Day 226: Guilt: I Am The Elite

aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRjQuYnAuYmxvZ3Nwb3QuY29tJTJGLWw1ZEFWbzgtdXJrJTJGVW9maGVfRlZkb0klMkZBQUFBQUFBQUMzbyUyRlVkbzFiM3VYUWp3JTJGczMyMCUyRm91dCUyQm9mJTJCY29udHJvbC5qcGc=I am continuing facing the point of guilt around our main floor renovation. In quiet moments at the end of the day, when I look at the nearly finished project I think, ‘Ah, it’s so awesome to have this done, it looks great’ but then very quickly -almost in the same moment- fall into a pattern of guilt and think, ‘You are a bad person, being concerned with luxuries when others are suffering, what a hypocrite.’

It is all mixed in with thoughts and memories of the past, when I judged others who had money and I had none so it is interesting to see this. I am experiencing all sorts of paranoid backchat, of/like an elite character, becoming even more worried about money now that I am not continually broke! So now I know what others experience in their minds, since there is only ONE MIND. I am having thoughts like ‘I better be careful how much I spend, I never want to be broke again’ and ‘He/she is trying to rip me off because he/she thinks I have money.’

I had alot of assumptions of others in the past which, now that I am able to direct this point of fixing/renovating/updating/repairing/decorating my home, I can see were harsh/not necessarily true. Many of the thoughts I had, are not true for me today so were they true for the person I was judging? For example, ‘they do not care about what really matters in life , they do not care enough that others don’t have money/resources to make a enjoyable living space, they only care about themselves, they are superficial only concerned with trifle things, the elite don’t care, oh they care a little/give to charity but not enough to give up anything/do anything to change the world.’

Well, I have repaired my home (main floor) and I am still very concerned and focused on changing the world, to bring heaven to earth. However, I can see I had no right to judge/make assumptions of another and now I must stop this guilt from brewing inside of me. *Of course, it is not enough to only change oneself, (face/direct guilt and then go on your merry blind way as a self-interested consumer) one must also change the world! Please  investigate:  A Dignified Life For All, Guaranteed LIG, to become part of the solution.

So there are 2 areas of guilt I must examine and correct:

*about having the money to have the home I have always wanted

*about judging others in the past who had nice homes

I experienced much anger, a sense of unfairness, jealousy, blame around this, ‘the elite don’t care’ thought in the past and now face guilt as I can see I am the elite (from the perspective of what most have in this world) and I do care!

To continue

aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRjIuYnAuYmxvZ3Nwb3QuY29tJTJGLXMzY05KcWFjWVRvJTJGVW1zdDlHNWFTakklMkZBQUFBQUFBQUFzMCUyRmdWSGdzVnhuVmhFJTJGczMyMCUyRjEzODIwODFfNTQzMjg5MTkyNDA3NjQzXzE0ODM1ODc0NTlfbi5qcGc=Check out the FREE Downloadables at EQAFE! Educational series with Insights and Practical Support.

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