Day 224: Shopping Guilt: I Shouldn’t be Spending my Money This Way! Part 2

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From part 1:  I have been facing the point of guilt lately, in relation to becoming a shopper… But I keep hearing Bernard’s voice ‘BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY ON’ and from various EQAFE interviews, the beings saying how I will regret my life if I do not focus on improving the lives of all.

Thought:  I shouldn’t be spending my money this way, I feel so guilty!

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become ‘the shopper’ and as the shopper think, ‘I shouldn’t be spending my money this way, I feel so guilty’. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have this thought exist within and as me and to behave as a character in my mind instead of remaining here with breath awareness.
When and as I see myself falling into the character of the shopper, with pre-existing thoughts and reactions I stop, I breathe. I bring my awareness back to the physical reality before me in my day, as I now see/realize/understand to follow and beLIEve such thoughts leads me further into my mind away from living as an effective being, one who is directing oneself and not being controlled by programs from the starting point of the past. I commit to change me in that moment and carry on with the task at hand.I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see/realize/understand when I am reacting in fear to this thought, when I am being directed by the energy of fear, allowing it to tell me who I am and how I should behave.
I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see/realize/understand how, by participating in the energy of fear, I am creating anxiety in my physical body and I cannot effectively direct myself here because I get ‘side tracked’ my attention goes into worry/guilt with thoughts like, ‘I am going to have to face myself and every decision I made and how it effected each /all life on earth. If I focus on shopping I will be replaced/die young a I am wasting time not contributing to make the world a better place’.207077_177135705670479_175698322480884_477192_1451434_n
Thus, when and as I see this happening I stop, I breathe and stabilize myself back into my physical body. I remind myself I am simply doing a chore that my partner and I have made a responsible decision to do, I remind myself we are making our home enjoyable to live in, comfortable and increasing the value of our investment, we are not over-spending (even though I have been tempted), I am not out of control/addicted in any way to shopping and I know the value of money and how important it is to consider carefully any spending, I am now more aware and inquire with each purchase where a product was made ( I had a store owner call about a pillow to find out if the geese were plucked alive and left with open wounds which can become infected sores and fester, she was appalled to hear of this practice and thanked me for making her aware), I realize I have a long way to go to ensure I am not purchasing/contributing toward the system of  enslavement/abuse in this regard and commit to keep investigating, I am engaging in extreme thinking when I go into fear of death thoughts and it is a ridiculous waste of my time, I understand we/humanity has a loooooog way to go when it comes to creating an equal world and I require to relax/be gentle and kind to me so I can maintain my health! I contribute my time, effort and money monthly/consistently to a purpose/group which is working toward creating a world that is best for all and I will continue doing so within group and self-responsibility.
I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see/realize/understand that this thought brings up all sorts of backchat/inner conversation like: ‘Well, I’ve rarely been able to afford anything nice and of quality so I deserve this, OMG I’m turning into an elite character, my focus/thoughts are all on shopping and comparing my sister/siblings to myself, who has how much/more money, how disgusting, I’m judging myself and my siblings as selfish/greedy, but I am being selfish and greedy because people are suffering and I ‘m all torn up because I can’t decide between which crystal lamps to buy!’ It goes round and round in my head, then after a purchase I question my purchase/go into self-doubt and criticism like it’s so important, ‘Oh no, I got the wrong one/should return it, it’s too expensive/too cheap/I should have compared with other stores, I knew I was a lousy shopper, I can’t do this.’

When and as I see myself engaging in inner chatter/backchat in and around this shopping issue, I stop, I breathe. I bring my awareness back to the physical reality, here in this moment. I now see/realize/understand this voice is all from my past as I have programmed me and it is my responsibility to change my human nature, one breath at a time, within a process of self-discovery and self-awareness until no elitism exists, so that each and every child, animal, life on this earth is no longer exploited/abused/sexualized/used as a slave in a mine or sweatshop/experimented on etc.  In the meantime, I have to live within the system.  As well, I need to respect my partner and I realize this is important to him so we are enjoying buying new stuff for our home at the moment.  I realize I am a much more informed and responsible consumer then in the past. I commit to being even more diligent with any purchases, so knowing how and where they were made and not purchasing if/when I am unsure.

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