Day 230: Pedophilia As A Lifestyle Choice?

childThere is a very disturbing article, ‘It Begins: Pedophiles Call for Same Rights as Homosexuals ‘ written by Pat Dollard on his/her website.

Using the same tactics used by “gay” rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals.

Homosexuality is ( to simplify for the purpose of this blog) sex between same sex consenting ADULTS.  The key here being, pedophilia is dealing with children, thus it is not comparable.

We do not have the right to something simply because we want or desire it. Where is the child’s right here? I understand they (the pedophiles) are seeking the legal right to use/view child pornography and then the legal right to have sex with the child, only if the child consents.  This point of the child consenting is addressed later in this post. The child in this case-as the porn is produced- is reduced to a mere slave of the adult.

Interestingly, the adult in this case is acting  like a 3 years old having a tantrum, ‘but I want it, it’s mine!(the desire/want).  No, this desire belongs to your mind. You are a slave of your programmed mind.  The mind tells us all sort of things -thoughts- that are not to be followed/taken to reality/acted out.  Imagine if we acted on all the spiteful /sexual/aggressive/vengeful thoughts we had.  The world would spiral into madness.

We do not have the right to something just because it ‘feels good’ or ‘comes easily’ under the guise of ‘it’s natural for me’ or ‘I was born this way’ so it’s apparently then ok/natural.  I could say wanting a Bentley and a personal driver (transportation being a basic human requirement) would feel good/be natural for me but I am not allowed to take something that does not belong to me- just because I want/desire it. 

Should it not be natural/human nature to protect children’s bodies, minds and spirits instead of use them to fulfill our sexual desires?

For that matter, why do we want/need to feel good? Why do we experience feeling bad? Why do we need to feel anything? What about stability?  WE ARE NEEDING TO ASK SOME VERY BASIC QUESTIONS HERE regarding the human being’s  NATURE TO HARM AND DESTROY LIFE, OUT OF FEAR OF SURVIVAL AND SELF-INTEREST, so we can restore basic human rights, the rights of children in particular (not to mention the rights of ocean life/the animal kingdom/the plant kingdom/etc).

To be clear, I do not agree with any form of abuse/acts of vengeance or violence/retribution/humiliation toward a any person, that equally includes anyone involved in pedophilia.  As well, no blame exists here within this article, we are all equally responsible and all must take responsibility to what is best for children.

In the same article mentioned above, the American Psychiatric Association claims, ‘In 1998 The APA issued a report claiming “that the ‘negative potential’ of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that ‘the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from  childhood sexual abuse experiences.”

The devastation from this act-adults having sex with children and children being used for pornography-has been well documented, here are but 2 example/articles reporting on some the consequences of this kind of sexual abuse:  problems-common-to-sexually-abused-children-17-kind          15-common-reasons-why-sexually-molested-children-would-not-talk

It is easy to MANIPULATE  a child. Does this mean we should do it?

The potential for harm, of this proposed legislation, is vast:  possible slavery/ownership the child, specifically the child becoming a domestic and sexual slave ( especially in the case of children who are parentless), imprisoned in an abusive home.  The existence of child pornography and child sexual activity with an adult is documented to lead to serious problems in later years, some of which are:  alcoholism, drug addiction, obesity, anorexia/bulimia  OR mental illness, suicide, self-harm (cutting), acting out violently, inability to sustain a relationship-problems with intimacy/sex/communication, financial instability.  The reason for this being, as a child, we are unequipped to deal with feelings of guilt, fear, confusion, questions of sexual orientation of this magnitude, it is understandably overwhelming for a child, thus many will turn to one of the above mentioned substances to ‘numb out’/cope or chose to  run away/escape to the streets and possibly end up in prostitution, or go inward into mental illness.  Realistically, how can they trust the adult world?  Where do they have to go for safety? Most of them, no where, thus often self-destructive decision are made, self-destructive lifestyles chosen.

child-sexual-abuseDo you really believe a little boy or girl wants to perform oral sex on an adult?  Imagine yourself as a child again and a big person looming over you, the smell, the intimidation, the weight,  how frightening.  That is a nightmare of the worst kind to a child.  But, as adults know too well, children are easily controlled/manipulated, using flattery/rewards or using fear/intimidation/threats.  They go into a response of survival and unfortunately are easily damaged.  They will, most often, do and say whatever the adult wants them to do or say.

We know this, so why the self-deception on the part of the adult?  Peter pan syndrome/not wanting to take responsibility for what we have accepted and allowed -in our own mind!  The inability to face ourselves, the very deepest/darkest secrets, so now the proposal to simply accept it as normal, just because it exists in the mind.

Frightening, who is in charge, who you are as common sense/a being of integrity or the mind of ceaseless demands/desires no matter how extreme?  Where does it end?

Afterall, the point of sexual satisfaction is but a mere fleeting feeling/it comes and goes/a quick burst of energy and then it is over–this to ruin the lives of thousands/millions of innocent children? You can learn to masturbate without the use of pictures, it is very possible, there is a group of people online, engaged in a process of doing just this, as what is best for all.  Surprisingly, it is more fulfilling and, in reality, it is what you have always done-you are always making love to yourself!  Masturbation using pictures becomes an addiction, needing more and more stimulus as time goes on. Why not stand up and make the decision to be the directive principal of your body-you decide not the mind -when and how to masturbate.

This means not allowing this proposed legislation to be passed as law, this mean each adult person-pedophile-gay-straight-whatever look inside their secret mind and stop the abuse so no more abuse is turned into reality.

We cannot change the past but we act in the present to change the future and in so doing protect the children of tomorrow, indeed we WE MUST.

What is the solution then?

The solution is to approach the problem where it began, in the mind.

aus_thumb3Join Us in the Process of ‘freeing’ oneself from Consciousness as Provided in the Desteni I Process LITE which is a FREE Course and the Desteni I Process PRO, and returning to one’s Source-Beingness and equal and one Physical Body Relationship.

Is pedophilia simply a lifestyle/orientation?  No, it is a choice, whether to act on this desire or not.

As previously stated, we do not require the imagination or use of pictures, whether the pictures be physical or in the mind, to masturbate/achieve orgasm.

Sex/orgasm is purely PHYSICAL, it is only us who have made it a mental experience.

We have individually  programmed ourselves, over our lifetime, to need/depend on visual stimulation in order to achieve sexual satisfaction. Remember the first time you masturbated?  Did you need pictures or the imagination?  Nope, just you and your body, that being healthy self-intimacy.  It should be a physical act of sex WITH YOURSELF, which in reality, it is!      Nothing more, nothing less.  A healthy, necessary, enjoyable experience.  Time to reprogram self, so as to exist in the interconnectedness of all things on this earth, as all effects all else, this includes our thoughts and imaginations.

If this was your last day on earth, what would you feel good about/what was your contribution here?  ‘I pursued my self-interested desire, let it become an addiction, let it control me, even to the extent of  harming others/innocent children?  I justified this action in part by coining the term/excuse, ‘I am a “minor-attracted person”.’

If you want to feel good about something, why not feel good in a true and lasting way, not just a fleeting energy that vanishes?  If you truly love/care  for children then you will not contribute further to their exploitation.  Join us in the process of changing/healing self and the world to a place that is safe for children-every child-not one left behind.


Check out the Bill of Rights @ the Equal Life Foundation – a comprehensive approach to our Co-existence to ensure the Right to Life, Freedom and Dignity for All.

Check out the Living Income Guaranteed – with solutions that can be established in this lifetime to end the disaster of a profit driven system.


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