Day 220: Overcoming Fear of Being Part of A Group: Walking the change 4

art-sd_fearFor proper context to this post please see  Part 1 and Part 2, in which I explore the dynamics around fearing being part of a GROUP, and Part 3 , the solution as self-directed change/action.

From the previous post:  ‘… when I listened to the Life Review:  Together we are Strong: 3  there were a number times I experienced the energy reaction of fear, specifically to the phrase:  ‘STAND TOGETHER AS A GROUP’  I felt the fear grip me, I held my breath…’

Continuing with the Solution

Self-Corrective Application:  Commitment Statements in order to walk/live the change 

When and as I see myself participating within self-doubt that I will not find my ‘one individual point’ to contribute to mankind, to bring about a world that is best for all, I stop and breathe. I realize I am  in a process within DIP and daily participation, and thus contributing already, I understand it is a process of self-awareness and takes time just as it took time to create my current lack of awareness.  I remind myself I have been very scattered throughout my life and now I require to be gentle and patient.
When and as I see myself reacting to specific words and phrases in fear, around the point of group participation, I stop and bring my awareness back to the physical using breath. I understand I can use common sense here and remind myself I do not have to be just an accumulation of all my past moments but that I can slow down/stop the energies within and simply do/act/move in the physical to get things done within my day, I do not need drama, as in ideas-comparrisons, competition/assumptions/memories to direct/control me, instead I can be part of a group and if/when I am unclear about a point, I can simply ask someone for assistance. I commit to this change of changing me!

When and as I see myself engaging in fear of death/not making process and then wanting to quit the group 1. because I am afraid to ‘let them down’ 2. because I am participating within extreme/all or nothing thinking, I stop and bring myself out of my mind and back down to earth. I realize extreme thinking comes from participating within the energies (cycles-then the energies bring on more extreme thoughts) whereas, when I remain vigilant here/with breath -so not in the constant act of thinking-  my mind is slower so I can ‘see’ the thoughts that bring up the energies, it is then just a process of applying self-forgiveness (out loud if I am alone) and getting on with the task at hand.

When and as I see myself engaging in my imagination with pictures:  of my bed/bedroom so I can escape with sleep, pictures/memories of examples where another was competent and I judged myself as ‘falling short’, pictures/memories of group participation (social cliques) where I found I could not trust another I stop and breathe. I remind myself I do enjoy an afternoon rest and I can do this when my morning responsibilities are done, the past is the past and it is useless to re-play it over in my mind, and this in fact disempowers me as I become stymied with the fear and do nothing! I am therefore creating what I fear, lol, as I do not push myself to learn/grow/change thus I remain less capable than others and have less to offer/give/share in relation to supporting my fellow man, this is no longer acceptable to me.

I realize I am in a process of becoming more competent within communication/writing/investigating points etc. and self-judgement is useless and unacceptable, I require to trust myself and not judge another/engage in suspicion as these are both mind consciousness designs to keep me occupied within the starting point of the past so I do not grow/change and effect a consistent movement that will bring about a new earth, one that is best for all. Thus I commit to change and trust me, instead of criticize/judge me and others.

When and as I see myself participating in backchat/inner conversation around the point of fearing being part of a group, I stop and breathe. I now see/realize/understand inner talk leads to reactions -emotions of fear/suspicion/judgements/resentment/comparisons- which can lead to harming the physical body because of the energies they stir up:  anxiety/muscles spasm/headaches.  These energies then  lead me into a feeling of tiredness so that I am not effective within the day, as I put off/postpone daily tasks which are my responsibility to myself and the group, thus I am creating the VERY THING I FEAR. PARTICIPATION IN THE FEAR CREATES THE RESULT I DO NOT WANT. WHAT WE RESIST, PERSISTS!  Therefore, I commit to moving in the physical and accomplishing, consistently, my daily tasks so being a responsible group member.

the-spirit-of-breath_91114554_std `Human Rights and the violations of human rights is directly related to Money. Currently, money is the blood of the system. And the soul of money is the blood of the people. We currently have a system that costs the blood of innocents by placing profit / self-interest before life.’ Bella Bargilly

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