Day 232: Practical Support for Mental Illness (voices in the head) 1

inner explosions information-overloadNote: There are many useful links here with valuable information so you can understand your own mind and experience.  Obviously you cannot incorporate/get through everything at once. Just take what you need and come back another day!

Firstly, I would like to emphasis that I am not a medical doctor or a trained health care professional, I am merely someone who has experienced ‘voices in the head’/schizophrenia and has ‘recovered’ from this, as I have been stable for many years, and not on any medication of any kind for many years .  Secondly, if you are someone who is experiencing ‘voices in the head’, you should see a doctor about this immediately and/or if  you are someone who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, it is suggested you continue your treatment/seeing your doctors/taking any prescribed medication.

Complete recovery and going off medication is very possible, and likely in time, however the body and mind sometimes require assistance to aid healing. So any reduction in medication should be done with your doctor and over time.

To understand why you have a voice in the head that is speaking to you and what it is, read:

This is a brief outline of my story,  an excerpt taken from a blog I did, nearly two years ago now.  (I edited a few lines from the original). You will see Desteni referenced, this is because it is largely through the DIP course (Desteni I Process) that I was able to recover completely.  I realize, the accepted medical assumption is that there is no cure for schizophrenia and although I understand why they say that/what they are referring to, I disagree with the medical industry here.  They do not understand the mind. To understand the mind is an extensive process, a process I am currently walking, which will take several years.  I have included many links within these 2 posts, which will clarify what I mean.

…the second reason I was open to the Desteni material was,  I had experienced problems with my mind. I had experienced/heard voices in my head and listened to them until I was quite insane. I could not sleep and was barely able to function. I medicated myself with alcohol but then became an alcoholic. These voices seemed to ‘know’ things that were impossible and predicted things that quickly came true, several unexplainable things occurred to me over the years, the voices/communication terrified me at night so I also took sleep medication. I was able to ‘pull my self back together’ over a number of years so I was, once again, a  fully functional human being but subsequently questioned the sanity of ‘believing in/worshiping/trusting’ a creator that could produce such a fuck up. It was not that ‘difficult’ to become broken after all, it was not such extreme behavior that led to my ‘sickness’. I had obsessed, gone into, delved into my mind too deeply is all. Not suggesting that is the proper thing to do, of course it is not, but I thought ‘no wonder so many people are mentally ill!’  And so many people sadly kill themselves when hearing voices. So tragic and unnecessary. I stopped the voices by simply stopping my mind=I did not listen to thoughts!  The booze helped tremendously ( sober 8 years now) and then belief in a ‘higher power’=spiritualism but mostly I did not listen to my mind and engage in the act of ‘thinking’ and it literally stopped the insanity. This occurred slowly over several years. But then, the question, ‘ what and why had this happened to me?’

I never went the medical-traditional route. They have little understanding of the mind.  At that time, I was concerned with being diagnosed as schizophrenic, given pills and possibly losing custody of my children . I understand I self medicated using alcohol.  I also did not trust any doctors to understand what I was experiencing.  They would try to ‘figure it out’, meaning they would try to figure out my mind/the mind.  I would have felt humiliated and ‘less than’. Desteni has make me  realize I am whole now, I need not ‘ascend’ any spiritual steps, I need not listen to or ‘figure out’ my mind.

So when I found the Desteni site I soon discovered they spoke about and explained the mind!  What a huge relief to me to find out I wasn’t crazy and wasn’t broken or I hadn’t crossed some spiritual line that was sacred. I was completely validated in that the mind is a program and everything in existence is in me already. Desteni has shown me that I had accessed -by mistake- thoughts that have been programmed into me and that it is not my ‘fault’ but it is my responsibility to stop the mind as it is not ‘life’ and is in fact what has caused all the fuck ups in this world through participating in thoughts, feelings and emotions. I do not need to be a slave to my ‘personality’ or my pre-programmed life, that is not who I am.

I am life ‘here’ in this moment of breath and I am learning to live this way. It is a process that is challenging but giving my life meaning beyond anything I ever imagined. I am becoming free of what I thought I was slave to: society, religion, being a woman in a man’s world, feeling alone in what I considered an insane world, fear of death, fear of poverty-or more accurately being middle class slave, addiction, fear of standing up/speaking up, fear of life, fear of myself-not being able to trust myself.  I trust myself more and more. Desteni has given me this, invaluable!

My story of hearing voices:  2011 Hearing Voices-Mental Illness:

So, was I schizophrenic?  I would guess yes, that would have been my diagnosis.

Schizophrenia is a mind physical malfunction-where you access your backchat-subconscious mind –so there is a back and forth conversation going on-you speak in your mind, then you listen- and get an answer back like there is someone in there talking to you-so not at all self-directed inner talk and beyond thoughts that just pop up in the mind of a ‘normal’ person.  Sometimes thoughts/voices can overlap of course or there could be more than one voice (just more thoughts/knowledge and information within you,as that is all it is)  speaking.  Note:  This is what I experienced, I am not saying this an all encompassing definition of schizophrenia.

WHAT IS THIS?/WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?  It is the part of your mind where you have gathered all the thoughts throughout your entire lifetime/all the data you’ve collected-knowledge and information/all the images from the physical world, movies, books you’ve looked at/it is even information from generations past. So you see it is a vast library, the human body and mind are vast with intricacies indeed.  As within, so without, there is a universe within you just as there is a universe out there.

The poor conscious mind is not meant to deal with this.  As I have learned  from the vast material (blogs and vlogs) from the Desteni Site and my DIP course, the mind is in itself  a  life force/intelligence which stores memories/information/pictures etc. when used ‘normally’ within the mind.  But when a malfunction occurs, as you have ‘gone too deep’ inside your own  mind, this amazing machine can overload you with thoughts, thus you become overwhelmed and confused.  Other strange things can happen, which makes the one hearing the voice to think it is separate from them, and then they often spiritualize, demonize or just plain idolize this voice because it knows all sorts of things/knowledge/information which just seems impossible to be coming from them, and so they separate themselves from this voice, which is just themselves = their mind!

Therein the problem.

HOW CAN AN ONLINE COURSE cure your mental illness if the entire world’s medical industry cannot?  ‘Schizophrenia is treatable, but there is no cure’. But then goes onto say ‘Recovery, in full or in part, is still possible even after having the disorder for decades’ so perhaps the author of this article means, as with alcoholism, the condition/illness is just one thought away or one drink away.  Of course, I agree with this but that does not mean you cannot be cured or need/deserve to be saddled with a label for you entire life.

from the above link:

Thus, primarily within this all is to understand: whatever you’re hearing / participating within the Mind – originate from Memories. Memories – in terms of what one had seen/heard/experienced throughout one’s life, whether one was conscious of the reality-imprints or not. And so, why/how people believe / would believe hearing sounds/voices in the head is ‘other-worldly contact’ or ‘other beings/forces doing it’; because the Mind/Consciousness is not Understood, and not seen/realised/understood how you can hear Sounds in your Head from actual reality-memories of sounds in your external environment, how you can hear other voices speaking to you in different tonalities – coming again, from memories in your Mind as voices of others that was imprinted into you, and if/as you unconsciously reacted to another person’s voice and for example imagined them to be ‘beastly’ in a way, can create an entity out of it in the Mind and then suddenly hear these ‘beastly creatures with a beastly voice’ speaking to you, but all of it was interconnected in the Mind’s imagination, the voice of another, the image representation of a beast also imprinted from your external world/reality, attach the two, generate a fear around it and one can generate such a fear/reaction to it, that one essentially create one’s own Beast in the Mind ‘talking to you’ – your own Fear, your own Creation speaking to you, yourself.

So, one can start seeing here the Consequence of not Understanding Consciousness and Imagination, and how in the Quantum Dimensions of Consciousness, one can create/produce/manifest an entire alternate reality, that within the Mind is SO REAL, cause we already exist in such a way where we’ve made our own Minds MORE REAL than what is actually in fact going on in/as Physical Reality.

For further assistance and support regarding Thoughts and Thinking – we propose the Following Interviews:     Thoughts and Thinking: A deliberate creation of control     How Thoughts Create Physical Reality

And, as we’ve mentioned – one have to reference one’s own Self Honesty and one will see, realise and understand for Self how self started wondering, thinking, imagining things and then it ‘came alive’ in one’s own Mind.

So, in the Interview to come – we’ll assist and support with practical perspectives with regards to how to let such Imaginations go, and ‘return to reality’; and assist and support self to ‘get to know the Mind/Consciousness’ so that one do not create one’s own Possessions within one’s own Mind/Imagination.

To continue:   Tools for Stopping Thoughts in the next post

aus_thumb3Join Us in the Process of ‘freeing’ oneself from Consciousness as Provided in the Desteni I Process LITE which is a FREE Course and the Desteni I Process PRO, and returning to one’s Source-Beingness and equal and one Physical Body Relationship.

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