Day 244: A Guaranteed Annual Income for Canada: Is Senator Hugh Segal abondoning Canadians?

Segal-Referendumpoor old womanProblem:  There are not enough, or any, prominent political figures in Canadian Parliament, who are interested in promoting and working toward the implementation of  a basic income grant (BIG)  or a Guaranteed Annual Income, as Hugh Segal named his proposal (see below).  Indeed, he spent many years of his political career advocating for this massively important change.

There are no fearless politicians who care enough as Senator Segal has, to push for the needs of low income Canadians.   Unfortunatly, he is leaving the senate in June of this year…

From an article in the Huffington Post on Dec. 12/12:  OTTAWA – A high-profile Conservative Senator is retiring from the upper chamber effective in June 2014…  Hugh Segal says he is going to become master of the University of Toronto’s Massey College…  Segal was at odds with his party this fall over its decision to push through legislation suspending three senators at the heart of the ongoing expense scandal without pay

What a true shame.  Over the bloody senate scandal.  Completely blundered by Prime Minister Steven Harper, who seems to have taken a ‘run and hide’ approach to this issue  instead of standing up and facing Canadians head on from it’s onset.  Makes you question his leadership and what other areas of government he wants to run and hide from.

From ‘The Agenda’ A Canadian political discussion show with Steve Paikin

In a video entitled Hugh Segal:  Guaranteed Annual Income, The Proposal   from 2010  AND

Politics Around Poverty: Nobody Below Minimum    November 15, 2012,  Senator Segal is truly eloquent, thorough and compassionate in his assessment of Canada’s low income earners/vulnerable persons.  He is precise in stating the problems and solutions, which is rare speak for a politician.

I do not know exactly what his new position will entail or quite understand what Massey College is or it’s purpose.  So, I am unclear what his intentions are around continuing to promote a guaranteed annual income for Canadians.  However, I was intrigued to see the following in wikipedia:

The Massey Lectures are an annual five-part series of lectures on a political, cultural or philosophical topic given in Canada by a noted scholar. They were created in 1961 to honour Vincent Massey, Governor General of Canada. The purpose is to “enable distinguished authorities to communicate the results of original study on important subjects of contemporary interest.”[1] Some of the most famous Massey Lecturers have included Northrop Frye, John Kenneth Galbraith, Noam Chomsky, Margaret Atwood, Ursula Franklin, and Nobel laureates Martin Luther King, Jr., George Wald, Willy Brandt and Doris Lessing.

So, perhaps Senator Segal has not abandoned the cause but sees this as a better/more productive path.


The solution is to stand and be counted as one person who will promote a living income, similar to BIG and Segal’s Guaranteed Annual Income, which is LIG, Living Income Guarantee.  The solution is- to not cower in fear that we are loosing a representative in Canadian parliament, who was a voice for equality- but to promote equality myself. The solution is the EQUALITY EQUATION:  1+1=2 and so forth.

As I am one, so are you.  We must join together to create heaven on earth, to create a new platform of power, movement and strength though the democratic system of VOTING. Please join us.

I will contact Senator Segal and ask him/his office what his future agenda/intentions are around this issue. I will also send him  LIG:  Living Income Guaranteed:  The Proposal  and report back.  I would also like to know if he will be attending the Bien Conference that is occurring this summer in Ottawa, which is promoting the idea of a BIG (Basic Income Grant) for all Canadians.

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