Day 233: Practical Support for Mental Illness (voices in the head) 2

information-overloadinner explosionsWHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE HEARING VOICES

Note: There is much supportive information/tools here to assist someone who is hearing voices/schizophrenic.  Obviously you cannot incorporate/get through everything at once. Just take what you need and come back another day!

Please read the previous post, Part 1 for context to this blog:  Firstly, I would like to emphasis that I am not a medical doctor or a trained health care professional, I am merely someone who has experienced ‘voices in the head’/schizophrenia and has ‘recovered’ from this, as I have been stable for many years, and not on any medication of any kind for many years .  Secondly, if you are someone who is experiencing ‘voices in the head’, you should see a doctor about this immediately and/or if  you are someone who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, it is suggested you continue your treatment/seeing your doctors/taking any prescribed medication. Complete recovery and going off medication is very possible, and likely in time, however the body and mind sometimes require assistance to aid healing. So any reduction in medication should be done with your doctor and over time.

All human beings are the same, everyone hears voices to some extent, so don’t let a label like mental illness or schizophrenia concern you/’get you down’. Don’t believe/participate in the thought that you are ‘less than’/inferior. Breathe through emotions of shame/humiliation/powerlessness.  Also do not participate in blaming the system or your health care professionals, as they are doing the best they can to support you with what they know and blame is, in itself, quite useless.  Better to focus on your process and get well.

Understand, these ‘voices’ are just you-YOUR MIND-all the downloaded information from your parents in your dna, and all the thoughts/memories you have stored within you from your entire lifetime.  You were not ‘suppose to’ access all this information/knowledge/extra thoughts and must stop participation with them.


SO THE KEY HERE BEING your focus is switched from the inside, your mind/head,  to the outside–your body/world/reality.  The goal is to stop thoughts and this will stabilize your mind and your body and your being. Surprisingly, there is great peace/understand/empowerment that will eventually come with this.  It is not religious/spiritual , IT IS PHYSICAL.

10 Suggested Tools to use to Stop Your Thoughts

1.  Focus on your breath:  4 count breath:  In 2/3/4/ Hold 2/3/4 Out 2/3/4 Hold 2/3/4    *using breath, with no other thought, will slow down your mind

2.  Do not participate—listen to your inner chatter.  As you participate within the mind the (voices/noise in your head)- because it is random information that you are accessing –you are therefore not ‘directing’ it (the mind/thoughts) but letting them run wild/rampant = you don’t know what you are doing so it is coming out more and more gibberish/sounding more and more insane.  Therefore use the tools below to stop your thoughts.

3.  Curiosity killed the cat-put your curiosity aside when it comes to the temptation to ‘listen’ to your own ‘voice in the head’ but be gentle with yourself, it will take time.  Having said that,  understanding can be empowering so you can safely educate yourself about the mind by reading/listening to audios  by clicking on the many links included in these posts. See the previous blog for lots of cool links.  (blogs and vlogs)  Specifically,  the free interviews at Eqafe:  The Imagination Series, The Quantum Mind Series , The Future of Consciouness Series

4.  Do not believe your thoughts—voice.  Therefore, do not entertain thoughts of suicide-let them go-it is not necessary-be gentle with yourself, you will get better. Do not act on these thoughts-voices-do not trust them.

5.  Do not be afraid or in awe—it is your mind ONLY –even though it may seem like it is not.  It is not god or another ‘higher’ or ‘lower realm’.  It is neither to be revered or feared, spiritualized or demonized, idolized or hated. It just is simply a part of you that requires to be brought back to stability, stilled, calmed if you will.

6.  Write. Writing is an invaluable tool to help you see yourself on paper.  Thoughts are slowed down and you will find you are more focused.

Here  is the first link to 4 blogs I did on ‘Spirituality As A Mind Possession’, which will give you a clear idea of how writing can assist you to heal.  The process is specific and one takes full responsibility within the process, meaning no blame should exist within one’s writing.

7.  Thoughts/emotions/feelings/memories–which you are accessing– are simply energy and therefore do not last and have no real power.  Whereas, that which is substantial/real/to be trusted is the PHYSICAL, YOU ARE A PHYSICAL BEING, therefore get out of your head, get real, be HERE.

8.  If you find your mind is racing, say outloud (whisper if others are present) ‘Slow down’, even saying it in slow motion,  ‘slooow doooown’ a number of times. Breath and repeat this any number of times until you feel stable.  Be gentle but firm with yourself .  Take a deep breaths inbetween. If YOU HEAR BACKCHAT JUST IGNORE IT, like  ‘no don’t’ slow down, you don’t know what you’re doing…’  No need to trust these thoughts-voices or any emotional reaction you may have to them, you can acknowledge them, breathe and gently let them go.

9.  Watch tv/movies if you are having trouble stopping your thoughts/your thoughts are racing.  Enjoy and FOCUS on your hobby.

10.  Feel your body-squeeze your hands/feet/feel your heartbeat, remind yourself  ‘I am a physical being

11.  Listen to/hear the sounds around you


Learn and use the Desteni Tools of :  self-forgiveness, writing, breath, walking a daily self-corrective application.  Note: there is a fee for DIP (Desteni I Process Pro) but if you cannot afford it, you can blog for partial or full sponsorship, within the guidelines outlined.

Take the DIP Lite, a free online introductory course, to get you used to writing and identifying mind reactions/trigger so you will become less reactive because you understand what makes you tick, in a practical way.  It is you writing about you-so you can access this and voice it out loud, instead of all the thoughts going round and round in your head in frustration and confusion.  Much more healing than only a therapy session, both is cool, using a therapist in a formal setting and using yourself as your own therapist at home. SO BRING YOUR THOUGHTS FROM INSIDE YOUR MIND TO 2D-PAPER AND THEN INTO 3D-SPEAKING.  Then you can see and hear the thoughts and it becomes more clear how absurd much of it is, how to heal – let it go etc.

Stopping participation in Thoughts – Practical Application sharing from the Destonians.

Note:  The Destonians are a group of people online who are in the process of  stopping participation with the mind, the act of thinking, so as to birth themselves as life in the physical. They are not people who have or have experienced schizophrenia.  There is one Destonian (that I know of) who has, Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem,  see his blog here:  A Schizophrenic’s Journey To Life


The writing out your thought process/pattern assists in then seeing the thought pattern when in then you can direct it   *dip lite  *dip pro

For thoughts that are coming back, I have to write it out and understand what it is related to; if I do not understand, I will not stop participating

Probably notice most effectiveness in actually writing out on paper or computer all the stuff/points that is accumulating and cycling within my mind – then after the writing there will be at times more stability and quietness – though it does not always work

Just writing away sometimes up to 1000 words helps to get shit out; it’s like flushing the mind-toilet.

*Physical Senses

I focus on senses like eyesight or hearing, on feeling the physical with physical sensors that makes silence in mind

When I see myself in my head with thinking, I find to ‘snap myself out of it’, listening to the sounds around me, ‘hearing’ what is in my environment assists with being here, then return to my breath

In terms of not participating in thoughts I find it useful to listen to the sounds that are in the room like the pc fan, the neighbors sound that come from the walls etc. Ambient noise


take it one breath at a time-just one-use the 4 count breath, so to focus on stopping one thought at a time using one breath at a time

Walking and using the 4 count breath together:  I found that synchronizing my breathing counting and my steps are really bring me here, and can spot things around me I normally wouldn’t

Suggest practicing the four count breathing in the evenings before resting, just practicing being with breath/the body – during the day, just move your awareness to breath when/as you see you’re not here

One thing that I have been working with is realizing that I am stopping ONE thought only – the mind has the tendency to make it as though I am “swamped” (and to race) with a bunch of thoughts but really it is only one thought at a time plus the energy behind/around it, so remembering that it is just to stop the one thought, and then move out of the energy has been helpful for me

One thing I’ve done is a bit like exaggerate the breathing process whenever I see an energetic experience like slight anxiety comes up, like breathing it out before it even manifests, that way I bring myself back here and ensure I don’t feed the experience with thoughts.

Breathing for me all the way….unless I find myself wandering in a moment and then I stop and TRY to do Self Forgiveness there and then if I can – if not I breathe deeply and tell myself to slow down in a gentle but firm way

I found whenever I feel bored I will have thoughts – so I keep staying in breath and if I couldn’t stop myself once I keep trying – persisting

*Focus on the physical/physical tasks

Focusing my attention on what I am busy with so whether I am making copies or writing a blog – I immerse myself here instead of in the thoughts, feeling hands and fingers, placing my feet on the ground – feeling myself breathing, straightening my body

I’ve noticed that doing physical things helps me getting out of thoughts, until it is repetitive things like washing dishes, then I tend to have many thoughts. To stop I breathe to ground myself and focus on the physical activity.

Another tool I used is called “sticking to the physical” or my words “what’s practical.” So everything that is not practical is not relevant.

I realized how helpful it is to stop and leave my desk for a moment, to be physical, to take some fresh air outside, to see people – and then restart, with another approach to things, instead of participating in the “obligation” of doing the task, but instead dedicate myself to it

I also focus on my body, when doing the simple things, like walking for instance; I notice the movement of my body and try not to walk automated but to actually walk myself

Also having my day scheduled and directed helps with keeping moving and not sit around and get lost in my mind, I usually listen to interviews or music when I am doing stuff around the house or relaxing, so just keeping busy and at night I practice breathing and staying in breath and obviously during the day when I am aware of it

Be spontaneous in movement, because the mind can also get busy when you do the same thing for very long and then drift into alternate realities, so instead of drifting into alternate realities in the mind, take a moment to walk a bit and interact in this REAL WORLD

Stopping for a play break with the cats is also very assisting – or playing with the dogs (lol – wrote gods) – enjoy laughing with them really helps with being here focused in the physical

I do touching stuff like when I walk past gates and houses

That was my saving grace in the beginning of process, touching walls and tables and anything I could get my hands on to be ‘here’ and not in my head


 Is simply another tool one can write out and then speak out loud. ‘I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think I am a loser’

I find certain thoughts where I think I might trip down the stairs or the cat might get out and get run over, that I immediately stop and say s/f right away and say it exactly as how I saw it in the mind

*Tell your mind/self:  ‘No, stop’

I have to remind myself that I’m saying stop to myself not to the thoughts and then it’s easier to actually stop

Note: Self-forgiveness is a tool you learn and apply through taking DIP Pro or DIP Lite, a free online introductory course, but for now you can simply use this sentence to assist yourself:   I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to _____ie. feel frightened or think, Ì hate my life` or I`m depressed today or I don`t want to do x.

The reason one applies self-forgiveness is it eliminates the need for a `higher power` or outside source to heal you and puts the responsibility and power onto you-you are the source of the problem and the solution.  It also slows you down and gives you a fresh start to be the director of your own mind.  Becoming the absolute director of your mind-in control of your mind in each moment, is a process that takes many years so remind yourself to be patient.

*Eqafe Interviews

Listening to Eqafe interviews assist me in stopping the thinking especially when I am driving.

Lol I start the Eqafe interview over if I wander off into thoughts, so sometimes I start the same point at the interview like 20 times – that assists with discipline and how I miss specific points deliberately as well as making sure I actually hear the information

I find there are always the same places in the interview where I go off into rewind and really pay attention to why I went away

You just bring yourself back to the interview, rewind and become committed to the listening

Listening to Eqafe, I find not just listen but really learn/pick up points from it. Really helps.

aus_thumb3Join Us in the Process of ‘freeing’ oneself from Consciousness as Provided in the Desteni I Process LITE which is a FREE Course and the Desteni I Process PRO, and returning to one’s Source-Beingness and equal and one Physical Body Relationship.


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