.. Whether it be a little to the left or a little to the right, none of them ever implement significant life changing policies to the millions of families who struggle to make ends meet, day in and day out!

ContinuingIt is all BS really, not real, markets are not real, they are man made. We made this system, it has gone awry so let’s unmake it and build a new foundation, make capitalism once again be about supporting people not a few corporate families/bankers/or dragons.

Shouldn’t capitalism be good for all? Why not? It’s actually up to us, we individually and collectively are creating this reality. We must re-create capitalism to a system that will serve all/be best for all. Do you just want to repeat the past, over and over, each generation, the same inequality? I do not. It is simply fun games to those investors on the ‘Dragon’s Den’, they are laughing, making jokes amongst themselves about who is richest, never disclosing how much they money they each individually have (that’s private/a secret). They are inflating ever more their egos (and we are feeding their egos) enjoying playing with peoples lives and they justify this by saying they are giving the entrepreneur a chance if they throw them a bone or saving them from failure should they decide to withhold the bone.

Look, I am not saying I have anything personally against wealthy individuals. We are all responsible for what has been created in Canada and we are all responsible to change it. Nor am I suggesting anyone will loose one dime that they own, within a new system providing a living income for all, no money would be taken from any individual. I am saying this divide, between the haves and have nots, can and must end.
‘The rich & elites will only say I m following the rules / laws to be super rich and wealthy b/c the legal system dictate that it’s free to do so at your expense (middle & lower class). If each one is granted with a Living Income Guaranteed to ensure that each man has a dignified life, then the rich will only be there to be a supportive role instead of a drain on the system. To blame the system is to blame ourselves & to correct this system is to correct ourselves to that which is best for all. Investigate & support all life with the Living Income Guaranteed!’ Bathon Kieng

greedy-banks 2Btw, don’t let anyone or our government tell you that a living income is not affordable/possible, Canada and indeed our earth, is abundant with resources, enough for all. However, Canadians need to stand up and take the initiative to make the changes happen, so these resources can be directed to/for the good of all, and not the few. We need only use the power we have, which is not money perhaps but numbers AS OURSELVES by creating new parties that truly represent the people/Canadians.

For DEMOCRACY to work, as it was intended, we need it to work for the people, power to the people. That is what governments were created for!

Voting currently, has an unfair platform/starting point because there is no viable alternative, therefore simply voting for the parties that exist today in Canada is not the solution. We require another party/choice to make real and significant changes in this country.

Here are 2 major avenues, to start, a party could take to create massive change and stimulate the economy at the same time.

One: the decreasing of military spending and allocating the funds to support Canadians who are struggling financially to make ends meet. This will empower them as consumers, more buying power stimulating economic growth. It will also greatly reduce health cost, as has been shown in the Mincome Experiment during the 1970’s in Dauphin Manitoba, families who received a basic income, or supplement to lift them above the poverty line, had a reduction in hospital visits by 8%: used the ER less/visited the doctor less, had less work related accidents, experienced less addiction and mental illness. Equals they are more healthy! The benefits of this can snowball into several directions but just within in health care alone, within this experiment, the savings when considering health care cost per year in Canada, equates to about 4 billion dollars per year!

Two, the nationalization of resources to flood the funding of millions of Canadians who are working for a pathetically low minimum wage, to give them a decent/enjoyable life-one that works and you’re not just banging your head against the wall unable to keep up with bills. Just like you want or have for your life/your family now.


There is a preposterous fallacy that has circulated for years and it is time to put it to rest: Giving money to people will make the lazy/apathetic/not contribute to society. People will quit work and have more babies…to continue with a discussion and presenting the solution in part 3 of this series


Check out the Bill of Rights @ the Equal Life Foundation – a comprehensive approach to our Co-existence to ensure the Right to Life, Freedom and Dignity for All.Check out the Living Income Guaranteed – with solutions that can be established in this lifetime to end the disaster of a profit driven system.

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