Day 222: Do We Have a True Democracy in Canada? The Solution: Part 4

c2d29-liglogo_thumb25255b525255dPlease refer to ‘Do We have a True Democracy in Canada’ Part 1  Part 2 and Part 3

If it’s not broke don’t fix it. Our system is clearly broken so …let’s fix it

SOLUTION:  A Living Income Guaranteed

Please Read: The Proposal:  ‘…a movement for Change that starts with our self-responsibility for everything that exists and as we embrace the world and humanity as our family, we will change it to reflect our embrace vs. our isolation, our resolve vs. our demands, our response-ability vs. blaming those in power for not doing what we see could be done better, could be done for All, could be done to make sure this world will never be the same…’

Imagine a system in which there was a party that enacted policies to serve the population from a starting point of what is best for all.  This is exactly what LIG offers.  A dignified life for all, guaranteed. 

No more power games and trifle propaganda distracting us from what is truly important, serving the people of Canada.  No more having to choose from 3 parties, which are essentially the same, instead a party that will focus on distributing wealth to all Canadians in an equitable and fair manner. This will be done in a way to ensure there is incentive to work, as the minimum wage will be double the living income guarantee. So if you cannot work for various reasons (health issues/young children to take care of/age/etc) you and your family will receive a decent income so you can afford all the essentials for a dignified life. If you are able to be employed, you will be able to afford extras/luxuries, should you desire them.

This will be accomplished through the nationalization of the countries resources, which in Canada are immensely vast. Thus, eliminating privatization for such things as water, electricity, oil/gas for your car and heating your home, internet/cell phone and cable services–essentially all services you must use on a daily basis for physical survival. There is no need for a few families to benefit with muti-millions/billions of dollars from what the earth naturally provides or just because they jumped on the bandwagon of a new discovery/invention early (because they had the money/opportunity to do so!). This old system is clearly not working for the vast majority of Canadians.

from part 2: ‘… It will also greatly reduce health cost, as has been shown in the Mincome Experiment during the 1970′s in Dauphin Manitoba, families who received a basic income, or supplement to lift them above the poverty line, had a reduction in hospital visits by 8%!   Within this experiment, the savings when considering health care cost per year in Canada, equates to about 4 billion dollars per year!  From part 1: Barbara Yaffe: A guaranteed income for Canadians would eliminate poverty

LIG will also be financed through what used to be spent on funding the military.  Within a system of true democracy, over time, war will become obsolete.  We can see throughout history, past and present, how utterly useless war is, as it changes nothing for the betterment of mankind. Indeed it only keeps the power in the hands of the elite, it’s true purpose to begin with.  As all people are provided for, within a true democratic and true capitalistic system, the need for war will dissipate.  Of course, for this outer change to be accepted/occur, an inner transformation will need to occur, so each will need to change their ‘human nature’ in becoming  self-aware and self-responsible.

Do not be fooled by the idea of powerlessness, we have power as ourselves, together we are strong in numbers but only together. It is a decision and then a movement-physically doing what is necessary to create awareness of new choices and then physically voting in a new system-that will bring about real, lasting change.

evoteLiquid/Interactive  Democracy or E-Voting

Way of the future?  Yes, it is inevitable.

Please Read:  Fundamental Human Rights:     You and your family deserve NO less as you are equal life, on this earth, to all other lives.  LIG is means/vehicle to fund these essential human rights.

So, are poor people just lazy? If you give them a guaranteed living income, won’t they just lie around all day and feed off of us productive, diligent citizens?

NO, that is just nonsense babble so you keep your blindfold on, so you remain docile/ineffective in the current system, so you do not stand and work toward change.  Should we be fearful of assisting people, raising them up out of the dirty ditch of poverty? Will they suck us dry?  Hardly, it is the current system, of a few multi-billionaires (power in the hands of a few), that is  sucking us dry.  Should we run scared of words that will be thrown out there  ‘communism’ ‘socialism’ OMG!  Again, it is only nonsense propaganda, that you have been fed over the last 50 years  through television/news/education/etc., which has resulted in these 2 words  (which simply derive from the words community and social)  ‘bad’/fearful because you will loose something?!

News flash, we already have lost something, the ability to earn a decent income and experience a life worth living, we have lost True Democracy in Canada.

LIG is based on the principals of democracy and capitalism, a governance for/of the people AND for the planet, a system of BALANCE,  awareness and accountability.

Come on, use a little common sense, we’ve been had.

262765_246077865409628_201507_n_thumb[9] Check out the Bill of Rights @ the Equal Life Foundation – a comprehensive approach to our Co-existence to ensure the Right to Life, Freedom and Dignity for All.

Check out the Living Income Guaranteed – with solutions that can be established in this lifetime to end the disaster of a profit driven system.
Check out the FREE Downloadables at EQAFE! Educational series with Insights and Practical Support.



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