Day 240: How to Release an Old Resentment: Anger Part 4

garbage-in-garbage-outchaos-in-the-mindSo, I will look at/face this issue by examining the thought, ‘How ignorant and insensitive this woman is, how blinded and chained by her own wealth, it makes me so angry.’

For proper context to this post, please read Part 1 -3

Continuing with Commitment Statements:  as walking the solution in each moment

When and as I see myself reacting with anger and judgements about this person-particularly around the issue of money, I stop and breathe. I remind myself this is all based on the past as memories as I do not see this person now, and so I am responding/reacting to a memory and have become a character in my own mind ‘the angry friend’.  As this character, I run through a bunch of patterned thoughts and justifications about this person and am thus limiting who I am here and cannot grow/learn/expand with what is here in reality. Thus, I commit myself to stand up from this energy and declare ’till here no further’ and walk in reality, with what is before me and my physical body.
When and as I see myself going into my imagination around this issue, in such an evil way as revenge fantasies (ie. seeing her struggling financially) I stop and breathe. I remind myself we are all inter-connected and inter-dependent on this planet and every thing I do in my ‘secret mind’ will eventually be done unto me–AS IT SHOULD BE–so we are all responsible. I have no right to harm another in my mind (seeing them poor) and I cannot judge, I must focus my attention on my own process and stop all such projections and blame in self-responsibility. I realize she is walking her own process and I do not, at this point, know or understand why she is the way she is. Thus, I commit myself to focus on what is before me and continue with my day out of my imagination and memories from the past.
When and as I see myself going into comparisons of myself/my life and this person’s self/life, swinging from the polarities of insecure/inferior to confident/superior I stop and breathe. I make sure/remind myself this is me on automatic pilot/a mind system of programmed thoughts and responses, which keep me stuck in the past and harm my physical body as it uses the energy produced in emotional reactions of anger/stress/resentment/jealously/blame to further fuel the mind and eat away at the flesh. I also realize I cannot effectively direct myself here as I participate within these memories and subsequent emotions they bring on and I am not loving my neighbor/doing unto another as I would have them do unto me. Thus, I commit myself to the process of stopping all such comparisons and living in self-honest reflection, by honoring my physical body and remaining aware in each moment with breath.

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